A Call to Unite All Peoples who are Colonized, Globalized, and Oppressed by Alien Beliefs and Structures (that Emanate from those Beliefs)

The native Elders of the Americas generally agree that we must unite and fight. We must throw off the oppression that strangles our spirit and mangles our creative expression! We must come together in the Great Gathering of Indigenous Peoples -- of ALL tribes while honoring Mother Earth and Father Sky -- in the spirit of all our relations. This is part of the great vision that must be realized, not just given more talk. This is in harmony with the teachings of that Great Web of Integrity which binds us all together inextricably. This way has strong medicine and power.

At this time, we also see indigenous people all over the earth engaged in desperate struggles at grass roots levels to save their sacred places; to save their religion and beliefs; to save their indigenous ways of life and survival; to protect the integrity of their water tables and ecosystems; to fight the disempowerment of deculturalization, to maintain their dignity and defeat marginalization and homogenization; to feed, care for, and support their grandchildren; to stay healthy and even to survive, both as a people and as individuals. Concentrated thought will show that our individual survival is enhanced through group cooperative action undertaken by individuals who have come through through the foggy bogs of the past.

Certainly, in this local grass roots/indigenous struggle which is too often is occupied in fending off the harshness of daily living and alienated "normality" -- of strife and struggle, a bitterness can arise. But that bitterness although reminding us of the past, will not take us into the future -- it is a disease which does not serve us to breed. It is "that" easy to lose sight of our collective vision and lose sight at the same time of the beauty way. We are reminded by the wise that forgiveness is for ourselves -- so that we can be free of bitterness and tension -- so that we can move forward with a pure heart and vision in the work that lays ahead.

Yes, of course it may "appear" very easy to duck our heads in the sand and attempt to piecemeal our food and survival together with a compensatory and neurotic narrow vision... "easy" if that kind of thinking worked. But that is bankrupt neurotic way that is devoid of vision -- it has no spirit, strength, or power. It appears "too easy" to say with frustration; "that we must take care of ourselves", but we must re-mind our people that this collective Rainbow vision has great power --- THAT power has taken care of us for millions of years, but it is only the wise who have learned how to commune and live with it. . Indeed it is necessary that we come into harmony with this vision FIRST in order to lead the way where we will be re-united with positive life affirming change in our daily life. It is the next step. We can not accomplish this task alone -- but with spirit strength, with vision real and lasting change will occur. With the loving and healing strength of all our relations -- from the sacred space of the heart. Listen more and "WE" will tell you how to do this.

This cultural and environmental milieu of suffering in which native Americans find themselves afloat is actually very similar to that of many of Africans, Hispanics, Asians, and even whites in America. They are suffering from their own Diaspora from their indigenous roots, from deculturalization and the imposition of an alien belief system (where spirit is not honored in the present), from stress related diseases caused by their separation and split from mother earth -- from the great chasm which separates us from a creative and fulfilling life- and a dysfunctional clinging to an "adaptation" which only further feeds the dissatisfaction of the inferno of widespread grief, angst, anger, and neurotic craving, -- self violence, hatred, vengeance, and despair.

The neurotic dysfunctional adaptive "answer" (which is not a real answer to our innate authentic calling at all -- in this artificially created vacuum of scarcity and derision where spirit is absent) has been in the past to work harder, compete more, to strive harder, to beat the other down, and so forth, but that only increases the stress and breakdown. Oh, yeah, we can jockey for ersatz/surrogate crumbs, rewards, status, money, cars, fancy clothes, a little authority, a token appearance of self worth, but will it fill our hearts? Those who think so have more of their life lesson to learn, but if we think about this with our hearts, we will come to a different conclusion.

Such a dysfunctional reaction is like mice finding themselves locked inside a poor man's home, fighting for a few crumbs. That only increases the self hatred, race hatred, competition, resentment, jealousy, self pity, anger, frustration, and violence, but we are told that this is the only way to "adapt", but it is in reality simply a way of keeping us down, compromised, and divided so that we can be more easily controlled, externalized, conquered, separated, and oppressed.

What we ALL are suffering from is the oppression of colonization and globalization of an alien way of life -- a common rip off, chasm, scarcity, estrangement, and schism that is perpetuated by an assumption which is false. All of us together without exception are suffering from this (although it appears that some may be suffering less than others, appearances are often, just that, appearances).

It is already past time that WE ALL woke up to the common heart (within each and everyone -- in all things) and pooled, enhanced, and help develop our collective strengths and awareness -- or at least (in the beginning) to no longer support our own oppression, abuse, and oppressor by spending time and energy in running "others" down. From this there will be a change in orientation -- a powerful vision that will be realized --we will come into harmony and a Great Rainbow Bridge will be formed by our own bodies and it is THAT which will bring true happiness -- it will be felt in the Heart and it will grow there-- the true home of happiness. We will even want to sing and dance again -- nothing will be able to hold us back when we realize that we have been holding ourselves back through lack of vision! Perhaps you have already felt this change?

Now, also it is the the White man who is waking up to the fact that he also is colonized -- that "his" way has oppressed/suppressed himself. Although he can reap some symbolic/compensatory neurotic rewards in terms of money, status, authority, privilege, and "security" in the colony easier than most of his rainbow colored brothers and sisters, nevertheless he is finally realizing that he isn't happy -- that he is very unhappy as a matter of fact. Anyone can see that now and he too is beginning to wake up. We must let him into our Hearts and recognize his authentic yearning and help him rekindle his true love and passion for liberation -- for all our relations. His people yearn to return home again as well, but they have been away for longer than they remember-- his deculturalization and uprooting has become supported by oppressive self-serving institutions -- the same institutions that oppress life, creation, and creativity.

