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The Caraypadas -- the Yoga Songs and Poetry of the Maha Siddhas from Medieval India. If there was one tradition that exemplified the height of eclectic yoga in medieval India before the barbarian invasions, it is the tradition of the 8th to 12th century Great Yoga Masters (Maha Siddhas). Not the best translation but complete by Hasna Jasimuddin Moudud who researched the original documents. From his book "A Thousand Year Old Bengali Mystic Poetry" (click Here for more).

Vajra Songs of the Indian Siddhas: Analysis of songs from SHENPEN ÖSEL

Vajra Songs In Praise of the Dharmadhatu, verses from Shenpen Ösel

Songs from the Caryagita from http://vajrayana.faithweb.com/rich_text_3.html Excellent resources

Tilopa's Mahamudra Instruction to Naropa at Keith Dowman's excellent translation site. Tilopa was a disciple of Saraha one of the 84 Maha Siddha Yogis.

Buddhist Maha Siddha Stories

Masters of Mahamudra Songs and Histories of the Eighty-four Buddhist Siddhas

Vajrayana Research Resource Center: A very excellent research material regarding vajrayana yoga

Maitripa's Essential Mahamudra Verses translated by Nicole Riggs

The Yogavishaya of Minanath from shivashakti.com attributed to Minanath (Matsyendranath), the legendary founder of hathayoga and often identified with the Buddhist Yogi Luipa.

Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati attributed to Goraknath from ShivaShakti.com

Goraksha-Paddhati, translation by Georg Feuerstein

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, translated by Major Basu, 1915 (an excellent if not old translation of this excellent Hatha Yoga classic. Recommended

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika, translated by Elsie Becherer with commentary by Ulrich Reiker. A more modern translation but with a very wordy commentary. Have patience as this is a long download.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika Translated by Pancham Sinh in 1914 and modernized by Monroe Monro in 2001.This is the text only without commentary in a text file and is thus a small but readible file..

A new translation of the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Gabriel (not complete yet)

Hatha Yoga Pradipika Edited by Major Basu, I.M.S.(Retired) 1915 at the excellent KRIYA YOGA OF BABAJI website

Hatha Yoga Pradipika published by Sudhindranatah Vasu, the Panini Office, Bhuvaneswari Asrama, 1915 very nicely presented by Yoga Anand

Siva Samhita translated by Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu, fully formatted PDF version of the 1914 translation of this old classic on Hatha yoga (courtesy of Monroe Monro). (recommended)

Siva Samhita translated by Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu, TEXT version (unformatted) containing the full 1914 edition, courtesy of Monroe Monro. The Siva Samhita serves as authoritative scripture for classical hatha yoga

Gheranda Samhita, translated by Robert Wisehart, based on the 1914 translation by Rai Bahadur Srisa Chandra Vasu (the web version is not yet complete but promising). Check out Robert's other excellent articles on classical hatha yoga at CLASSIC YOGA

The Gorakhbod (at ShivaShakti.com)

The Yoga Upanishads, translations by K. Narayanasvami Aiyar who did the work in 1938 (revised 1952) published by the Adyar library. They contain techniques of pranayama, asana, mudra, pratyhara, dharana, mantra, visualization mostly belonging to traditional laya and/or hatha yoga traditions. This translation is cumbersome and somewhat inaccurate, but for the most part one of the few that has so far been translated. The texts classified as the "Yoga Upansihads" are the most recent Upansihads and not widely known or translated. They can be seen as an attempt for reconciliation between hatha and tantra yoga on one hand and the recent devlopment of Sankara's non-dual Vedanta and Mahayana Buddhism on the other hand. As most reconciliations go, there exist complaints of being expropriated or hijacked by the purists on both sides. Other texts and Upanishads in translation are also availble from Celextel's Online Library.

Kundalini Yoga Upanishad, translated by Swami Sivananda, This is an excellent book on Kundalini Yoga with a full translation of the Kundalini Upanishad at the end.

Kundalini Yoga Upanishad, translated by K. Narayanasvami Aiyar

Amrita-Bindu-Upanishad, translation by Georg Feuerstein

Yoga Tattva Upanishad A hard to find Yoga Upanishad translated by K. Narayanasvami Aiyar from the Advaita Vedanta Library

Krishna-Yajurvediya Tejabindu Upanishad, with commentary by Yogiraj Sri Sri Lahiri Mahasaya and English translation by Amitava Chatterjee (at Yoga Niketan). This is one of the few translations of the rare Yoga Upanishads available on the internet. It focuses of some of the specific inner work techniques of classical hatha, kundalini, laya, and kriya yoga. This is in PDF format.

Many more Upanishads, Vedas, Sutras, and the like at the Advaita Vedanta Library including the Amrita Nada Upanishad, the Kundika Upanishads and the Tejo Bindu Upanishads (and other very difficult to find Yoga Upanishads that have been long out of print).

Advaya-Taraka-Upanishad, translation by Georg Feuerstein

Kshurikâ-Upanishad, translation by Georg Feuerstein

Dhyana Bindu Yoga Upanishad, trsl. by K. Narayanasvami Aiyar

Avadhuta Upansihad, translated by Prof. A. A. Ramanathan, published by The Theosophical Publishing House, Chennai. A quote from this very exceptional Upansihad:

"If infrequency of worldly dealings is sought, let there be contemplation for you. Wherefore should I, to whom worldly dealings offer no hindrance, contemplate? Because I do not have distractions, I do not need concentration, distraction or concentration being of the mind that modifies. What separate experience can there be for me, whom am of the nature of eternal experience ?  What has to be done is done, what has to be gained is gained for ever. Let my dealings, worldly, scriptural or of other kinds proceed as they have started, I being neither an agent (of action) nor one affected (by it) Or, even though I have achieved what has to be achieved, let me remain on the [sacred] path for the sake of the well-being of the world. What harm for me thereby?"

Mundaka Upanishad, Translated by Swami Gambhirananda. All the Upanishads belong to teh revealed teachings (supposedly revealing the specific details contained in the Vedas). They all bear their unique gifts, but the Mundaka is my favorite, being clear, straightforward, to the point, undilluted and accessible.

