Links to Green Politics, Indigenous, and Non-profit NGOs

Green politics link page for Rainbowbody network lists a small fragment of the myriad indigenous (Non-Government Organizations) NGOs and grass root groups of rainbow warrior people liberating self and others (and reclaiming their innate indigenous spiritual sense of sacred self). Not everyone will agree, but that is a sure sign of a free and tolerant society (although such signs are diminishing in the USA where there is a concerted to effort to make everyone conform to a dumbed down mass hysteria).

Rather a culture which honors diversity of thought, honors critical and creative thought, rather than forcing blind conformity and obsequiousness. This latter "World" may appear as a threat to the dictator and his follow the leader soldiers, but nevertheless it is not a way that is honorable nor does it have any integrity. A world where everyone is forced or led to believe alike -- where dissent is crushed is by definition exploitive and abusive.

This is only a small sampling of the tens of thousands of nonprofit non-government organizations who are altruistically doing jobs that their government has neglected and in most cases have opposed. This latter fact speaks to the present dysfunction, counterproductivity, and failure of most of today's unaccountable governments (but accountable in terms of large sums of money to the transnational corporate elitists) who are bent on continuing their control, manipulation, and exploitation of their people, just as they exploit and subjugate natural systems, wildlife and natural resources.   In most cases the following organizations represent the common vision and legitimate struggle for people's rights of self determination in the face of transnational greedy paranoiac aggression by alien, corrupt, distant,  absent and faceless self serving cartels of power. The people and organizations below -- the assemblage of rainbow warriors represent a common spirit for liberation, dignity, harmony, justice, and balance -- they, and a hundred times them, will serve joyously to build the RAINBOWBRIDGE for future generations . Such work is a natural joyful expression of our love and as such is allied with the mother and her helpers. For this to occur we need to honor our own bodies as well, acknowledge and respect ALL life, and its source as a sacred continuity.

Working for peace, for future generations, for life, for liberation, for freedom, for integrity, and for truth is the opposite of working for the killing of the creative spirit, war, prisons, slavery, dishonesty, conformity, and totalitarian obsequiousness. The former is self empowering, while the latter is the result of intimidation, cowardice, and neurotic repression. Silence is also a result of complicit (although usually not explicit) collaboration (and fear) which permits the abuses to occur (it is implicit consent). Anyone can fly a flag and follow the leader, but such are not the acts of free men. Rather it is a bit more difficult in times of war. to think for oneself and act in accord for a just future for the children. The latter is taking response-ability, while the former continues the plague of the earth..

1601 Pennsylvania Ave. created and maintained by volunteers of the anti-nuclear vigils in Lafayette Park, at 1601 Pennsylvania Avenue. We exercise our First Amendment Rights by maintaining a 24-hour-a-day vigil in front of the White House. Contained in the Web Domain is information concerning the current Anti-Nuclear Movement, Protests in Lafayette Park, and encroachment on First Amendment Rights.

20-20 Vision TAke action for a clean environment and a world free of weapons of mass destruction.

21st Century Revolutions Synapse Grace Lee Boggs writes about Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century

Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters

Adbusters: The Magazine

Afghan Women's Mission supporting long-term health, educational, and awareness raising initiatives for Afghan women and girls. See also RAWA

Al Martin Raw: Behind the scenes in the beltway and more by America's foremost whistleblower on government
fraud and corruption.. Check out the article archives.

Alan Carter Professor of Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder and author of "A Radical Green Political Theory", 1999, Routledge, New York.

Albion Monitor from Sebastopol, California the ALBION MONITOR is the oldest Internet news media of its kind specializing in giving you uncensored news.

AlterNet Alternative news at its finest! Get real!

