The "Good" Thing about the World Trade Center Bombing: The Politics of Empirism, Colonialism, and World Exploitation

October 17, 2001 (modified on Nov 20, 2002)

I want to deal directly here with factors that are profoundly influencing the quality of life on the planet and that of future generations. Here we will speak with integrity. Here we will discuss the co-dependent and dysfunctional relationship between guilt, denial, and self deceit on one hand and the institutionalization of systems of oppression, totalitarianism, police state, state intimidation, fear, scarcity, and paranoia.

After 911. when we get past the grief, anger, demonization, scapegoating, finger pointing, guilt, blame avoidance, and denial, then maybe we can start solving our problems. I like to think that some thing good can come out of all of this -- that from the ashes of these daeths, such tragedies may be prevented in the future. The following few pages attempts to disclose the co-dependent/symbiotic relationship between mechanisms of self deceit and spiritual bondage (be it self perpetuated and/or culturally and institutionally induced) on one hand and the processes of sociopolitical imprisonment, repression, intimidation, police states, authoritarianism, totalitarianism, and institutionalized terrorism and oppression on the other hand. We will attempt that violence and pathology are an exteriorization of an internal more primary core wound and rend -- a split of the Heart. It is that perinatal transgenerational institutionalized cycle of conditioning, ignorance and violence that must be remediated in order for man's external structures -- his behavior, society, agriculture, economics, and politics be regenerated.

Thus this drama which is approximately 2000 years old has pockmarked the spiritual and cultural history of Western man with lies, deceit, exploitation, rapaciousness, manipualtion, tyranny, war, and slavery. It will eventually be shown as the story of mankind's eventual waking up to his/her own processes i.e., how consciousness affects behavior on one hand and how conditions affect consciousness on the other, so that "we" can move into a less fettered activation of true heritage -- our deepest creative potential in love, harmony, and peace instead of continued paranoia, war, and hatred.  
It has been difficult for me this past month (September 2001) to prevent depression. The WTC and Pentagon bombing was disaster enough, but it seems that America's response to it has made me even more depressed. What an amazing amount of denial and dysfunction! What a waste of resources and energy! It seemed like an inappropriate time for finger pointing and blame avoidance, and even more so for those to exploit or capitalize upon the fear and confusion of the American people. Obviously the death in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington are the result of failed foreign policy -- failed diplomacy, yet those politicians who have dropped the ball in their shadow sides have (in order to avoid responsibility) gone the defensive/aggressive route of finger pointing, exteriorization, demonization, and blame avoidance to credit their own psoitions, but at the discredit of any integrity. It appears to me to be two steps backward -- for Americans, perhaps something that Osma Bin laden was banking on?

Future tragedies such as these can be avoided if sincere attention and effort is put to bear on real causes and real problems, but this assumes that one is interested in solving the country's real problems, rather than creating illusions and fairy tales. Sadly not enough Americans desire a peaceful resolution sufficiently and so they have opted out to the ideology that says that force wins over force -- that we are safe only because we can punish our attackers. Indeed such an ideology not only has powered American foreign policy in its militarism, but also American demestic policy in its unprecedented growth of its penal system which knows no rivals upon the planet, just as its unprecedented growth of its weapons of mass destruction which also has no rival. I could only gasp at the incredible cognitive dissonance in the minds of most Americans, being blinded and in denial as to the reality of their own terrorist history.

So as if 911 was not bad enough, Amerika has since then taken a rather large step toward a domestic police state. This is permitted by the masses who are hypnotized by their own fear, but also we must identify those (in their own twisted way) are benefiting from war and insecurity (such as the military/police state industrial complex , the petro-chenical industries, and so forth). All this "should" make the concerned citizen "think" whether or not that it is TV that has dumbed down Americans so much, or just a new spiritual disease of dysfunction and denial caused by the deeply impacted guilt and denial of Amerikan rapaciousness and lack of self worth? Is it simply American piggish material greed that is fueling the denial -- an attempt to justify an insatiable hunger? Oh sorry, forgot -- thinking for oneself in post 911 Amerika no longer patriotic -- just follow the leader or be tried for treason!

In order to find something to rejoice about despite the tremendous suffering going on in the world today, I can detect a quickening going on as well. Here we see a confrontation coming out in the open almost as clearly as the confrontation between night and day or darkness and light itself. The confrontation being disclosed today is between dichotomy and clarity, double talk and truth, hypocrisy and integrity, self deceit and honesty -- between denial and dysfunction on one hand and function and self empowerment on the other -- between illusion and reality -- between arrogance, separation and schizophrenia on one hand and transpersonal love and unity on the other. These two must meet fully and completely! Just as darkness is over shadowed by daylight, just as truth destroys falsehood, just so reality will destroy the lie -- that is all by definition and as such it is a forgone conclusion. What the truth bearers must realize is that this will occur when the masses are capable of holding truth -- when they are capable of exorcizing their fear. This has been a long perinatal drama. All that remains is the degree of apparent suffering yet to endure, but know that the battle is already won.

