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I have been teaching hatha yoga since 1972. I teach in the San Francisco Bay Area and occasionally at Harbin Hot Springs. Harbin Hot Springs is a clothing optional community, retreat center, workshop and conferencing mecca located at a very powerful sacred hot springs in Middletown, California in Lake County directly North of Calistoga (Napa County). This is approximately a two hour drive from San Francisco, one hour from Santa Rosa, and 1 1/2 hours from Sacramento. There exist daily yoga classes (one and a half hours each) three times a day 8 AM, 10:00 AM and 5 PM. The 8:00 AM class is intermediate level, 10:00 AM class is a beginner's class, and the 5 PM class is for all levels. For more details about this Sacred Land visit

I lived and taught daily at Harbin Hot Springs for four years in the mid-nineties and still teach at Harbin (on a donation basis). The schedule below is often subject to change at short notice so please check here for changes.

The Hatha Yoga style that I teach is designed to bring the student into greater conscious awareness of the interactions of the body, breath, mind/emotions, life energy, healing energy, evolutionary/creative energy, nature/spirit and Timeless Source which dwells within us all as well as being inherent in all things (albeit generally ignored through past negative programming/conditioning).

Thus authentic yoga reverses the negative programming and karma (the traumatic split from the non-dual connectedness) while simultaneously promoting both a self empowering experiential healing alongside its living manifestation as we move the body consciously into configurations conjoined with breath and energetic awareness leading us to a deeper communion with our innate creative, evolutionary, and deepest potential. This manifests spontaneously through the purified and open channel of the yogi naturally as a positive life affirming force on the planet as embodied spirit.

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Sahaj has ended his Bay Area teachings, but the Harbin teachings continue.


Current 2006 Harbin Hot Springs Teaching Schedule:

Saturday Aug 12, 2006 3- 5:30 PM Upper Stonefront (Yoga Room)
Bhakti Bandhas with Mahavir

Click Here for a study guide on Bhakti and Bandhas: Opening the Flood Gates of Love

Click HERE to See Poster (Adobe pdf format): Bhakti Bandhas


Updated on Aug 9, 2006

Schedules are subject to change, so please check here or send email to Sahajyoga at by clicking HERE

Jai Ma!

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