"There are two kinds of knowledge to be acquired; the higher and the lower; this is what, as tradition runs, the knowers of the import of the Vedas say. Of these, the lower comprises the Rig-Veda, Yajur-Veda, Sama-Veda, Atharva-Veda, the science of pronunciation etc., the code of rituals, grammar, etymology, metre and astrology. Then there is the higher (knowledge) by which is attained that Imperishable. (By the higher knowledge) the wise realize everywhere that which cannot be perceived and grasped, which is without source, features, eyes, and ears, which has neither hands nor feet, which is eternal, multiformed, all-pervasive, extremely subtle, and undiminishing and which is the source of all. As a spider spreads out and withdraws (its thread), as on the earth grow the herbs (and trees), and as from a living man issues out hair (on the head and body), so out of the Imperishable does the Universe emerge here (in this phenomenal creation). Through knowledge Brahman increases in size. From that is born food (the Unmanifested). From food evolves Prana (Hiranyagarbha); (thence the cosmic) mind; (thence) the five elements; (thence) the worlds; (thence) the immortality that is in karmas."

Upanishads Translation into English of eleven of the major Upanishads with glossary.

Upanisihads Translated by Max Muller The first major translation of teh Upanishads in English done at the end of the 19th century.

Brihad-Aranyaka, Chandogya, Svetashvatara, Katha, Mundaka, and Maitri Upansishads translated at Santosha.com (Yoga Anand).

Sacred Books of the East Series Buddhist Sutras, Upanishads, Zorastrianm, Taoism, Yoga Sutras, and more. These are older translations for example the Rig Veda translated by Ralph T.H. Griffith in 1896.

The Hymns of Thayumanavar (1706 - 1744) A Classic from one of the Tamil Siddhar Saints

Tirumantiram, a book of Tantra, Mantra, Yantra and Yoga, of prayer and philosophy at once. It is the authoritative work of the Tamil Siddar tradition on Yoga-Kundalini by Siddhur Tirumular. It expounds the teachings of Agama and Tantras as old as the Vedas.

Mumukshuppadi, an exposition of Siddhur Thirumoolar's THIRUMANTHIRAM. This is Sri PB Annangarachar Swami’s work, based on Muamunikal’s Vyakhyanam written by Swami Sri Pillai Lokacharya. Translated by Sri TCA Venkatesan. This is in PDF format (Adobe PDF Reader is required)

The Translation of Siddhur Boganathar's 700: SHAKING THE TREE: Kundalini Yoga, Spiritual Alchemy,& the Mysteries of the Breath in Bhogar's 7000, an English Rendering by Layne Little with a commentary

Ramalingar's Aani Pon Ambalattae or "At the Hall of Solid Gold" English rendering by Layne Little

Avaiyar's Vinayagar Agaval, English rendering by Layne Little

Thirukkural: Thiruvalluvar, the poet and philosopher of the first century BC in Tamilnadu. He is the Everest of Tamil wisdom. Thirukkural, the masterpiece of Thiruvalluvar, which is a mini-work in size, contains 133 chapters on different aspects of life, and each chapter consists of ten couplets

Tirukural of Tiruvaluvar translated at the Himalayan Academy, Kauai, Hawaii

The Sivajnana Bodham of Meikandar from the Tamil Saint, Meikandadevar  Nayanaar (13th   century AD).. This is a very large download.

Patanjali's Yoga Sutra Translations by Swami Venkatesananda: A rare wise man of insight, love, and knowledge and true yogi) (recommended)

Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, translated by Yogiraj Shyamacharan Lahiri, a web translation only second to Swami Venkatesananda.Warning this is in Adobe PDF file format.

The Sun of Sanskrit Knowledge (Sanskrit-Sanskrito.com). Many sacred texts translated (such as the Siva Sutras, other Trika Texts, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Yoga Sutras, etc.) in English tarnslation with the original Sankskrit.

Hindu Tantra (Mike Magee): Many rare and excellent translations of Hatha and Tantric Texts - (recommended)

Kriya Yoga Texts from Yoga Niktan (Lahiri Mahasaya and others)

Translation of the first six chapters of Jnanadev's (Jnaneshwar's) Amrita-anubhava

Jnaneshwar's (Jnanadev's) Dnyaneshwari, Jnaneshwari, or Gnyaneshwari (also sometimes called the Bhavarthadipika) translated by Alakh Niranjan. V.V. Shirvaikar. Shirvaikar translates only the philospohical parts of this esoteric text portrayed as a commentary on the
Bhagavad Gita. Highly recommended.

Jnaneshswari (translation at the Ananta Yoga Center) chapt. 1. Chapt 2, Chapt. 3 , Chapt 4 -- Go to the Reading Room located on the site map page for the complete translation and other texts.

Brahma Sutras, translation and commentary by Swami Sivananda

Kabir's Dohas: The (Songs and Poetry of a fourteenth Century Indian Saint claimed by both Hindis and Sufis)

Ananta Yoga Learning Center site index page.This excellent Australian site provides English translations of the Siva Sutras, Spanda Karika, Tripura Rahayasa, Pratybijnahridaya, Vijnana Bhairava, parts of the Jnaneshwari, the Holy Kural (Tikural), Tirumantirum, yoga poetry, Sanskrit dictionary, and much more. The Downloads of the Holy Kural, Astavakra Gita, Avadhuta Gita, The Tirumantiram, Siva Sutras, and much more are located here. For Yogic Essays click on this page. The home site is moving to http://www.upnaway.com/~bindu/anantayogaweb/ but the downloading ofthis page seems to cause some difficulties with many browsers.