This old drama between fear and love manifests in many exteriorizations. Here let's not chase the myriad phantoms of symptoms, but rather reverse the cause of suffering itself. On a sociopolitical level it is external authoritarianism, totalitarianism, colonialism, empirism, repression, and militarism on one hand coming into battle with people struggling for their freedom, individual cultural/ecological identities, and indigenous self empowerment processes free from external control. Corporate empirism based thousands of miles away by people of a different race, nation, language, values, and religion simply is an easy identifiable target. Once it is destroyed, then these peoples will be better able to also destroy their own local authoritarian structures, external oppressive structures, and other remnants of totalitarianism. As it has been shown elsewhere, America has created the Taliban and Bin Laden as well as many other enemies. The entire dysfunction is self created. Here however we will try to attack the dysfunctional structure in which Empire has become created and how America continues to dysfunctionally feed the world's militarism, demagogues, tyrants, and prison systems, rather than to attack hunger and greed -- rather than to create health and abundance.

The Psychological and Institutional Structures that Hold the American Mind Captive: Identifying the Ingredients of the Glue that Imprison Us 

The aftermath of the bombing in New York has served to elucidate more clearly the contradictions, double talk, dichotomies, hypocrisy, and dysfunction of the status quo Amerikan "way of thinking" which is based on a multitude of lies and broken treaties -- which is dogmatically based on the defensive justification and blame avoidance of the need for empire rather than democracy. As this greater drama comes to the surface, a great cleansing will occur.

It is worthy to note that any thought pattern has the power of holding up to the normal "mind" a reality and identification. In that sense to destroy the thought construct carries with it the destruction of the "reality" and also the invalidation of the individual who may have so identified inside of the reality of that thought construct. In that context (for those whose identities are dependent upon thought constructs) the conceptual world composed of words (and media) can appear as a war zone or battle ground where one is constantly battling for one's "existence/identity". This is the milieu of insecurity, paranoia, and disempowerment from which totalitarian regimes that promise external security (in the various forms of predictable and dependable external structure flourish. It is this modern paranoid milieu of institutionalized totalitarianism which the following addresses whose analysis will have to take into consideration both external institutions as well as the mechanisms of denial, dysfunction, and guilt. A free person has stepped outside of such contrived and artificial ways of thinking and being. Such a liberated being stands in opposition to hatred, fear, and confusion naturally. Such a being follows their truth and heart and in so doing may appear to threaten those who live by the lie. 

Reactions to the WTC and Pentagon Bombing

What the status quo forces are simplistically saying is that "our way" is good, right, honorable, patriotic and best while any other way is evil, wrong, dishonorable, unpatriotic, deplorable, or worse illegal. In fact it is becoming increasingly illegal to criticize the status quo.

For since the NYC bombings new laws and emergency powers have been granted "government" to spy, incarcerate, control, and lie to its citizens. This power is being willingly abdicated. This is not the psychology of freedom but rather of terrorism. It is however radically strange that those who are so eager to take away our freedoms are those who have campaigned for less government in our daily lives, for individual tights, and a smaller state.

So now we will witness a heyday of military/industrial growth, increased CIA funding, unprecedented growth in the surveillance and incarceration industries, more FBI and police, more censorship in the news, and more intimidation of dissent. Aiding terrorist activities even in "words" is now more than a crime, because with the crimes of the past we are allowed to defend ourselves, reasonable bail, a trial, communication with the outside, etc. before being incarcerated (yes incarceration is punishment because US prisons are very dangerous as well as demeaning places), but these basic hard won freedoms have now been abdicated (yes, in the name of democracy!). But the hypocrisy is much worse than that. 

"The Truth Shall Set Us Free" (and our lies, shall imprison us) are well known universal truths which hold true both spiritually and politically. On a purely spiritual level it is ignorance, illusion, self deceit and delusion which prevent us from recognizing the omnipresent divine presence, our true nature, or true Self -- the Reality of who we are in the unlimited terms devoid of prejudice and bias in all our relations.

On a purely political level mankind becomes easily manipulated, exploited, and oppressed by lies and deceit. In this milieu mankind is told that what is oppressive is good for them and what is liberating is bad. Of course the palatability of such lies depend on a spiritual estrangement fin the first place (a rend from the inner knowledge or gnosis that is present when one is grounded in spiritual truths). 

In order to manipulate and enslave mankind, conspiracies of church and state have manipulated the truth so that state sanctioned churches and other state sanctioned institutions disempower and spiritually self alienate the populace so that they are more willing to uncritically accept systems of external authority i.e., priesthoods, prophets, presidents, and kings. Likewise the enemies of the state, of institutionalized religions organizations, and self serving status quo forces are political or spiritual forces that expose the Lie and promote the truth. This takes place in a milieu of truth versus falsehood, reality versus illusion, self knowledge and empowerment versus self deceit and delusion -- it is not a fight between good and evil -- god against the devil, right against wrong -- it is not a battle based on moral judgments or conceptual assumptions.

The media has become an arm of the government in this matter many years ago, but it seems that there were a few people in the media who still believed agreed with our founding fathers that a well informed populace was best for America and that the right to dissent was what "freedom" was all about.

