Indigenous or Green Politics: The Politics of Consciousness and the Consciousness of Politics


"Through Universal Altruism we develop a feeling of true responsibility toward others; the wish to help all actively over come our problems".

The Dalai Lama of Tibet

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What! Politics and spirituality!?! Ummm? Hello!If you like freedom, democracy, have any sense of justice and fairness, and wish your children to have adequate food, shelter, energy, and medical care. Then being engaged with functional political-economic systems in that sense is excellent as one is either participating in oppression or tyranny on one hand, or on the other hand participating in alleviating injustice, oppression, and exploitation of self and others. If a person does not care about these issues, or would rather believe that autocratic forces, God, or trusted authorities will be taking care of these matters for one, then keep dreaming, wishing, and hoping. Good luck!

Politics, like it or not, pervades modern life. It is observed in the funding for war and the lack of funding for peace. In the amount of money allocated toward gulags and prisons, or on the other hand toward educational and economic opportunities for all. It can increase environmental toxins and disease, or it can limit and decrease such. It can ensure the free dissemination of information and data, or it can restrict it. It can foster policies of scarcity and competition, or on the other hand policies of abundance and cooperation.

Thus political-economic systems can be an amazing force for freedom, justice, peace, abundance, and creative fulfillment when not manipulated selfishly by greedy, selfish, and oppressive dark forces. Politics impacts people and other living beings in many ways. It can come down to the bombs falling over head and killing you or your loved ones (if you live in a war zone or soon to be one). Politics governs the quality of our air, water, food, energy, and healthcare. For human beings and their families (all of us0 its policies determine if you can use a quality library, find employment after fifty, be exposed to toxic pollutants and risk environmental disease, be sent off to fight in foreign invasions or not, be robbed by the government or be robbed by desperate "others", be jailed, tortured, beaten, or punished for your beliefs or dissent, etc.

Political policies have permeated all walks of daily life, unless one can find a perfectly isolated wilderness left alone in its pristine unexploited beauty or else attempt to view the heavens with telescopes and satellites all day long in ivory towers. It's not only difficult, but really impossible, to escape or deny, while money no longer promises to immunize one from this "reality". One may invest in expensive security guards, security systems, spy satellites, mercenaries, threats of torture and incarceration, escaping via spaceships, or attempt to buy tickets to heaven, but such escapist ways of thinking only isolates one more, placing one in a very narrow self made prison of fear.

In short, many greedy self interest groups having their own agenda attempt to exploit people and resources, educational and health care institutions, regulatory institutions, government agencies, politicians, commerce, the environment, the financial institutions, and the economy incessantly for their narrow minded agendas. Such political influences have to be recognized in order to rectify it. Ignoring it simply allows one to become unknowingly victimized and manipulated by it unconsciously harboring a delusion that one is somehow franchised as long as one goes along with the rules. That's an attitude held over from serfdom (read slavery). Worse it's an illusion. When serfs/slaves become worthless to the lords of greed, they are disposed of in an efficient manner. All human beings are subject to old age, sickness, and death and hence to the exploiter mentality, they have become useless.

In fact the manipulators and rulers would prefer that one did not participate in the political process (democracy), and hence the dark side of "politics" is thus promoted, discouraging people from becoming actively engaged for claiming responsibility for their future and future generations, righting injustice, creating a sustainable life supporting environment, and helping others to awaken to their innate creative fulfillment. In this latter sense political activity can be the road to social happiness and justice, abundance, sustainability, freedom, and spiritual fulfillment. For awakened , informed, and human beings who still have a living sense of justice (honoring the lifeforce within and without), political activity can be very empowering when regarded in this light. It can be the means to assure the happiness of our future great great grandchildren should we dare to broaden the scope of our vision and activities accordingly.

Authentic or real politics is essential to a democracy and a happy people. That does not mean power politics for power's sake like most of today's expedient (read deceptive and corrupt) politics has become today. Rather by real and authentic politics, it is meant a system where people have a say in governing themselves and changing their own future and destiny in the direction that is best for them and their children according to their own values, rather than to be governed by would be slave owners.

That sounds simple enough doesn't it, but I think that most Americans don't know the value of freedom (democracy) because they don't want to be bothered being informed. Democracy can't work without people being informed, of course. The same about the economy. It ain't complex either. Just because the "experts" say it is complicated and complex, it doesn't make it so. Real economic systems based on life affirming values are simply methods to efficiently expedite, distribute, and access water, food, energy, transportation, and medical care amongst a group of people. When that is accomplished expediently, then any time and resources left over is used for recreation, free time, creativity, and individual pursuits. If "free time" is becoming less available or vital resources/services dwindling, then that is a clear indicator that the economic system is not working and requires adjustment. In the end an authentic political-economic system is compassionate; i.e., it serves the needs of the people and future generations. That way we look forward to the morrow, free from worry, stress, or apprehension.