America's Second Harvest Ending Hunger Distributing food to Hungry Americans. Not bad but Symptomatic/crisis care for a sick socio-economic structure. See FOODFIRST.ORG

Amnesty International anti-establishment nws

Anti Racism Net Home

Anti-Fascist Forum

Arriana Huffington On-Line Biting columns by a feisty Journalist who hasn't totally sold out. Alternatives to Violence Project AVP/USA is an association of community based groups and prison based groups offering experiential workshops in personal growth and creative conflict management. The national organization provides support for the work of these local groups. Dedicated to teaching the same non-violent skills and techniques that were used by Mohandas Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

BARBARA LEE Congresswoman Berkeley Congresswoman who had the foresight and courage to reject congress's hysterical giveaway to the military and police state industry.

Between the Lines

Black Radical Congress

Boston Research Center for the 21st Century

Brainfood at Depicts the economic and social disaster of a world that will not take care of its mother.

Campaign for America's Future

Cato Health Care

Cato Institute Public Policy

Center for Ethics and Toxics (CETA) also see

Center for Media & Democracy

Center for Public Integrity (

Centre for Research on Globalisation (

Citizen Works sponsors The Campaign for Corporate Reform: a campaign to fight corporate crime, fraud and other abuses resulting from the excesses of corporate power

Common Dreams NewsCenter With a small staff and a network of volunteers funded exclusively by our members and supporters - no corporate money, no advertising, no hidden agendas. Common Dreams is a national non-profit citizens' organization working to bring progressive Americans together to promote progressive visions for America's future.

CorpWatch Holding Corporations Accountable

Corporate Watch (Out of the UK provides excellent information about what is happening, who is doing it, and what to do about it. Alternative News magazine edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair Very Tasty Links

Counterspin Central: a trememndous amount of great journalism and hard to find necessary info (recommended)

Cultural Creatives Not mainstream, not radical, not new age, not counterculture, just creative, Out of the Twin Cities a National Lampoon-like webzine that ought to give thin-skinned local media personalities the willies.

CUTS - Consumer Unity & Trust Society

Daily Enron.Com Busting the corporate state

Davey D's Hip-Hop Corner -- Words that can change the world

Democracy Now Barbara Goodman of Pacifica radio. Lots of Integrity and good honest research

Democracy Rising: Founded by Ralph Nader with barbara Goodman, peter Camejo, and others.

Development Group for Alternative Policies Vital signs monitor and Archives home page

Earth Crash/Earth Spirit: Healing ourselves and a dying planet

Earth Charter International Well if you think the UN works look at the Palestinian horror, the invasions of Vietnam, Afghanistan, Grenada, Panama, Iraq, and so forth. Here is a grass roots alternative thats sprouting up.

Earth Charter USA

Earth Rainbow Network One Planet, One People, One Peace

Emperor's New Clothes: Real Inetrnational Investigative Journalism

Essential Information at

Facing the Future

FAIR Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Dedicated to unspinning the bias and spin in mainstream propaganda

FIAN For the Human Right to Feed Oneself

Final Empire: William Koetke's seminal exposition of ecology, culture, spychology, social systems, politics, permaculture, indigenous ways and much more. Especially Recommended

Flashpoints News Magazine -- Many Articles, Audio Files, Current Events. Links, and more presented by Dennis Bernstein

FOOD FIRST The Institute for Food and Development Policy better known as Food First--is a member-supported, nonprofit 'peoples' think tank and education-for-action center. Our work highlights root causes and value-based solutions to hunger and poverty around the world, with a commitment to establishing food as a fundamental human right. A mature organization and esepecially recommended. Also visit their resource page by clicking here (see also organic consumers association,, and center for ethics and toxics (

Foundation for Ethics & Meaning

Free Speech Internet TV

Freedom Party International

Friends of Liberty: WorldNetDaily Scrutinizes the Council on Foreign Relations

From the Wilderness

FSM-A Free Speech Movement Archives (Memorializing and furthering the princoples of the 1964 FSM

George Monbiot's Website - excellent journalism from this long time reporter for the Manchester Guardian