It seems that the "reason" why America is an object of terrorism is not being owned up to. It is rather being denied and disclaimed, often utilizing classical dysfunctional family dynamics. We will demonstrate this utilizing as examples some news clips (following), but first let it be made clear, that there is a reason why the WTC and Pentagon were picked as targets and it seems patently absurd that Americans should be denied the right to know "why". Let me preface this because many of my fellow Americans are confused about the difference between a meaningful reason (a chain of cause and effect) and a justification. Providing a reason or a cause to an effect does not at all imply a sanction of the event (effect). Likewise a healthy (non-pathological response to an injury) takes into account the cause of the injury.

This should be quite obvious in these examples. A scientist may study earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, disease pathology, or other events in order to understand how they work in terms of cause and effect. Then they will try to find a remedy or cure. Their research is not a justification or sanction of such occurrences, but rather a thorough analysis is necessary for its remediation. A dysfunctional approach would be to label such as simply evil, horrible, bad, unacceptable, unbelievable, and deny any cause. This latter approach called denial is dysfunctional i.e., the problem does not get solved, but rather it recurs or gets worse becaus eno functional preventative measure is taken.

Other examples abound such as:

One football team studies the operation and rationale of the other in order to learn its methods and workings in order to defeat them. To not study one's opponent is not only arrogant, but dysfunctional, while studying their motivations not at all sanctions them, but is often very helpful.
George Patton the great WW2 American general defeated Field Marshal Rommel, because of studying his reasoning, his motives, and tactics. He would not have been successful if he had not been able to put himself in Rommel's shoes, yet this did not mean that he supported Rommel at all.

There are countless "functional" examples. Dysfunction however says to ignore, to not give any credence, or to deny another's truth or reality. It may work in modern debate and systems of deceit, but it is merely arrogant dysfunction.

So why is there denial and dysfunction? It is because of guilt and defensiveness, but it is being hidden, masqueraded, and denied through finger pointing. The guilt of the transnational world trade hierarchy and their puppets of generals, presidents, mayors, and police should be perfectly clear. They have been benefiting through perpetuating rape, exploitation, pollution, widespread ecological destruction, de-culturalization, colonization, slavery intimidation, death, terror, war, and terrible suffering upon the planet for thousands of years, but instead of owning up to it, they are in denial, they are on the defensive/offensive. They do not want their servants to become self empowered -- to wake up and not be dependent upon "theM' -- not do their bidding. Instead of creating clarity and openness, an unsustainable world of confusion, fear, hatred, terror, scarcity, and competition is advocated.

Instead of addressing the woes of the world wracked upon the entire planet by Amerika such as deforestation, ocean pollution, air pollution, broken treaties, ozone degradation, species annihilation, wars, prisons, poisons, weapons, militarism, police state tactics, coups, and the like -- instead of owning up to their own policy of greedy self interest at the detriment of indigenous cultures, habitat, and the future -- instead of addressing the sorry domestic ills of Americans that these very leaders have manufactured such as a bankrupt social security system, a nonexistent national health care policy, an increasing national debt, the artificial energy crisis (due to lack of an internal energy conservation policy), the high rate of domestic violence, violent crime, highest incarceration rate in the world, homelessness, high teen age suicide rate, cancer, education, ecology, high cost of living in real terms, the dwindling of individual rights and freedom and the like -- instead of that and more -- they would rather make the situation acting dysfunctionally, in denial, scapegoating those desperate victims who have gone so far as to sacrifice their own lives for principle. It is such that I would like to see the almost three thousand deaths that occurred on 911 be dedicated to these people as causalties of war -- of a war upon institutionalized ignorance, upon the transgenerational and perinatal lie that keeps people in fear, ignorance, confsuion, and hatred so that a few tyrants can greedily benefit from the suffering of the rest of the planet and of future generations. This is the truth.


Three Illustrative Media Examples:

Firstly we have New York mayor Guiliani (who has recently been knighted by the British government) acts in classical dysfunction confusing reason and justification in his normal arrogant and dysfunctional manner. Guilt goes a long way to hide itself.


NY Rejects Prince's Gift with a Message. Donation Came with Criticism of US Policy


NEW YORK - Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said yesterday that New York City rejected a $10 million charitable donation from a wealthy Saudi Arabian prince after he criticized the US government's policies in the Middle East.

Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal was one of many foreign visitors who have gone with the mayor to ground zero at the destroyed World Trade Center since the terrorist attacks last month. The prince, who is also the chairman of the Kingdom Holding Co. and one of the world's richest men, attended a memorial service at the site yesterday, where he handed the mayor a check for $10 million for the Twin Towers Fund, one of various charity funds Set up to benefit survivors of the attack.

Giuliani initially accepted the check, as he has several times from government and private industry leaders. Along with it was a letter from the prince, in which he expressed his condolences for "the loss of life that the city of New York has suffered". 

The letter added, "I would also like to condemn all forms of terrorism and in doing so I am reiterating Saudi Arabia's strong stance against these tragic and horrendous acts."

What the letter did not say was what a press release attached to a' copy of the letter did: "However, at times like this one, we must address some of the issues that led to such a criminal attack. I believe-the government of the United States of America should reexamine its policies in the Middle East and adopt a more balanced stance toward the Palestinian cause." The press release attributed the statement to the prince.