This kind of politics is reflected in wisdom, light, love, vision, abundance, justice, and ahimsa which is natural to an awakened heart. For those mired in darkness, fear, greed, selfishness, scarcity, and competition, they can not recognize it as such, rather they will project their own selfish motives upon "others" because that is what composes their own mindset or "world view" -- that. which is within their own minds and conveniently placate their egoic self deceit by imagining and imputing that love, compassion, justice, and altruism is its opposite; i.e., a disguise for jealousy and greed.

This article was originally written as an introduction to Rainbowbody's Healthy and Green Politics page, but it grew naturally as a seed into a flower of its own, and hence has been continued here. Here we will show that there is a direct interactive correspondence between man's institutionalized apparatus which externalizes and propagates ignorance and suffering through events, and the pre-existing institutionalization of ignorance and suffering that resides in the human psyche. We will show that there exists a direct correspondence between human behavior, activities, and hence the institutions that man creates as being direct results of human consciousness (a prior mindset) which is either lacking consciousness or is on the other hand informed and wise.

Consciousness or its lack shape and/or permit either abuse, exploitation, oppression, injury, and continued suffering to occur on one hand if it is unhealthy, sociopathic, pathological, dysfunctional, and perverted/corrupted; or on the other hand, consciousness can support healing, liberation, creativity, integrity, abundance, cooperation, peace, and happiness if it is healthy, functional, biosocial, based in the values inherent in the community of life, integrated, and wholistic; i.e., sane. The former relationship is what the psychiatrist, Erich Fromm, termed necrophilia (the love of death and destruction), while it is opposed by biophilia -- the love of life. Hence the social and political problems facing the human being are iatrogenic (self caused). The causal factors at their root are essentially psychological or spiritual, hence it is worthwhile to look into the reasons why this spiritual flowering and unfoldment has become stifled and repressed and in doing so we will uncover and identify institutions which serve to repress and inhibit critical, creative, and free thought.

For many humans who are partially awake these connections are obvious; i.e., that consciousness (and/or its lack) shapes man's behavior, institutions, and politics on one hand; while also that man's environment, culture, institutions, society, and experiences shape his/her consciousness as a simultaneously occurring or symbiotic two way street. Both are true, but neither is true exclusively.

For too many years this obvious connection between consciousness and behavior, between psychology and politics, between spirituality and political-economic systems, between psychology and socioeconomic, agricultural, ecological, and medical systems, etc., has been widely ignored and even purposively obfuscated by forces allied with ignorance and darkness -- with selfishness and greed. Such connections between sky and earth, spirit and nature, psyche and soma, consciousness and beingness have rarely been integrated (except in indigenous societies) of whom have been under attack especially in the West for 2000 years. Thus a widespread but artificially created pre-existing problem has been that consciousness expansion, spirituality, and the so called human potential movement has heretofore been poorly linked to social and political activities. Such a separation on a daily basis has artificially reinforced a needless spiritual rift (dematerialization) between so called earth/body positive"spirituality" and social activism whose schism unfortunately and dysfunctionally continues to erode human progress and happiness while creating needless suffering. The task is obvious. An authentic living spirituality must be embodied and allowed to manifest in daily life. Such must be part of a sane and healthy way of integrity which honors life and creativity which we will discuss in more detail later on.

This connection between consciousness and politics -- or rather between political action inside an overall spiritual context which honors our connection and co- creative interdependence with life support systems (Systems that support life) by honoring the greater community which upholds it and from which it has sprung, requires acknowledgement at a fundamental level of "self" as a part of (not apart from) the evolutionary power of creation. The connections between our persona and our environment should be obvious to anyone who has learned critical and creative thinking; but modern day urban institutionalized propaganda and rigid institutionalized ideology will refuse to link the two. Rather such self serving institutions serves to obviate them in an attempt to fragment human beings from the source of their innate power and goodness.