Vijnanabhairava Tantra (at the Ananta Learning Center)

Vijnanabhairava Tantra at the Advaita Vedanta Library

Vijnanabhairava Tantra a beautiful energetic poetical translation by Lorin Roche

The Triadic Heart of Shiva, Kaula Tantricism of Abhinavagupta in the Non-Dual Shaivism of Kashmir

Pratyabhijnahrdayam: The Secret of Self-Realization: translated by Jai Devi Singh, (excerpts only)

Pratyabhijnah Hridayam at the Sun of Sanskrit Knowledge (Sanskrit-Sankritio)

The Siva Sutras (At Sun of Sanskrit Knowledge) in HTML format

Siva Sutra of Vasugupta, a new translation by Georg Feuerstein

Spanda Karika: The Divine Creative Pulsation: translated by Jai Devi Singh (excerpts only)

The MAHANIRVANA Tantra: Tantra of the Great Liberation), translated by Arthur Avalon. 1913 (at Sacred-texts.com)

Mahanirvana Tantra translated by Arthur Avalon (Sir James Woodroffe) at the Hinduwebsite.com

Kashmirshaivism.org publications index page contains many translations and articles by Swami Laksman Joo (Such as the Siva Sutras, .the Kundalini Vijnana Rahasyam, and others.See next section below for more Kashmir Shaivism

Satcakra-Narupana (Description of and Investigation into the Six Bodily Centres) By PURNANANDA SWAMI Translated by ARTHUR AVALON (Sir James Woodroofe)


The Science of Breath & the Philosophy of the Tatwas, translated from the Sanskrit with 15 Introductory & Explanatory Essays on Nature's Finer Forces by Rama Prasad, The Theosophical Publishing Society, London (1890)

Goraknath Data Base (many good articles and links

System of Chakras according to Goraksanath by Gopi Nath Kaviraj. A most excellent article by a yoga researcher of the highest caliber.

Agni as Kundalini, an article on kundalini, tapas, fire, and ascension based on the classical vedic lietrature, by Jeanine Miller at YREC

Secrets of the Five Pranas an article by David Frawley

Kriya Yoga of Babaji Many articles and translations of classical hatha, kriya, kundalini, and laya yoga.

Yoga Niketan, an excellent site dedicated to the teachings of Lahiri Mahasaya with many excellent articles and translations.An more than excellent book discussing the advabced practice of hatha and kriya yoga called the Kriya Yoga Vijnan, by Swami Nityananda Giri , also the Krishna-Yajurvediya Tejabindu Upanishad, as well as an excellent transaltion of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras by Yogaraj Charandra Lahiri is also availble atYoga Niketan.

Khechari Mudra as a natural purifying movement (kriya).Khechari is an advanced hatha yoga practice presented in a kriya yoga perspective Also.Shailendra Sharma comments on khechari mudra also at this same kriya yoga site but on another page..

Khechari Mudra from the Siddha Siddhanta tradition

Yoga Vision Swami Satyananda: The Bihar School of Yoga is an outstanding yoga school and university (Yoga Bharti)

Satyananda Yoga Centre London

Swami Janakananda's (disciple of Satyananda) Yoga Center in Sweden

Yoga Talks at Yasodhara Ashram by Swami Venkatesananda)

Erich Schiffman's Yoga Site: Moving Into Stillness A modern Yogi furthering the living, creative, life affirming dynamic of hatha yoga.

Foundation for Natural Meditation a site dedicated to the teachings of Swami Kripalvananda and natural (sahaj meditation)

Divine Life Society Swami Sivananda: One of the greatest yoga teachers in the 20th century

Swami Krishnananda

A Long Compliation of Kashmir Saivist Principles at Kashmir.org by Sunil Fotedar (PDF format)

Kashmir Shaivism Fellowship Many articles especailly by Swami Laksman Joo

Kashmir.Org (an alternative web site to the Kashmir Shavism Fellowship above)

Kashmir Shaivism at the Trika Shaivism Home Page (includes Jai Devi Singh's translation of the "Pratyabhijnahrdayam: the Secret of Self-Realization", "Spanda Karikas: The Divine Creative Pulsation", and more.

Kashmir Shaivism A Resource Page from the Kashmir Overseas Site

The Spandanirnaya Ksemaraja's Commentary of Spandakaarikaa-S

Ksemaraja's commentary on the Siva Sutras

Shakti and Shâkta by Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe), [1918] An early work on philosophical details in tantric practice. A decent chapter on cit-shakti (chapter 14) .

Sanskrit Glossary a collation from various Theosophical sources.

Kripalu Yoga (This is the original yoga taught by Swami Kripalu (Sahaj Yoga) not the watered down version called Kripalu yoga)

An excellent compilation of Sanskrit resources (translated into English) from "Classicyoga.org"

The Prison Yoga Project

Swami Vishnudevananda's Sivananda Om Page

Yoga for the Special Child

Yoga Anand Home

Yoga Philosophy(Yoga Anand)

Ganesh Home Page All about Ganesha

Mount Madonna Retreat Center(Founded by Baba Hari Dass it offers yoga workshops, retreats, and community)

Traditional Yoga Studies (Formerly the Yoga Research and Education Center (Georg Feuerstein's main site containing many articles and links)

Yoga Institute of Mumbai)

Siddha Bhoganathar: An Oceanic Life Story; A story of one of the great South Indian Siddhas. Lots of material at this website.

An Introduction to the Tamil Siddhas: Their Tantric Roots, Alchemy, Poetry, and the True Nature of their Heresy Within the Context of South Indian Shaivite Society by Layne Little

Self Realization (Zentrum) Has a Yoga Directory, articles, and many Resources

Yoga Teacher Directory with other resources

Yoga Finder (Yoga Teacher Directory)

Yoga Oasis: A yoga retreat center and Wellness community nestled in the sacred forest of the Big Island (Hawaii) on 24 acres of sacred land nutured by Star and Hayward Coleman.

Ramana Marharshi "Who Am I", "Self Inquiry", and "Spiritual Instructions" Three books by Ramana Maharshi translated from the Tamil by Dr. T. M. P. Mahadevan. Ramana was a twentieth century teacher of who taught Advaita Vedanta which can be categorized as a specific method characterized by jnana yoga. It can be briefly described as an intellectual inquiry into "self" and "mind" (the mind knowing the mind) guided by Hindu scriptural authority and principles of renunciation of worldly involvement. Some teachers of this school emphasize renunciation more, while others may emphasize the wholesome bliss and expansive consciousness of the true transpersonal non-dual Self.