"Our Palestinian brethren continue to be slaughtered at the hands of Israelis while the world turns the other cheek," the release read.

The mayor, who had been told of the press release just moments before his daily briefing but after receiving the check, was visibly annoyed. "I entirely reject that statement," he said. "That's totally contrary to what I said at the United Nations," he added, referring to his address to there last Monday.
"There is no moral equivalent for this act," the mayor said. "There is no justification for it. The people who did it lost any right to ask for justification for it when they slaughtered 4,000 or 5,000 innocent people. And to suggest that there's a justification] for it only invites this happening in the future. It is highly irresponsible and very, very dangerous."

The mayor added that he might consult with the State Department before deciding what to do with the check. An hour later, his press office released a statement attributed to the mayor that the check would not be accepted.

A spokesman for the prince Amjed Shacker, who was reached on his cell phone as he prepared to board a plane for Saudi Arabia said he knew of no such rejection and indeed seemed perplexed to learn of it.

"The mayor took the check at 9 am," he said. "We have no knowledge of that. He accepted the check." 

Following the theme that it is America's interference in the lives of others, Americas willingness to destroy ways of life, cultures, environments, and values for profits from Britain (not America), we have the Taliban side from a European source (London Guardian) 


Mullah Omar - in his own words 

Wednesday September 26, 2001
The Guardian 

This 12-minute interview with Mullah Omar Mohammad, the Taliban leader, was conducted in Pashtu for the publicly-funded radio channel Voice of America. The broadcast was pulled last Friday, following objections from the US deputy secretary of state and senior officials of the National Security Council.
Voice of America interviewer: Why don't you expel Osama bin Laden? 

Omar: This is not an issue of Osama bin Laden. It is an issue of Islam. Islam's prestige is at stake. So is Afghanistan's tradition. 

VOA: Do you know that the US has announced a war on terrorism? 

Omar: I am considering two promises. One is the promise of God, the other is that of Bush. The promise of God is that my land is vast. If you start a journey on God's path, you can reside anywhere on this earth and will be protected... The promise of Bush is that there is no place on earth where you can hide that I cannot find you. We will see which one of these two promises is fulfilled. 

VOA: But aren't you afraid for the people, yourself, the Taliban, your country? 

Omar: Almighty God... is helping the believers and the Muslims. God says he will never be satisfied with the infidels. In terms of worldly affairs, America is very strong. Even if it were twice as strong or twice that, it could not be strong enough to defeat us. We are confident that no one can harm us if God is with us. 

VOA: You are telling me you are not concerned, but Afghans all over the world are concerned. 

Omar: We are also concerned. Great issues lie ahead. But we depend on God's mercy. Consider our point of view: if we give Osama away today, Muslims who are now pleading to give him up would then be reviling us for giving him up... Everyone is afraid of America and wants to please it. But Americans will not be able to prevent such acts like the one that has just occurred because America has taken Islam hostage. If you look at Islamic countries, the people are in despair. They are complaining that Islam is gone. But people remain firm in their Islamic beliefs. In their pain and frustration, some of them commit suicide acts. They feel they have nothing to lose. 

VOA: What do you mean by saying America has taken the Islamic world hostage? 

Omar: America controls the governments of the Islamic countries. The people ask to follow Islam, but the governments do not listen because they are in the grip of the United States. If someone follows the path of Islam, the government arrests him, tortures him or kills him. This is the doing of America. If it stops supporting those governments and lets the people deal with them, then such things won't happen. America has created the evil that is attacking it. The evil will not disappear even if I die and Osama dies and others die. The US should step back and review its policy. It should stop trying to impose its empire on the rest of the world, especially on Islamic countries. 

VOA: So you won't give Osama bin Laden up? 

Omar: No. We cannot do that. If we did, it means we are not Muslims... that Islam is finished. If we were afraid of attack, we could have surrendered him the last time we were threatened and attacked. So America can hit us again, and this time we don't even have a friend. 

VOA: If you fight America with all your might - can the Taliban do that? Won't America beat you and won't your people suffer even more? 

Omar: I'm very confident that it won't turn out this way. Please note this: there is nothing more we can do except depend on almighty God. If a person does, then he is assured that the Almighty will help him, have mercy on him and he will succeed. 
Will it get any better? Not if your government can help it.


Media Networks to Begin Censorship at Government Request

White House fears tapes from bin Laden could provoke terrorism

By Carolyn Lochhead Chronicle Washington Bureau

Washington - National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice called television news executives yesterday to warn that pretaped statements from alleged terrorist Osama bin Laden might contain hidden signals to incite fresh attacks.

The major networks - ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN - said after the call that they had agreed not to broadcast such statements live until they had time to exercise "appropriate editorial judgments."

The networks, issuing similar statements, said Rice did not ask them to keep bin Laden off the air. CBS, which called the bin Laden videotapes "unedited, extended propaganda messages," said Rice "acknowledged the potential importance of messages and other appearances by bin Laden" and the networks "affirmed their commitment to responsible journalism that informs
the public without jeopardizing' American lives,"

The exchange raised complex questions about press freedom in wartime and the role of propaganda from both sides of the new US war on terrorism. It came after a Bush administration clash with Congress over how much information on the war effort they should provide senators and representatives.