The "Good" News is that this acknowledgement of this symbiotic relationship between consciousness and beingness (our actual experience) empowers us while allowing and enabling sentient beings who have been awakened to change the future positively through skillful loving wise action. The bad news is that there exists self interested institutionalized forces afoot on the planet with greedy agendas and well funded strategies, who do not wish humans to wake up and bridge this gap, because such is judged as a threat to their perceived "advantage" (their perverse identification with the status quo in terms of their comparative advantage, security, greed, self image and thus is associated with mental fear, pain, and feeling of lack of self worth). Those who are awake and in the light and who are propagating wisdom and compassion are still in a minority. Similarly those who are consciously promoting ignorance, destruction, darkness, greed, control, and egoic power over others selfishly are also in the minority. The majority are sleepy people who see only a faint shadow or hollow phantom of what they are missing/craving or fearing, thus they become easy victims, slaves, and purveyors of a neurotic consumer oriented society and political machine which pursues ersatz consumables and vague symbolic representation as substitute compensation for the basic displacement/rend from being a vital conscious participant of the dynamic evolutionary and creative force. In that way willing consumers become accomplices in perpetuating their own state of need and anguish, which can not fulfil (except in over indulgent orgies of excess (such as over eating, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, other avenues of insatiable greed, until they become sick, recognize their folly, and desire to wake up and become free. Currently this neurotic consumer driven malaise (driven by insatiable greed) is a major factor in ruining the ecosystems of the planet.

With this compensatory neurotic apparatus reinforced, when one has become so invested and convinced, it then becomes more difficult for the average consumer to let go of their ersatz compensatory opiate/pabulum and addictions. However "kicking that habit" (renunciation of neurotic compensatory consumerism) is a powerful first step which supports further realization of their innate dormant higher potential -- the aforementioned healthy wholistic natural state of vital integrity which was lost sight of before the psychological conditioning, negative programming, perversion and corruption of one's psyche/consciousness became dominant. Worse people so addicted and dependent upon such false identifications will cling to and defend it; i.e., their egoic self image (pride) which is rooted in separation and isolation, will feel threatened by paradigms which expose or reveal its contradiction. That is because this false identification has succeeded in becoming familiar known territory and predictable, thus one chronically mistakes safety and well being with predictability. Thus they will tend to resist their own liberation from their own self imposed bondage to addiction because of a fear of unpredictability or change. Change will appear threatening instead of liberating.

Even worse they will tend to hide and deny their consumer addictions through defending and glorifying it in a self defensive/aggressive pride especially through psychopathological methods of demonizing their perceived detractors which is really the externalization of their own inner conflict and demons. These are psychological resistances and armoring of the ego which manifest when people who identify with their beliefs about themselves and "the world", but who have not yet looked at the mechanism on how those beliefs have become assumed. They have not learned how to question those assumptions and trust their own innate critical thought processes. Indeed even questioning their beliefs appears to such as a personal threat rather than as an opportunity to self liberate and expand. One way that human beings change is by suffering (the hard way); i.e., when there is nothing more to lose, then they will more easily rebel. However such solutions based on scarcity and desire, wind up in the long run repeating the scenario of scarcity until this great lesson is learned; i.e., that we are all one big family -- that the quality, richness, and depth of life is not found in the individual's accumulation of more things and their protection/maintenance. The more things humans need and own are signs of discontent and spiritual displacement. They are signs of how much they crave, need, and are unhappy.

Thus the remedial mechanism for the political milieu will be shown to be a spiritual/psychological mechanism of waking up, of regaining our inherent integrity, wholeness, spiritual health, sense of justice, sensitivity to the life force, and increased consciousness which was perverted/co-opted through negative programming. This will be shown as being the same process as throwing off the impure thoughts, false beliefs, propaganda, and illusions of fragment identifications as a clearing of the contraction of the heart, because as the sky clears the clouds go away -- the sun shines through without complicated contrivation and fabricated rationalization.

People who honor love, do not kill, hate, rob, exploit, harm or oppress others. Peaceful minds, honor peace -- they make peace. Inner peace comes from a deep realization of who we truly are -- where the inner demons of the corruptive HeartMind have become conquered. Inner peace is a result of realizing who we are in completion -- as eternal unrequited love. Here there is no room for hatred or fear, only love, joy, fulfillment, compassion, comfort, and light. People who know fulfillment and joy are neither insatiable nor insecure. Successful people no longer incessantly strive, but rather they engender peace and fullness. Loving people make love, rather than hate, murder, or war. One who has found love, values and honors love, peace, and abundance attempts to enhance it. Such a person is motivated by such stirrings deeply from their core. As such peace is not passivity, but active -- it is the activity of love. Such people would not honor systems that create scarcity, competition, stealing from others, comparative advantage, war, or strife. Similarly, people whose HeartMind have become clarified and open love and honor freedom and do not enslave, oppress, nor support totalitarian police states. Rather they become engaged in wise activities which liberate, remove suffering, heal, and celebrate a life wedded in Great Spirit -- their actions acknowledge and honor the sacred in All Our Relations.