Global Exchange

Global Issues That Affect Everyone

Global Trade Watch (News from Ralph Nader's Public Citizen) -- Corporate-Govt - Sustainability and Survival - Mapping the issues on the Internet
-- bridging the information divide - Global Mobilization -- Speaking justice to corporate power

GlobalSpin News and Views From Abroad

Greg Palast's website, journalist, and author of the Best Govrenmnet Money Can Buy

Green Parties World Wide

Greenpeace International

Guerrilla News Network (excellent)


Health Care Without Harm

Helen Caldicott, MD Hard hitting no nonsense MD and advocate for a healthy and non-nuclear future

Henry George Websites

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Web - Action Without Borders

Impact Press: Hard hitting progressive Magazine "covering issues the way the media should".

In These Times Good alternative news source although tainted with its own sacred cows, denial, and bias

Independent Progressive Politics Net

indymedia seattle

Independent Media Center Washington, DC

Independent Media Center at to get some unbiased (real news)

Infinite Possibilities at Original, creative, and critical articles, book reviews, and research

InfoWars.Com Alex Jiones and the emerging police state

Institute for Economic Democracy J.W. Smith historian and author also see and article Fiction of Free Trade

Institute for Global Communications (IGC NET) Sponsors of PeaceNet, EcoNet, AntiRacismNet and more

International Action Center homepage

International Rivers Network: Linking Human Righst wiyth Environmentalism

IPS - Inter Press Service The Global News Agency

IranMania News See Western foreign policy from the Islamic/middle eastern perspecvtive

ISPP Homepage International Society of Political Psychology

Ithaca HOURs Online Local Currency

Jim Hightower The former Attorney general of Texas walking his talk

Judi Bari Site dedicated to the principles and valueas of this co-founder of Earth First

Just Think

KPFA Paifica Network Radio The community sponsored pacifist radio station located in Berkeley, CA who fisrt started Pacifica Foundation News from the Islamic/middle eastern perspective

Leading Edge International Research Group

Left Business Observer


Mahatma Gandhi His life, work (learning about Ahimsa and satygaraha in daily life and politics)

Make Then Accountable: Toward a REAL Democarcy

Making Contact National Radio Project

Malcolm X Speeches

Mandat International NGOs

Mark Fiore's Political Animated Cartoons

Marshall McLuhan Center

Martin Luther King, Jr.


Media Channel (World Wide News Coverage)

Michael Moore Home Page

Mid-East Realities (MER) For those who wish a balanced and realistic perspective on the Middle East


Monthly Review

Mother Earth News

Mother Jones A major watch-dog for legislative issues

Multinational Monitor

Murray Bookchin Longtime ecologist, anarchist, social planner, thinker, and humanitarian

Narco News Bureau: Ever wonder what the real connections are behind the war on drugs and the federal government

National Security Archives An independent non-governmental research institute and library located at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The Archive collects and publishes declassified documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) It has the declassified Operation Northwoods papers (part of Operation Mongoose) at which discloses an amazing number of illegal and murderous plans of domestic terror proposed by the US military in order to justify military action. militarism in general, and/or further the military industrial empire.

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives

New Party

News/Media Links

There exists many sources of independent news, but all news will have their own bias. For example "Hindusim Today" will present quite a diffrent framwork of reference than the Wall Street Journal. What is valuable about the following list is that their view has not been homogenized by the corporate state, but rather much of it is craeted by critical minds, free thinkers, and altruistic individuals. Some of these source links have been written up elsewhere on this link page, the indigenous peoples link page, and/or the environmental link page.