Rice made the conference call to network executives yesterday morning "to raise their awareness about national security concerns" in airing messages from bin Laden or his al Qaeda organization, said White House spokesman Art Fleischer, calling the conversation "very collegial."

"At best, Osama bin Laden's message is propaganda," Fleischer said. "At worst, he could be issuing orders to his followers to initiate such attacks. "Fleischer said the administration had "no hard indications" that the tapes contained hidden signals. But he said the concern at the White House is that the bombing has made communicating from Afghanistan "difficult business" and "one way to communicate outside Afghanistan to followers is through Western media."

The administration has accused Bin Laden of directing the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

White House concerns centered on the bin Laden tape released Sunday -- broadcast repeatedly around the world - in which he praised the Sept. 11 attacks and warned that "America will never dream, nor those who live in America will never taste security and safety unless we feel security and safety in our land and in Palestine."

Secretary of State Colin Powell also noted a statement made Tuesday by al Qaeda spokesman, Sulaiman Abu Ghaith, warning there could be more attacks on the United States. Powell said the tapes could contain "some kind of message."

CNN issued a statement saying its policy will be "to avoid airing any material that we believe would directly facilitate any terrorist acts," and that "in deciding what to air, CNN will consider guidance from appropriate authorities."

Marvin Kalb, director of Harvard University's Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy and author of a new book on the press called "One Scandalous Story," noted the administration has warned since the Sept. 11 attacks that the new war on terrorism would be like no other and include propaganda and covert action.

Kalb, a veteran diplomatic correspondent, said; the exchange could indicate the White House may feel that bin Laden has the upper hand on the propaganda" angle at this point.

"I suspect that up to this point, the administration may feel its being outmaneuvered by bin Laden on the propaganda front," Kalb said. "Bin Laden's picture is in many parts of the world being held aloft by so-called unhappy and disenfranchised people. It reminds me of posters of Che Guevara that used to be carried around Latin America 20, 30 years ago."

As a result, the administration may be attempting to influence the networks to reduce their coverage of bin Laden and his followers "to stop turning them malevolent Robin Hoods," Kalb said.

The problem, Kalb said, is that while the administration is waging a propaganda war, news organizations are living to disseminate news, "and it is an uneasy marriage of convenience at his point. My gut feeling is that the networks are going to function primarily as news organizations, patriotic but governed nonetheless by old-fashioned judgments of what's news."

Carolyn Marvin, professor of communication at the Annenberg School in Philadelphia, criticized the administration's move as "a very bad idea" She said, it probably wouldn't work because it is very difficult to restrict information in the modern era of instant global communication.

Marvin also said the US public has "a great interest in wanting to see what Osama bin Laden has to say, and it's important to the democratic process that the public knows something about the adversary they're facing."

She said tensions between the government's desire to control information and the public interest in knowing things always increases in wartime.

But allowing bin Laden's tapes to be aired might demonstrate that the White House is not afraid of his message.

"I think, if he's censored, that sends a message to overseas audiences, and maybe a mistaken message, that implies we are afraid of what he has to say," Marvin said.

(end of article)

The Psychological and Spiritual Roots of the Malaise

Now we can see the media as an important part of the glue that holds "the lie" together. Of course it wouldn't have any holding power if people were not so gullible and naïve i.e., if they were not so willing servants of the Empire. Given that we are all born with the same amount of brain cells and critical/creative capability, then we can ask what went wrong? What causes, reinforces, and institutionalizes ignorance? What is it that has created the American aura of violence, paranoia, denial, dysfunction, and war? After all denial is a form of ignorance, escape, and fear. The answer is hidden deep on purpose, but it is obvious, if we learn how to dig.

Here the answer is buried in the American psyche (psychological) psychological which when cleared (clarity is achieved) will lead to the spiritual (a universal transpersonal realization and identification) eventually. The present psychic and psychological dysfunction, mental disturbance, emotional aberration, and disease prevalent within the modern American kulture is being imported and imposed upon the rest of the planet. Because it is fed by a basic dissociation and denial -- a primary error in judgment, the secondary compensatory mechanisms of guilt, lack of self esteem, and fear designed to "protect" the delusion in the long run further reinforces one's spiritual self alienation. In the end all this burdensome suffering is due to a primary lack -- due to absence of the sacred -- the primal disconnection from creator/creation -- all and everything. It is due to America's deep spiritual malaise.

Specifically America is recovering from perpetuating the poisoning, genocide, exploitation, and oppression of millions of Native Americans, buffalo, trees, salmon, watersheds, and deer. Having plagued and raped the land known as North America, haven violated thousands of treaties, ruined tons of top soil, destroyed forests, depleted the ozone, over consumed and wasted giga-tons of natural resources and so much more -- more than any other country on the planet. America's unprecedented denial in blame avoidance activities takes the form of over blown (and may I add unsupported) compensory pride - a desparate need to justify one's rapcity and greed.