In identifying the causes of oppression and suffering we thus have to avoid obsessing "about" the negative (hate, greed, fear, and selfishness) of our fellows especially so when we live in a materialistic, competitive, militaristic, capitalist, gulag society. This is not to say that one should turn away and ignore the oppression, exploitation, and lies while leaving them unacknowledged. However it will do no effective spiritual good to simply condemn it in outrage; or on the other hand glorify the perfection of love as a spiritual process on the other hand. The t the authentic challenge is in bringing the love, light, truth, happiness, kindness, justice, and joy through where it is absent -- grounding and manifesting spirit in everyday life -- embodying love and spirit in integrity here upon the earth as in "thy kingdom come -- thy will be done, here on earth as in heaven". This is the spiritual work of cleansing the HeartMind detailed elsewhere on; however here we address the activities of the Heart versus activities of men whose hearts are occluded. Framed in this way, it is not a condemnation of others but an inquiry how humans have arrived at precipices of strife and dysfunction, and as such teaches the lesson of history, how we can learn not to repeat such errors of learning the hard way -- through more pain and suffering -- until wisdom dawns!

Processes based on love, compassion, ahimsa, justice, and peace do not encourage nor reward suffering, comparative advantage, greed, jealousy, adversity, hatred, fear, competition, strife, and more confusion. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out, but it does require a healthy mind and a good heart. It requires some degree of sensitivity, awareness, and sanity as well. It is taken as a given (a priori) that people collectively moved by transpersonal universal love are capable of moving mountains -- that when we act motivated by the universal non-dual Source (Great Integrity) acting in alignment and harmony with the natural joy of spirit, healing, abundance, wealth, peace, then true happiness manifests. This basic assumption of a natural altruistic ambition forms a most powerful momentum of its own. It opposes the perverse idea that man must be motivated by the whip, by scarcity, conflict, competition, fear, intimidation, greed, threat, or negative ambition.

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Threatening violence, or far worse, perpetrating violence, is not only heinous and loathsome, but will compromise our honest and righteous efforts to seek justice in my case as well as justice for all Native Peoples. In fact, such tactics so obviously contradict what I stand for and what all of my supporters stand for, that I must question the true intent of whoever is doing this...

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Leonard Peltier


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America is engaged in a cultural war, make no mistake about it. It is on one hand the culture of greed, power, lies, deception, and fear against the culture of peace, loving kindness, honesty, justice, sensitivity, light, and naked authenticity.

On November 19, 2003 the President of greatest prison gulag society and military power on earth said:

Bush asserted; "that there are times, as with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, when the violent restraint of violent men is justified. In some cases, the measured use of force is all that protects us from a chaotic world ruled by force," he said.

( Bush: Europe Should Help Rebuild Iraq by TOM RAUM, Associated Press Writer)



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Iroquois Federation Constitution (beginning excerpt)


"I am Dekanawidah and with the Five Nations' Confederate Lords I plant the Tree of Great Peace. I plant it in your territory, Adodarhoh, and the Onondaga Nation, in the territory of you who are Firekeepers.

I name the tree the Tree of the Great Long Leaves. Under the shade of this Tree of the Great Peace we spread the soft white feathery down of the globe thistle as seats for you, Adodarhoh, and your cousin Lords.

We place you upon those seats, spread soft with the feathery down of the globe thistle, there beneath the shade of the spreading branches of the Tree of Peace. There shall you sit and watch the Council Fire of the Confederacy of the Five Nations, and all the affairs of the Five Nations shall be transacted at this place before you, Adodarhoh, and your cousin Lords, by the Confederate Lords of the Five Nations.

Roots have spread out from the Tree of the Great Peace, one to the north, one to the east, one to the south and one to the west. The name of these roots is The Great White Roots and their nature is Peace and Strength.

If any man or any nation outside the Five Nations shall obey the laws of the Great Peace and make known their disposition to the Lords of the Confederacy, they may trace the Roots to the Tree and if their minds are clean and they are obedient and promise to obey the wishes of the Confederate Council, they shall be welcomed to take shelter beneath the Tree of the Long Leaves.

We place at the top of the Tree of the Long Leaves an Eagle who is able to see afar. If he sees in the distance any evil approaching or any danger threatening he will at once warn the people of the Confederacy."




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