Swamiveda.org Website of Swami Veda Bharati (formerly Pandit Usharbudh Arya; translations and articles. Also see Bindu.org and The Meditation Center.org (USA Home)

An Overview of Tantricism and Neo Tantricism an article by Georg Feuerstein previously appeared in the Moksha Journal Issue II. Feuerstein attempts to wed the traditional spiritual goal of tantra as a method of liberation and the need for modern Westerners to embrace a body positive and life positive living spirituality.

Yoga and Meditation (an article by Georg Feuerstein) from the Moksha Journal Issue I. This is an excellent article on dharana (contemplation and concentration techniques), but it should not be be confused with objectless dhyana (meditation) as taught by Patanjali as outlined in Sadhana pada, the first chapter of the Yoga Sutras. Here it important to distinguish between the various techniques of dharana (contemplations/concentration upon physical or mental objects) and dhyana proper which is beyond even the most subtle object where the sense of a separate observer and object of observation together with the consciousness process is dissolved. Such is the non-dual practice of dhyana which leads to samadhi.

Yoga Sutras in translation into many languages

Yoga Therapy

Yoga for the Special Child

Yoga Therapy for Specific Illnesses at The Yoga Site

Ayurvedic Type Diagnosis from the Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems

Classical Yogic Nature Cure Handbook

Kayakalpa (Indian Rejuvenation Therapy)

Jal Neti (the Ultimate Nasal Water Cleansing Site)

Dhanvantri.com Ayurveda and Yoga Free Information, Courses, and Products

Human Kindness Foundation (The Prison Ashram Project and More)   


Kundalini Awakening

Alchemy of The Siddhars (article by J. Caezza)

Indian Alchemy (many articles)

Institute for Consciousness Research A Premier Site for Kundalini Resources

Kundalini Arising: A Mature and Well Researched Western Perspective

Kundalini FAQ Page: A Succinct Overview to the Subject of Kundalini

Kundalini Gateway: Excellent Resources on Kundalini (Home Page)

Excellent Links and Resources Extensive Links Index Page for the above Kundalini Gateway

Kundalini and Sahaja Yoga by Stuart Sovatsky

Kundalini Research Foundation

Kundalini Research Network

Kundalini Research Center (Hawaii)

Kundalini Resource Center Main Site many excellent articles, faq, art, q&a, etc.,

Kurt Keutzer's Excellent Research Information and links on Kundalini

Kurt Keutzer's Very excellent Kundalini/Tantra Bibliography

Natural Meditation: An Article by Yogeshwar Muni

Shared Resources in Oakland -- Excellent Research and Information

SivaShakti.com From the tantric yoga perspective providing some excellent articles and pictures on yantra, asana. laya, kundalini and tantra yoga. It is an excellent introduction to the Romanian based M.I.S.A. organization who publishes Tantra Magazine. Warning, this group explores (very consciously) the nature of human sexuality as a spiritual path.

Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati's Kundalini Index page. Swami J has an extensive amount of good information on Kundalini within the classic tantra yoga traditon.    

Related Body/Mind Therapies

Academy for Guided Imagery

Alchemical Lab (Western Alchemy -- A Yogic Approach)

Alexander Technique International: The work of F.M. Alexander

Alexander Technique Guide

American Psychosomatic Assn.

American Dance Therapy Institute

Amygdala Home Pages (Norman Keele)

Aston Repatterning: Judith Aston

Association for the Advancement of Applied Psychoneuroimmunology (AAAPNI) Serves as a web-based resource for the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) and applied psychoneuroimmunology in the areas of management of chronic illness and disability and more generally immuno supportive life-style changes as they relate to individual self-responsibility for wellness. Members are drawn from areas as diverse as health psychology, clinical psychology, tai chi instruction, massage & physical therapy.

Association for Pre and Pari-natal Psychology and Health

Authentic Movement Institute

Awareness through Movement and Functional Integration: The Work of Moishe Feldenkrais

Barbara Brennan: Healing Hands. Light Emerging, and more

Bioenergetic Analysis: International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis: Dedicated to the Practice of Mind-Body Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Psychology: Gerba Boyesen Institute

Birth Psychology: This is a tremendous resource dedicated toward reversing transgenerational violence.

Biodynamics: Gerda Boyesen Institute

Biopsychiatry.Com (A Parent's Guide for Healthy Mood Boosters)

Biosynthesis: The work of David Boadella. The word, Biosynthesis, means "integration of life”, and the word psychotherapy comes from the Greek meaning “to heal the soul”. Biosynthesis as a form of psychotherapy encompasses a multi-dimensional perspective of the person. It incorporates different life fields experience and expression. These life fields are manifest in two different forms, as a closed system and as an open system within a person. Closed systems cause character problems, physical inhibitions and spiritual contractions. Open systems reflect psychic contact, energetic vitality and a link with the qualities of the heart.

Body/Mind Trauma Page (David Baldwin)

Body, Mind, Spirit Integration with Deepak Chopra

Body Psychotherapy Links (from Natural Health)

Bodymindpsychotherapy.com. Body-mind psychotherapy - a somatic approach to psychotherapy uniquely focused on physiology and early motor development

Bodynamics USA: Somatic Developmental Psychology. The neo-Reichian work of Lisbeth Marcher

BodyMind Centering: The work of Bonnie Cohen.

Calif. Inst. of Integral Studies (Degree Programs in Green Psychology, Somatics, Deep Ecology, etc)

Charlotte Selver: Sensory Awareness Foundation

Center for Energetic Studies: Stanley Keleman and Center Press

The Center for Functional Research was incorporated in 1992 as a scientific and educational nonprofit. Its central theme is that there is specific life energy in the cosmos and in the atmosphere, and that this energy is closely coupled with consciousness. The Center will support, conduct, and disseminate information on research involving the natural energetic processes in living and non-living matter, and the distorted or pathological transformations and variations of natural processes. A fundamental premise of the research associates at the center is that the same basic processes are operating at the microscopic and macroscopic level, in living and non-living systems, and that these processes are essentially energetic in nature and often co-function with the conscious and unconscious intention of human beings, including researchers. It is the aim of the Center to study these processes in the natural biological realm, in medical pathology, such as cancer, in weather in the Earth's atmosphere, and through the use of special energy accumulating and directing devices, and devices used to estimate the effect of human consciousness on biological and physical systems.