The arrogant Amerikan guise of superiority is now at a driven frenzy which only delays and hinders the necessary step for authentic recovery. To continue to justify and defend the rapacious ways of the past, in the form of voracious greed (born from this inner core wound -- spiritual vacuum, strife, scarcity, and habituated stress) only makes the dysfunction and disease linger -- as a festering sore upon the earth -- more detrimental and real than the purple haze over Hong Kong, the ozone hole over South Australia, the oilo blackened beach of Northern Spain, or a plague upon mankind. Such a anguish demands to be justified and sanctioned in America's wounded psyche. However in defense, Americans demand liars (known as newscasters), comedians (known as entertainers), court jesters (known as senators), escapist movies, vicarious TV, football, and ever "more" ersatz items to consume in order to help them further escape from "self".

All this blame avoidance denial is defensive/aggressive posturizing, is play acting, deceit, self deceit, conceit, delusional, and self gratuitous arrogance serving the need to create an illusion that Americans are good, right, and justified while anybody who criticizes them is seen as an attacker as evil and bad. Pretty simplistic and immature escapism, but the media is sophisticated, well oiled, and full of tricks. In fact they are paid large sums of money to manipulate minds, persuade, and create illusion -- selling the populace on policies and gaining their willing cooperation and obsequiousness. Over time poison becomes palatable when you are told how great you are on a daily basis, while "authority" tells you that anybody who says different is simply crazy, evil, or both. Of course if this is merely the acts of court jesters, then "real" problems are never solved, lessons are not acknowledged and learned, but rather like any dysfunctional system, the mistakes are repeated over and over again, while the messengers like Jesus and other people of integrity who do not g o along with the lie are killed, marginalized, and/or destroyed. This perinatal and transgenerational plague, as old as war and murder itself -- as old as hatred, paranoia, greed, and oppression itself, will continuel to transmigrate until acknowledged and confronted.

Paranoia, National Security, and International Security

Firstly it must be made clear that it is extremely exploitive to assume that the social, economic, or military security of America is dependent upon international politics. This :view" is being perpetuated by globalists, empire builders, imperialists, militarists, etc., (call them whatever) who wish to extend their hegemony to the entire world -- to extend their influence, power, domination, and empire. Freedom does not lie in that perspective of controlling others in distant lands, meddling their affairs, nor manipulating and exploiting others because of our own greed/need. That is not what people who believe in freedom do, but rather that is the classic talk of despots, tyranny, and kings who are served by their fearful and greedy armies. Such exploiters know that if their soldiers are not fearful, greedy, uncritical, and confused they will not follow obediently, so such preconditions must be maintained through government "policy" in the guise of necessity or better in the guise of being in the best interests of those who it exploits. Essential in this war for the consent of the exploited a war of belief which upholds one view while deprecating "the other". An essential strategy in successfully waging any war of belief - in manipulating people's minds, goes far from demonizing and demeaning "the other", creating fear (scapegoatism), or whipping up hatred and anger (firebranding), but rather more essential and primary is to destroy people's belief in being able to figure things out for themselves -- their ability for critical/creative though must be destroyed -- their underlying sense of self confidence and self empowerment destroyed.

From the dysfunctional malaise of this institutionalized alienation, duality, hypocrisy, confusion, separateness, and corruption there always exists more primarily"insecurity" and fear, and hence there has arisen the incantation of the mantra of "national and international security" which is used by the demagogues, despots, and true tyrants of the earth to justify their suppression of voices of opposition, of dissent -- the voices of their adversaries, critics, or any one else who would dare oppose the oligarchy, hegemony, empire. and/or status quo (call it what you may). Although this freedom to think independently and to express our own views lies at the heart of the founding principles of the nation, it often becomes trashed (as collateral damage) by what is "called" (in name only) patriotism. It should be obvious that the real patriots are those who are dissenting. That this is not obvious to the average American points to the depth of their milieu -- their inability to think or themselves. As has been stated elsewhere, any idiot can parrot their parents, play follow the leader, and wave a flag, but it seems the ability to think or show integrity of thought is not so easy. Truth can not be sacrificed on the altar of fear successfully without creating artifice which in turn creates the chains that imprison our souls.

Going beyond patriotism into an authentic spiritual framework requires that one be willing to give up fear based frames -- the reference which upholds the belief in scarcity, limitation, and ignorance. In other words, if I am fixated upon the firm belief that that the world is out to get me, or that the world is a hellish place, that it is human nature to fight each other, kill, compete, and hurt then I am locked into "hell on earth" or what is called by some the belief in original sin" and a distant (call it alien) God. Sacredness thus is denied in daily experience -- neuroses replaces the peace, fulfillment, and love of the "here and now".

This then is where the real "war" or JIHAD is being fought -- between an indigenous people who believe in sacred love in life i.e., a living God, and those who would deny that at all costs because to accept it would appear to be too painful -- it would contradict the illusion/delusion -- their identity and existence -- the world as they know it. Too many people as such, thus are holding on to their way of paranoia, fear, hatred, and defensive/aggressiveness in denial of love.