Adbusters (the Magazine)

Al-Jazeera Official Website in Arabic

Albion Monitor from Sebastopol, California the ALBION MONITOR is the oldest Internet news media of its kind specializing in giving you uncensored news.Excellent


Arms Sale Monitoring Project

AlterNet Alternative news at its finest! Get real!Excellent

Black Radical Congress

Center for International Policy

Centre for Research on Globalisation

Center for Responsive Politics at

CIA: Cocaine Import Agency Many undeniable facts linking the CIA to drug smuggling and international terrorism

Common Dreams News Center Excellent Excellent

Counterspin Central: a trememndous amount of great journalism and hard to find necessary info (recommended)

Democracy Now They took Barbara Goodman off of Pacifica because she had too much integrity but she's available via the web. Excellent

Earth Island Journal Excellent

Emagazine (Environmental Magazine) Excellent

FAIR Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting Dedicated to unspinning the bias and spin in mainstream propaganda Excellent

Flashpoints News Magazine -- Many Articles, Audio Files, Current Events. Links, and more presented by Dennis Bernstein

Free Speech Internet TV

Global Circle Net News

Global Trade Watch from Ralph Nader's Group: Public Citizen

Guerrilla News Network Excellent

Indigenous Environmental Network Subject Page

Indian Country Today Excellent

In These Times Good alternative news source although tainted with its own sacred cows, denial, and bias

indymedia seattle

Independent Media Center Washington, DC

Independent Media Center at to get some unbiased (real news) and a lot of it Recommended

IPS - Inter Press Service The Global News Agency

Jim Hightower The former Attorney general of Texas walking his talk News from the Islamic/middle eastern perspective

KPFA Paifica Network Radio The community sponsored pacifist radio station located in Berkeley, CA who fisrt started Pacifica Foundation

LA Weekly Recommended

Manchester Guardian RECOMMENDED


Middle East Realities MER at MER's purpose is to distill and present the most incisive and honest, the most insightful and independent, information and analysis about what is really going on in today's Middle East as well as in Washington about the Middle East.

Mother Earth News

Mother Jones

Progressive Review

Project Censored An Alternative News Resource Page that has over 100 links to non-mainstream media (Comprehensive)

Radio Cognito Online - MP3

Rainforest Action Network


Strike the root.Org Daily News and commentary

TomPaine.Common Sense

WBAI New York City Pacifica Foundation Station

WFMU-FM 91.1- Real Time radio link to WFMU-FM

World Link Tv: An alternative Satellite TV

World Watch InstituteExcellent

ZMagazine Excellent

The above of course all have some bias, but they are for the most part semi or fully independent from the dominant power/greed machine. This list concentrates more on current events and real news and less at political opinion making or editorial persuasion. Now back to the rest of the listings picking up in alphabetical order after "NEWS".


Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky Talks and Other Public Events

Noam Chomsky Archive - Bad News

Noam Chomsky Archive ZMAG

NOAM CHOMSKY on Terrorism

Noam Chomsky The New War on Terror

Noam Chomsky

Off the record large PDF FILE from The Center for Public Integrity What Media Corporations Don't Tell You about their Public Agenda The guide in American electoral politics of where the money goes and who gets it!

Organic Consumers.Org: Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade & Sustainability

Oxfam America

Peace Action (formerly SANE/Freeze) works to achieve the abolition of nuclear weapons, the development of a peace-oriented economy, an end to the international weapons trade, and promotes non-military solutions to international conflicts.

Peace & Freedom Press

Peace Magazine homepage

Peace Magazine Mar-Apr 1999

PeaceNet Home

People-Centered Development Forum

PETA Ethical Treatment Animals

Physicians for Social Responsibility tens of thousands of responsible health care professionals with integrity united to prevent violence, disease, war, and pollution.

POCLAD - Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy

Politics HotLinks - cyberbrook

PR Watch

PRIOR KNOWLEDGE If you wish to "see" the media's spin (read propaganda) please visit this site! Read in great detail about the the cover up by the Bush adminisitration on the 911 atrocity.