Center for Non-Verbal Studies and the Non-Verbal Dictionary.

Continuum Movement: Based on the work of Emile Conrad and Susan Harper

European Assn. For Body Psychotherapy a tremendous resource of articles and others! (recommended)

Focusing Institute: The Work of Gene Gendlin

Hakomi Institute: The work of Ron Kurtz and associates. See also www.ronkurtz.com

Heart Math Institute Heart/Brain entrainment and synchronization, stress reduction, effective meditation techniques, and accelerated learning techniques that work. Such are used by EMTs, police, fire, and those in potentially high stress situations. Check out their excellent research papers avialable at their Research Page. Here we get a larger scientific picture on how the heart is the key regulator of our psychoneurological system,whikle valluable tools are presented.

Heart-Centered Therapies Association

Hellinger's Family Constellation Work

Institute for Applied Meditation

Institute of Core Energetics (East Coast) founded on the work of John C. Pierrakos, M.D.

Integral Transformative Practice: The work of Michael Murphy and George Leonard

International Congresses on Pre- and Perinatal Psychology

ISSSEEM- International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine founded in 1989 promotes the study and application of subtle energies and energy medicine. ISSSEEM publishes two magazines "BRIDGES" and "Subtle Energy and Energy Healing"

Jack Painter's Body/Mind Integration who founded Postural Integration and Pelvic Heart Integration . Further info at www.posturalintegration.org (the Institute for Bodymind Integration and Wholistic Bodywork) and the European Institute for BodyMind Integration.

JFK University Degree Programs in Somatic Psychology and Eco-Psychology

Joan Borysenko articles

Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine

Judyth O. Weaver,

Julian Jaynes Society

Lomi Applied Somatic Training: The work of Robert Hall

Milton H. Erickson Foundation: Healing through Imagery

Mind Body Medical Institute: The Work of Herbert Benson

Mind and life Institute: Neuroplasticity and neuronal substrates of learning and self transformation (where science meets the mind)

Movement as Learning: The Integrative work of Annie Brook

Naropa Inst. (Degree Courses in Yoga, Somatics, Body Psychotherapy, Eco-Psychology, etc)

The Omega Institute Courses in Spirituality, Yoga, Somatics, Wholism, etc.

Orgonomic Institute of Northern California

Physical therapy and the Alexander Technique: Readings

PNI Resources

Psycho-neuro-endocrinology Research Society

Public Organomic Research Exchange (PORE): The organomic work of Wilhelm Reich, MD

Radix: third Generation Neo-Reichian Somatic Psychology founded by Charles Kelley

Rubenfeld Synergy - Utilizing Touch and Dialogue Together: Articles on mind.body, and spirit integration based on the work of Ilana Rubenfeld.

Santa Barbara Grad. Inst.(Courses in Body Psychotherapy, Peri-natal and Pre-natal Therapies)

Schore, Allan: The Effects of a Secure Attachment Relationship on Right Brain Development, Affect Regulation, and Infant Mental Health. Schore is a leading researcher and author in the field of Bodypsychotherapy; i.e., how the mind affects the psychoneurophysiology which provides information on how to avoid pathological conditioning/programming in the first place.

Seishindo.org: Access  your  body's wisdom  as  a  resource  for  personal transformation. Many innovative techniques are provided.

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

Social Neuropsychiatry

Somatic Experiencing: The trauma remediation work of Peter Levine at Traumahealing.com.

Somatics: The Work of Thomas Hanna and Eleanor Criswell. The Home of Somatics Magazine, the Somatics Society, and the Novato Institute

Stan Grof on the Transpersonal Holographic State

Stan Grof and Holotropic Breath Work: Home Site

The Trauma Center: Bessel van der Kolk and associates.

US Assn. Of Body Psychotherapy Convention 2000 Tapes

United States Association for Body Psychotherapy. Description: USABP is a practitioner-centered, member-driven association that is committed to the goals of organizing, representing and shaping the emerging profession of Body Psychotherapy. Site includes information for the public about body psychotherapy.

US Association for Body Psychotherapy: Definition of Body Psychotherapy

Rainbowbody's Trauma Resources Link Page LINKS (Remediating PTS disorders and much more )


Sacred Self Embodied -- The Yoga (communion) of Inner and Outer Ecologies

Aboriginal Links

Applied Ecology Psychology (Pacific Rim Net)

Awakening Earth Duane Elgin ("Voluntary Simplicity")

The Bioneers: Light years ahead of the crowd. Innovative, thoughtful, intelligent conferencing from the Heart of Nature. each October please join the celebration in San Rafael, California.!

Centre for Human Ecology: Scotland

Centre of Human Ecology Pioneers of Change Network. Pioneers of Change is an emerging, self-organising, global learning community of committed, young people, aged 25-33, from diverse cultural, social, and professional backgrounds. The community evolved as a common experience was voiced and shared - an experience of wanting to contribute to a purpose higher than self, yet facing internal and external systemic constraints in trying to do so, and of, in our day to day strivings, feeling pressured to compromise our personal values and beliefs.

Deep Ecology Net This is now World Pantheism: Reverence for nature and the universe, celebration of life, and concern for nature, human and animal rights, which we express through our active lives and through knowledge, celebration, meditation, empathy, love, ethical action and art.

Earth Ascending (Jose Arguelles)

Earthlight Magazine

Ecological Buddhism: Most excellent resources, articles, and interviews

Ecological Buddhism Blog

Eco-Buddhism Quarterly Review

Eco-psychology (from the Institute of Global Education)

Ecopsychology Links

Ecopsychology.org (International Community for Ecopsychology and Publishers of "Gatherings")

Eco-Psychology On-Line (Ted Rozak)

Eco-Psychology with Ginny Anderson, PHD. Although Ginny is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, she organizes events, while facilitating indigenous wisdom across the planet, bringing us into conscious deep presence of a palpable pulsation of living spirit.