A "seeker" who cares about this malaise may ask to what is it that these people really fear and to what extent does the role of greed, possessiveness, attachment, attachment, and desire play in this as justifying their way of fear? These are classic spiritual questions --- classically these questions are not asked by those who wallow in corruption and rank imbalanced materialism. So we have on one hand warlike, fearful, greedy, defensive/aggressive, competitive, and strife ridden people contributing to armies, prisons, war, violence, strident external impositions of order by a franchised elite, and a potential police state on one hand -- a situation due to primary spiritual estrangement. On the other hand there is the eternal way of the evolution of spirit -- the way of deep peace and universal love -- of the Great Integrity (often called God by the religious). The former way is corruption (often called sin by the religious) while the later path of integrity is the way of harmony/integration -- it is the fearless/self-less way of the Rainbow warrior -- the final battle for us all is to slay our own inner demons -- to confront our fears and slay violence itself. Thus the real jihad is spiritual and internal -- it is one with Siva, Kali, Ozer Chenma, Mohammed, Jesus, and the Ongwhehonwhe. It is to disclose, encourage, inspire, and remind each one of our kin -- ALL OUR RELATIONS -- the living presence of this primary underlying truth of our existence which is the journey of the spiritually mature - those who hold the space of integrity -- our spiritual healers, visionaries, and teachers. These are the beings who we "should" respect and which commands our sacred allegiance.

Of Entering the Larger Family of Real People – The Ongwhehonwhe
The Greater Community of All Our Relations

Many “good” people find it difficult not to do anything in "these times" of purification, but it is important to see what is occurring now within its historical context, precisely in order to effectively actually make positive change. Indeed stillness is precious. Yet ALL OUR RELATIONS speak in a language that is dear and near.

Today's major earth plane problems is the age old problem of manifestation – of embodiment. The impediment of embodying sacred unconditional love – the impediment to being itself is fear and that impediment manifests in many ways. As such it is a very old problem -- it is transgenerational and perinatal (to quote Stan Grof). Something that the average Amerikan is just not equipped for (that is say, not ready). Yes this “not ready” conditioning is perpetuated upon the masses on purpose by the ruling elite to inhibit and disempower people – to make them dependent upon external authority and manipulators. The masses of people who do not know about this purpose (which is kept camouflaged) are impelled to believe that the current system is working in their own best interest. Otherwise it would make the masses look like fools. Thus a dysfunctional authoritative family relationship is externalized, perpetuated, and even praised as sacrosanct, blindly affirming the mantra “the system works, our leaders are great, hence we are great, I am great!”

Precisely because of their lack of true self image – their present clueless and demeaned obsequious disenfranchised state, they have a great need to believe that they are right, good, worthy, and happy winners, thus this has become the task of the state propaganda machines in its various forms (the corporate media being only one small part). Of course along the way it doesn’t hurt to sell them a few extra swimming pools, BMWs, TV sets, Prozac, by-pass surgeries, trips to Bali, etc., so that they know that something must be wrong with them if they are not happy. This troubles the masses deeply so they keep busy trying to consume more – until they die of consuming too much.

A Modern Day Example

In the old days if a radio message was not being received, one would try amping up the transmitter. But this tactic does not work if the receiver is badly out of tune. Rather one has to turn on and align the receiver or at least put up an antenna. If the antenna is retracted, the signals will not get through. Thus to reprogram the masses’ need for self worth and justification from “easy answers (in the form of self gratuitous lies, ersatz pridefulness, chauvinism, nationalism, and other such mechanisms of ego delusion, through a lasting remedy is must be done with care, with wisdom, with skillfulness. The problem may result not in the patient but in the lack of skilled health care givers (read shamans, healers, teachers, compassionate friends, and community). In short for those shipwrecked upon the shores of cyclic existence and paranoia there appears no visible alternative.

I never cease to be amazed at the vast ignorance of the Amerikan people in certain matters. If we analyze what these specific areas that are incessantly involved in their field of defensive armoring, reactive ignorance, denial, and aggressiveness, it will reveal a mechanism of political psychology. The dogma which reinforces the lie that they are not fools, losers, wrong, or “bad”, but rather that they are smart, winners, righteous, and good. The palatability of the lie is the result of what may be called the pleasure principle; i.e., we desire to avoid pain. Only mature or wizened people realize that palliative lies of self deceit only add to the suffering in the long run, but this is why there have existed people like Jesus and in opposition, people like Paul – revolutionaries, visionaries, prophets, and true leaders on one hand, and those who have not yet found their own integrity – those who have become distracted, corrupted, and perverse. There exist those who acknowledge, respect, and reflect the intrinsic truth and experience of liberation on one hand, and there are those who support slavery, manipulation, exploitation, and paranoia – the lie, on the other. The former leads us to the Heart, the latter feeds our wounds and reinforces hardness.

Pride, Fear, and Greed (an unhappy family)

Pride is always an ersatz defensive mechanism replacing a sense of true self worth, meaning, and connectivity. It really is the antitheses of community and the ruling elite. The ruling elite must prevent people from finding their own inner self authority – their part in creation as creation – their intimate/intrinsic part of the ancient process of perinatal co-creation from Infinite Timeless Source,. If the ruling elite do not succeed then their ability to lie, manipulate, and control their slaves would be vastly undermined and disrupted and thus community and nature – self empowerment and the expansion of consciousness has become demonized utilizing mass propaganda divide and conquer tactics, lies, and the spreading of fear and confusion. Most Amerikans have not awoke to the historical factors that are be playing out today, but rather are kept in the dark with phantom symptoms.