So as our white European brothers and sisters are realizing that they too are victims of colonization/globalization -- of the oppressions and estrangement of empire, many have searched out and have awoken to the mother (Etonoha). These we must welcome with open hearts. The heart should lead -- ALL should be allowed to follow. We can not lead ourselves with hatred. Hatred will destroy the power of the vision -- it will destroy ourselves.

All ancestors long ago were indigenous and self empowered people who lived in harmony with the earth, rather than in contrived dysfunctional systems of patriarchal and/or centralized hierarchies of power (who dole out only the symbols of power, but actually are bereft of spiritual strength/power altogether). Our "friends" have fallen asleep but are waking up to the fact that they have become like aliens, worshipping a distant God not of the living. This kind of spiritual Diaspora is even worse than one who has been taken from one's physical homeland, but still can remember with their heart -- the fire is still alive within them!

In short, it is not just that "our" land has been taken away and colonized (or that we have been taken away from her) - occupied by those who would own it, abuse it, sell it, dishonor it, demean, and destroy it; but it is perhaps it is more telling for us to realize that people's hearts and minds have become colonized by alien beliefs -- unbalanced, contrived, and, corrupted but cherished false beliefs of themselves and the universe that are out of synch and harmony with creator/creation -- that have no basis in a living spirit or organic reality. This has unbalanced our hearts and is more causal for us to regain this balance for our recovery, regeneration, and expression and fruition -- to realize the full power of our collective vision. All alienated people have to be brought back "home" to sacred indigenous earth, to the heart and to the mother -- to the indigenous and the endogenous as they are truly linked as one, or else man will continue to destroy himself, other living beings, habitat, and a viable future and as such he will have no self love, no real optimism, but rather become even more self loathing, nihilistic, and suicidal. Such is the underlying nature of this disease. Whether or not "their" hearts can be purified will depend on how much we can purify our own!

So to sum up, further race hatred, class hatred, ethnic hatred, regional hatred, nationalistic hatred, religious hatred, petty bickering, fighting over crumbs, status, domination (power over some one), and the like are all part of the problem --they drain our energy away from realizing the vision -- they feed the belly of the the Beast i.e., the colonial and imperialist external imposition of power forced upon the land and native people's of the earth. This phenomena is also called globalization, imperialism, empire building, or international state "corporatism" where the international corporate cartels are increasingly buying government approval and attempting to win support through shaping the consciousness of common man through media and institutional control in order to ever expand its control over more markets -- more people and natural resources. More control -- more money -- more consolidation of power, but there is no real security there. True security has to do with peace and being at peace with oneself, but many people have become programmed to look in the wrong place for "well being" (security).

Of course these international business cartels will not tell us what they are really doing (that is why they need their opinion manipulating media), but this is obvious i.e., they are out to make more money, corner markets, manipulate natural resources, and exploit cheap labor by controlling politicians and the media. In that way particularly the schools and healing institutions as well as agriculture become "fair play" (something that native Americans know very well or at least those who survived them).

They want their way and they are very well organized and well funded in realizing their intention. They have thirty year plans and designs upon the earth that will continue to blight it, but those ways have to stop. Now it is up to "us", whether or not we are going to cooperate and further be compromised -- further victimize ourselves -- or will we allow our self to move in the other direction -- away from the pain, the hurt, the abuse, and the woundedness and into the Healing Vision. One way is backward and the other is forward. One way is love, peace, abundance, consciousness and freedom while the other way is that of scarcity, competition, force, violence, war, propaganda, and exploitation. Yes, dear one, racism and hatred is backward. We won't be like them no more. It should not take one very long to figure out which way is which, especially that is if we have any Heart left. We can see it at the cross roads of every move -- on the jungle path in every step -- in our prayerful dance and healing songs.

Now, nobody needs another indian, nigger, spic, jew, or white boy to tell them what to do. We have been hearing this all our lives (being told what to do by others). So no, I won't talk abusive like that anymore. We all are hurting somewhere -- we are all survivors-- but if we focus on the Great love and Beauty -- of the vision of Love -- then we can gain great strength from that. It is the only Source, really. I am sharing what I have seen -- That our collective embrace will lead us into the Great Mystery -- it will lead us into the Great light as well -- This is to be for us while Living -- and for our children's children -- and the earth -- Right Here and Now -- Etonoha.

It appears gratifying somewhat when we commiserate with with some one talking compromise, adaptation, racism, hatred, violence, demeaning the other group or telling us how better "we" are than the other group, but a bad taste always is the result -- the sickness only festers more. Let us to put an end to that kind of agitation, conflict, and discomfort right away -- it is adaptive co-optation -- an expropriation -- a colonization of the Heart. It only solidifies, validates, and reinforces the prison walls. I find it rewarding as well as healing to remind/re-member a wayward friend of that forgotten common vision and that great love which truly sustains us all, and be a carrier of that fire so that the very night itself will be warmed and lit by it -- as the stars were hidden by the clouds shine forth -- kindled so our children will walk with strength and love in a future that we bring forth. I ask you to join with me in that most joyous struggle that knows no hatred and no bounds - after all we are reminded that


"We" then are all responsible every moment- so that Spirit can once again flow rich in our veins and Lubricate our Hearts and Satisfy Our Thirst

Emaho -- It is Sacred!

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