Ecopsychology: A Combination of Ecology, Psychology and Religion by Tina Nussbaum

Forest Conservation Portal  (Forests.org)

Gatherings: Articles from the Journal for the International Community for Ecopsychology)

Green Yoga: Articles by Brenda and Georg Feuerstein on Green Dharma and Green Yoga. See their excellent book, Green Yoga and Download their excellent book "Green Dharma" free.

Haven (Many Excellent Articles on Deep Ecology and Right Livelihood)

Haudenosaunee Official Website  (from the Iroquois Federation)

Haudenosaunee Environmental Taskforce

In-Context Magazine and Context Institute

Indigenous Environmental Network (Sustainable Environments and Keeping the Sacred Fire)

Indigenous Peoples Links (Alpha Institute's Shared Limks Page)

Institute of Global Education (Department of Integrated Ecology: Project NatureConnect)

Institute for Deep Ecology

JANGSA Animal Saving Trust

Joanna Macy: Spiritual Practices for Green Activists

Joanna Macy's excellent website

John Davis: An Overview on Ecopsychology

John Seed Article on Eco-Psychology

Articles by John Seed

Gaia Foundaton

Liberation of Brother & Sister Animals (Lobsa): Check this out!!! A Buddhist animal rights & vegan group

Nature's Mind: The Quantum Hologram: an article by Edgar Mitchell

Native American Links

New College of California (Degree Courses in Deep Ecology, Psychology, Consciousness, etc.)

New Dimensions Articles and Tapes on Deep Ecology Free Listening

Institute of Noetic Sciences

Pachamama Alliance Extraordinary people and material

Oneida Indian Nation

The Art and Science of ORGANIC PSYCHOLOGY at organicpsychology.com. open to all, free, distance learning study grants. Learn and teach about LIFE. Help us reverse the psychopathology of our dysfunctional ways. See also Project NatureConnect (PNC) -- The Institute of Global Education at www.ecopsych.com

Primal Seeds

Protect the Earth (Anishinaabe Niijii is a movement of Native and Non-Native people dedicated to protecting the earth for the future generations to come)

Ran Prieur

Rainforest Information Centre (Deep Ecology Library - Articles by John Seed, about Ecopsychology and more)

Rainforest Action Network

Ralph Metzner's Green Earth Foundation

Rupert Sheldrake's Home Page (Morphic Resonance and Much More)

More on Rupert Sheldrake's Works and Interviews 

Rupert Sheldrake Interview on Levity.com 

Ken Weathersby interviews Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake Interview with Jeffrey Mishlove (Thinking Allowed)

Sacred Earth Network

Satyana Institute (formerly Shavano Institute)

Schumacher College Articles on Sacred Ecology

Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality (St. Mary's College, Oakland, CA)

Shundahai Network of the Western Shoshone Nation Peace and Harmony with All Creation  

The Tribe of Seven Billion: Maintained by Millennium Twain

The Trumpeter (Journal of Eco-Philosophy)

The Interdependent
The Interdependent: Engaged Buddhism in an Interconnected world

Universal Compassion Movement: Please join us. Gaols include promoting vegetarianism and veganism to save the lives of animals and to promote better personal health. [Much current research shows that meat eating can increase the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, infectious diseases, obesity, and many more ailments. Campaign for appropriate and effective animal right laws, and much more..

Vegetarianism and Buddhism: excellent resources and articles.

Ecobuddhism Review Eco-Buddhism Quarterly

Ecological Buddhism A Buddhist Response to Global Warming

Ecological Buddhism Blogspot
Buddhism, Ecology, and Global Warming Blog

Jangsa Animal Saving Trust

Liberation of Brother and Sister Sentient Animals

Shabkar: Works on vegetaraianism from Tibetan and Buddhist Teachers
Many articles by well known Tibetan Buddhists on Vegetariansm and reverence for life

Buddhist Yoga

BuddhaNet E-Book Library: A large selection of resources on Buddhist Yoga

Introduction to Dzogchen by Alex Berzin (a conceptual and intellectual approach)

Tibetan Yoga Many Articles on Dzogchen and Tibetan Yoga from Ngak'chang Rinpoche. Interesting in some ways, this group has become embroiled in controversy regarding false claims and authenticity of lineage.

The Yogis of Tibet: A new video on the unique Hatha Yoga that emanated from India and was Preserved in Tibet

THE EIGHT MOVEMENTS OF YANTRA YOGA: A video on the Ancient Tibetan Tradition of Hatha Yoga that Emanated from India by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu

"Yantra Yoga:: The Tibetan Yoga of Movement" by Ch. Namkhai Norbu

Quiet Mountain Many Resources, Teachings, and Links to Dzogchen and Yoga

Masters of Mahamudra: Songs and Histories of the Eighty-four Buddhist Maha Siddhas: Some translations and historical background of the great medieval eclectic Indian Maha Siddha Yoga tradition

The Maha Siddha Tilopa on Mahamudra: An in depth technical analysis from a text by Shenpen Osel, "The Clear Light of the Buddha's Teachings Which Benefits All Beings". See also Shenpen-Osel.org

Tilopa's Mahamudra Instruction to Naropa in Twenty Eight Verses

Tibetan Hatha Yoga Tradition as depicted on the walls of the Lukhang Hidden Temple

Lotsawa House Tibetan to English Translations
Lotsawa House Tibetan to English Translations

Prison Project of Padma Ling (Chagdud Tulku)

Prison Dharma Network

Excellent Free Articles on Buddhism

On the Kalachakra Tantra from Alex Berzin's Archives

Excellent Thangkas

Rubin Museum Himalayan Art
Rubin Museum of Himalayan and Tibetan Art

Tibetan Buddhism (General)

The Phayul Nyingma Lineage is one of the nine major Nyingma traditions. This has a forum and some excellent texts. http://forums.phayul.com/lofiversion/index.php?f14.html

Mipham Rinpoche a Nyingma Scholar

Mahayana and Madhyamaka Sutras and Texts in translation

Sakyapa Lineage Writings
Many texts in translation by the Great (past and present) Sakya lamas

Lama Thubten Yeshe's Excellent Article on Natural Meditation Clarity and Non-Duality: We Can Be Led Naturally To The Spacious Experience Of Non-Duality

Inherent Buddha Nature and Meditation by H. H. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche Supreme Head of the Nyingma Lineage

Advanced Tantric Meditation by Alex Berzin

Journals of Himalyan Studies from digital Himalaya.