Primitivism--Luddite and Anarchist Philosophy

Progressive Populist

Progressive Review

Project Censored The Real News that Goes Unreported or Under-reported. Check out their alternative media resource link page at

Propaganda Matrix: Sponsor of Prior Knowledge (above) and more

Public Campaign

Public Citizen Ralph Nader's informative and green organbization (Organic Consumers Association -- Campaigning for Food Safety, Organic Agriculture, Fair Trade & Sustainability. Publisher of Biodemocracy News. See their new website at

Radio Cognito Online - MP3

RAWA Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (See also Afghan Women's Mission

Radical Spirit (Not many holds barred Progressive Politics) Skeleton Closet

Rainforest Action Network

Rainforest Information Centre If there is one eco-activist organization that has the right idea and who has been exceptionally been successful, this is it. (Recommended)

Red Pepper

Resist the WTO

Revisionist History

Sanctions Against Iraq - Global Policy Forum

Sat Santokh's blend of Spiritual Activism

Satya Magazine is a monthly publication focusing on vegetarianism, environmentalism, animal advocacy, and social justice. In Sanskrit, "satya" means "truth," and formed the basis of Mohandas Gandhi’s Satyagraha or "truth action" movement for Indian self-sufficiency. Satya Magazine is committed to continuing Gandhi’s legacy by increasing dialogue among activists from diverse backgrounds and engaging readers in ways to integrate compassion into their daily lives. re-establishing value systems, technologies, and structures that would release processes leading to a more sustainable society. Located in Sri Lanka. The chief objective of Sarvodaya is . . . awakening. The root problem of poverty is seen as being a sense of personal and collective powerlessness. And 'awakening' is to take place not in isolation but through social, economic, and political interaction. Personal awakening is seen as being interdependent with the awakening of one's local community, and both play a part in the awakening of one's nation and of the whole world

Sherman Skolnick's Report

sixties USENET

Skolnick Report

SOAW School of Americas Watch

Social Criticism Review

Social Venture Network

Socialist Worker Online

Soft Money Donor Search

Soft Money Resource

Spin Sanity

Spiritual Socialism, Gentle Anarchism, and Sarvodaya---the Welfare of All

Spunk-library The Spunk Press Archive

State of the World Forum

Strike the Hard hitting inetrenet journalism

Strike the root.Org Daily News and commentary

Survival International - for tribal peoples

Swaraj Foundation

TalkLeft Crime Policy Links

Terror Attacks of September 11 Znet (Z Magazine) master page on Terrorism, its causes, and eradication. A very comprehesive attempt.

Tikkun Magazine Produced by Rabbis Michael Lerner and dedicated to a vision of Social Justice, Peace, and Freedom

The Universal Way - We Are ALL One!

Third World Network (TWN)

THOMAS -- U.S. Congress What's happening in Washington, contact your representatives, and more

Thomas Paine Works A most excellent a public interest journal inspired by the great patriot Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense and The Rights of Man

Truth Fears No Questions- Stilt

Truth in Media with hard hitting Bob Djurdjevic

Union of Concerned Scientists

Vinoba Bhave: Successor of Mahatma Gandhi in India continuing the satyagraha movement

Vinoba Bhave, Thoughts on Education

Vinoba Bhave


Waging Peace

We The People (Website of ex-governor of California and mayor of Oakland California, Jerry Brown)

WBAI New York City Pacifica Foundation Station

WFMU-FM 91.1 NYC Independent Radio

Whirled Bank Group Clarity about the activities of the World bank and the IMF

Working For Change and Acting For Change and NewsForChange is a comprehensive Web site made up of resources for people with progressive values. Anyone with Internet access (members and non-members alike) can speak out on urgent issues, read informative news and columns, go shopping, make a donation or volunteer their time.

World Affairs Council

World Federalist Association

World Future Society

World Link TV: Alternative Satellite TV

World Revolution

WorldPaper Online

ZNet Overall an excellent alternative news magazine although still suffering from the self inflicted wound of sacred cows, denial, and old left dysfunctionalism.

"Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives."

[Inscription on the Library of Congress, Quote by James Madison]


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