Such tactics work well only in an aura of fear and denial -- defensive ersatz comparative and competitive pride and guilt -- in short, armoring around ignorance. After all why put off till tomorrow what you can put off right now?

Larry Dossey, MD who lives in the bible belt in Texas talks about the shadow side of Amerika -- how it is a self perpetuating curse. In other words he believes in the healing power of the mind even from the distance – the healing power of positive intent. He has written many books on this subject. He says now however, that the opposite is also true, i.e., the destructive power of the negative mind i.e., destruction from the distance (otherwise known as cursing). He says that when a Christian says: "I will pray for you" they really mean that you will be going to hell and that they will be going to heaven. 300 years of Amerikan murder of native people, the rape of the land, and unprecedented greed have created an unprecedented force of denial, fear, violence, defensive aggressiveness and self perpetuating negativity which has been materializing on the physical plane in modern Amerikan politics and society in the form of unprecedented and pathological violence, arms creation, wars, prisons, pesticides, poisons, destruction of habitat, species, life support systems, and the supporting ideological frameworks of fundamentalist aggressiveness, i.e., in terms of violence, finger pointing, blame avoidance, demonization". In short the propaganda support systems simplemindedly shift the blame to the detractors (usually the victim) which conveniently kills both birds (the shadow of guilt and fear) with one stone (hatred). This is one way of getting rid of mental pain, i.e., not only denying it, but rather by affirming the opposite regardless of the truth of the matter. This is where pride and vanity win out to one’s detriment and eventual demise.

But the West has been acculturated and into an institutionalization of a Great Lie and has been so for almost 2000 years. Western life is dependent upon it. But here we get into the realms of core trauma, habituated woundedness, cycles of violence, as well as eternal truth -- a direction which only sincere truth seekers embark upon.

We are not just addressing something to do with Paul and "the church's" 2000 year old lie about Christ according to Peter (who was a vegetarian and pacifist), the conspiracy of the council at Nicosia, the witch hunts, the crusades, or the millennium of greedy, exploitive, and rapacious conspiracies of church and state which western historians mostly ignore and deny. None of that being possible without the common man (soldier, farmer, or servant) having carried their rulers on their shoulders. We will avoid these unpleasantries and go directly to the core wound, i.e., the lie of the separate self (ego) and the “other” which after all forms the basis of all war, all crime, and the split of the Heart – the Intrinsic Community of All Our Relations. This matter of the Split from the Heart of Hearts my dear one is the true “mater”.

Oh well, water over the bridge. Might well take the western man another 2000 years to figure out their trauma -- core wound at this point appears “easier” to blame some body else (finger pointing is blame avoidance). No, I don’t prefer this delay and the resultant apparent suffering (in the mean-while), but the buck stops here. Where are the healers, shamans, teachers -- yes, yes, mostly on the cross let us not bring that up again! Doncha know, the messiah has come!

Ahhh, now where to go on the planet to celebrate the oil spills, genocide, air pollution, and love??? The HEART seems the best place for now :-) You be here now (or else)

There is nothing like a couple thousand years of institutionalized ignorance, neuroses, woundedness, and trauma to help us all acclimatize to the cycle of suffering. Here is something from Stan Grof that may be of interest?

“Malignant aggression does not reflect true human nature; it is connected with a domain of unconscious, perinatal dynamics that separates us from our deeper identity. Those who initiate war activities and violence in general are typically substituting external targets for elements in their own psyches, which should properly be faced in personal self-exploration. The circumstances of birth play an important role in creating a disposition to violence and self-destructive tendencies or to loving behavior and healthy interpersonal relationships; thus changing birth practices to kinder and gentler ones would have a huge impact on the degree of violence acted out in the world.

Perinatal sources of greed lie in a feeling of dissatisfaction and discomfort with the present situation, whatever it might be. Like the child stuck in the birth canal, the individual feels the need to get to a better situation that seems to lie ahead, resulting in a "rat-race" strategy of existence which is incapable of delivering happiness. Transpersonal sources of greed lie in our separation from our true identity with the Divine, resulting in a craving for substitute satisfactions or surrogates—Atman projects.

However, hope lies in deep experiential approaches that facilitate personal transformation through psychospiritual death/rebirth and connection with the memories of positive postnatal or prenatal memories. Such approaches have consistently resulted in the emergence of deep spirituality of a universal and all-encompassing nature and a corresponding development of deep humanitarian and ecological concerns in individuals.

The current global situation has exteriorized many of the essential themes of the perinatal dynamics. If we continue to act out the problematic destructive and self-destructive tendencies originating in the depths of the unconscious, we will undoubtedly destroy ourselves and the life on this planet. However, if we succeed in internalizing this process on a large enough scale, it might result in an evolutionary progress that can take us as far beyond our present condition as we now are from primates. Thus, it is essential to spread the information about these possibilities for transformation and consciousness evolution and get enough people personally interested in pursuing them.”

from Stan Grof, "Planetary Survival and Consciousness Evolution -- Psychological Roots of Human Violence and Greed" at

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