Dharma Data: Ringu Rinpoche Many Foundational Texts are offered in all the traditions by this Rime Master http://www.dharmadata.org/index.php

Ebook Library at Buddhanet Many texts on general Buddhism, Sutra, Meditation, etc in PDF http://buddhanet.net/ebooks.htm

Quiet Mountain Resources A huge amount of Resources and links on Tibetan Buddhism

Shambhala Sun Magazine Extensive Archives


Jonang and Shentong

Jonang 6 Yogas of Kalachakra
Teh Six Yogas of Kalachakra by the Jonang School

Jonang Blog Jonang, Kalachakra, Shambhala, and Shentong

Jonang Foundation Home
Jonang: The Shentong View (Emptiness of other)

Jonang Foundation Library
The emptiness of other: Jonang Foundation Library
http://jonangfoundation.org/Library sahajyoga

Jonang History of Kalachakra Tantra
Taranatha's (Jonang) History of the Kalachakra Tantra

Jonangpa School of Tibetan Buddhism
Jonangpa: An abstract of its history and causes for its downfall by Andreas Gruschke

Lions Roar of Extrinsic Emptiness
Emptiness is not a thing; Emptiness is not empty; Frm Miphams Lion Roar of Certainty

Shentong: Diversity of the Zhentog Tradition
Diversity of the Gzhan stong Tradition by Anne Burchardi, University of Copenhagen

The Great Madhyamaka: Shentong View
A Series of Essays on the Great Madhyamaka (Shentong School of Tibetan Buddhism)
Theosophy of Jonang The Theosophical view of the Jonang by David Reigle

Transmission of the Kalachakra to Tibet
There are many stories about Shambhala, here describes two

Wikipedia on Shentong
The Shentong View of Jonangpa at Wikipedia
Wikipedia on the Jonang School of Tibetan Buddhism

Zhentong is not Cittamatra (mind only) by Michael Sheely


Advanced Dzogchen, Mahamudra, and Vajrayana Links and Articles:

Kalachakra Meditation (Advanced Material) from the Berzin archives

Journal of the International Association of Tibetan Studies: Seemingly scholarly but apparently inspired and relevant scholarly research. Check out the archives and abstracts also.

Vajra Songs of the Indian Siddhas: Analysis of songs from SHENPEN ÖSEL

Dzogchen Articles

Dzogchen Community of North America (Namkhai Norbu)

The Mirror: Advice On Presence And Awareness by Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

Dzogchen Community Westcoast

Self Liberation through Seeing with Naked Awareness By Padmasamhava

Dzogchen View of Tantric Ngöndro by His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche

Moving Being: Primal Energy Exercises of Tibetan Dzogchen (Interview with Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen)

The Cuckoo's Song of Total Presence

Dzogchen in the Nyingma Tradition  
E-Sangha: Buddhist Community Forum
Forum on Buddhsim - Esangha Community

Entering the City of Omniscience Jigme Lingpa's "An Aspiration Prayer for Actualizing Words of Truth" http://www.lotsawahouse.org/city.html  

Garland of Views The Garland of Views by Padmasambhava translated by Geshe Thupten Jinpa http://www.tibetanclassics.org/pdfs/GarlandofViews.pdf

Great Mahamadhyamaka
Great Madhyamaka: Teachings on the subtle, inner great madhyamaka of definitive meaning. http://mahamadhyamaka.blogspot.com

Institute of Tibetan Classics
Translations of Tibetan Buddhist Classics (mostly Gelug but containing all sects)

Keith Dowman's Awesome Site
Many thanks for Keith in making these terrific vajrayana and Ati yoga texts available in English  http://www.keithdowman.net
Kunphen Ling: Russia Kunphen Ling (formerly Kunzanggar) located near Moscow presents Dzogchen teachers/teachings http://www.kunphenling.com

Lotsawa House Translations
Many Translations from teh Tibetan into English available for download
Marpa: Life and Teachings
Milarepa: Life and Teachings  http://www.kagyu-asia.com/l_mila_1_index.html
The Mirror
- Publication of the International Dzogchen Community of Ch. Namkhai Norbu  http://www.tsegyalgar.org/mirror

Naropa's life and teachings http://www.kagyu-asia.com/l_naro_1_index.html
Prayer of the Ground, Path, and Fruition Jigme Lingpa's Heart Essence of the Great Expanse http://www.lotsawahouse.org/gpf.html

Secret Path to the Mountain of Glory Jigme Lingpa's Prayer of Aspiration for the Copper-Coloured Mountain of Glory http://www.lotsawahouse.org/mountain_of_glory.html
The Heart's Essence A talk by HE Tai Situ Rinpoche on the inseparability of ultimate and relative truth in everyday life http://www.simhas.org/teaching10.html
Tilopa: His life and teachings from Kagyu-asia.com
Training in the Pure Realms of the 3 Kayas
Jigme Lingpa's Training in the PureRealms of the 3 Kayas

The North American Headquarters of the Dzogchen Community of Ch. Namkhai Norbu
Vajranatha Website of John Myrdhin Reynolds translator of Bon and Nyingma Dzogchen texts http://vajranatha.com
Vajrayana Resource Center
An aamzing resource for texts about the Mahasiddhas, the dohas, Kalachakra, and Ati Yoga http://vajrayana.faithweb.com
Yogacara Forum
Yogacara Network and Forum

Simhanada: The Lion's Roar Many commentaries and texts from Vajrayana masters mainly from the Kagyu Lineage. http://www.simhas.org/teachings.html

Longchenpa's Great Chariot

The Commentary on Mipham's Sherab Raltri Entitled the Blazing Lights of the Sun and Moon by Khenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche (This is a large book on a single web page)

The Flight of the Garuda by Shabkar Lama also see selected translations from "The Life of Shabkar"


Taoist Yoga, Chi Gong, Chinese, Bon, & Tibetan Yoga & Medicine:

TAO and Chinese Healing

The Alchemy Website on Levity.com: Taoist Alchemy and much more (excellent sources)

Tao-te Ching, by Lao-tzu (580 - 500 BC), the J. Legge (Sacred Books of the East, Vol 39, 1891 (at the Yoga Anand Site)

Chuang Tzu: Complete Works, translated by Burton Watson

Daoist Studies

Golden Elixir (Taoist Yoga) maintained by Dr. Fabrizio Pregadio. Newer site at Stanford University

Qigong Taiji Healing

Healing Tao USA (Michael Winn)

Nei Tan: Chinese Taoist Internal Alchemy

Foundation of Tao Institute (Dr. Stephen Chang's SF University with excellent articles)

General Taoist Information

Hua-Ching Nei (Seven Star Communications- Los Angles)

Nei Kung (Internal Energy Work-- Chi Gong) an introduction to the ten nei kung exercises from the Los Angeles based web site of James Borrelli

Da Mo Chi Gong (many excellent articles)

Universal Tao Center (Mantak Chia)

Dr. Steven Chang's Tao University

Interview with Sifu C.K. Chu, on the Three Treasures of Life (Nei-Gong, Tai-Chi, and Chi-Gong) and the importance of a clean and balanced environment and diet. The interview is in PDF and is from "QI" Magazine, Spring 1999

Nei Kung Chi Liao-Tao Internal Energy Diagnosis & Healing (Medical Chi Kung -- Acupuncture Without Needles) An Introduction to Healing Ourselves and Others by Jeff Nagel, MA, L.Ac. from the Jade Dragon very excellent archives.

Translations Lao Tsu's Tao Te Ching

Taoist Texts translated into English during the late 19th and early Twentieth Century (internet Sacred Texts Archive)

Chi Gong Links on the Open Directory

Resource Page for Acupuncture and Chi Gong

Qi Gong Healing: Articles

Society for Acupuncture Research

Acupuncture.com (Resources)




Tibetan Therapeutics

Dharma Haven: Tibetan Medicine

Himalyan Herbs at Blue Poppy

International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM): Aims are to bring the living ancient science of Traditional Tibetan Medicine into the modern world, in order to preserve, develop and propogate this valuable knowledge. To revive aspects of TTM which have been lost, such as Tibetan acupuncture, stick therapy (Hor Me). To promote study and research in Tibetan Medicine. To develop TTM in an academic and scientific way, etc.

Men Tsee Khang: Official Site of the Tibetan Medical and Astrology Inst. of HH Dalai Lama

Shang Shung Institute for Tibetan Studies (founded by Ch. Namkhai Norbu)

Siddhi Energetics Tibetan Herbal formulas

Tibetan Medical Drawings/thangkhas

Tibet Healing Net

Tibetan Plateau Project: Berkeley (In Conjunction with Earth Island Journal)

Tibetmed.org is a resource for Tibetan Medical Information, schools, and doctors

Tibetan Medicine (Official Chinese Information Site at Tibet.CN)

The Tibetan & Himalayan Digital Library Medical Collection

Tibetan Herbal Formulas at J. Crows

Traditional Tibetan Healing at http://tibetanherbs.com

Yuthog Foundation for Tibetan Medicine


Bon Foundation
The Bon Foundation assists Bon refugees

Bon Shen Ling
Bon Shen Ling: Home of Chongtul Rinpoche
All about Bon Teachings

Chamma Ling
Chamma Ling Retreat Center (Crestone, Colorado (Bon)

Dzogchen Wodsel Ling- Bon
Dzogchen Wodsel Ling- Los Angeles Home of Ponlop Trinley Nyima -- Lopon of Menri

Garuda Association Mexico (Bon) Garuda Asociacion Tibetana (Mexico)

Ligmincha Institute Ligmincha Institute Charlottesville, VA, Home of Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (Bon/Buddhist) https://www.ligmincha.org

Ligmincha of California
Ligmincha of Californa: Director Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

Lishu Institute (Bon)
Lishu Institute Dehra Dun, India- Dedicated to the study and preservation of the Bon/Buddhist practices of Tibet
Menri Bon Monastery Menri Bon Monastery in Dolanji, India, http://www.bonfuturefund.org

Olmo Ling Bon Buddhist Studies at Olmo Ling under the direction of Tempa Dukte Lama. http://www.olmoling.org

Shang Shung Institute Shang Shung Institiute dedicated to preserving Shang Shung (Zhang Zhung) Bon and Buddhist teachings http://www.shangshunginstitute.org

Sherab Chamma Ling
Bon Center in British Columbia, Canada -. Geshe Yongdong, director http://www.sherabchammaling.com

Triten Norbutse monastery was originally established in the fourteenth century in central Tibet by the great Bönpo Master Shen Nyima Gyaltsen (born 1360), a descendant of the Shen lineage which is the lineage of Buddha Tonpa Shenrab, the founder of the Bön religion.

Yeru Bon Center
Yeru Bon Center in Los Angeles- Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, Director.

Yungdrung Bon Study Centre
Tibetan Yungdrung Bon Study Centre, UK -- Lama Khymser Rinpoche

Yungdrung Bon in France
Yungdrung Bon Center in France

Yungdrung Bon Center in Romani







Padmasambhava Rainbow Body (Thanka)


Outside Events

The Green Festival (Yearly in Seattle, Washington, DC, Chicago & San Francisco)Green Festival San Francsico

The Bioneers Conference (Yearly in October)

Health and Harmony Festival Every June Santa Rosa

Oregon Country Fair Yearly (following week after July 4th)  

Calendar of Event at Spirit Rock Meditation Center Woodacre. California

Kali Puja 7:00 pm at Open Secret Bookstore and Rainbowbody Cafe. Check Schedule.

Uma Reed and Namaste - KIRTAN at Open Secret/Rainbowbody Cafe Donation basis.

Daily Events at Open Secret Bookstore and Rainbowbody Cafe
Please Check Schedule.

Green Gulch Farm Sausalito (SF Zen Center)

The Pachamama Alliance Awakening the Dreamer Symposium - Changing the Dream

Programs at California Institute of Integral Studies founded by Haridas Chaudhuri (Originally the California Institute of Asian Studies)


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