Healthy and Vital Politics: The Power of Love Against Fear and Hatred -- Healing Against Harm

"Through Universal Altruism we develop a feeling of true responsibility toward others; the wish to help all actively over come our problems".

The Dalai Lama of Tibet




The Dysfunctional/Disempowering Mechanism of Authoritarianism/Totalitarianism


Part I The Heart and (K)Not

The Empowering Need to De-Mystify Politics

The War of Consciousness or its Lack

Political Psychology is not New: Culture Wars and Institutionalized Ignorance

Consciousness and Waking Up Produce Liberation and Abundance: The Lie versus the Truth

The Basis of the Creative and Healthy Politics of Altruism and Unselfish Action

Part II - The Heart of the Mater

The True Meeting of the Rainbow Path

Rewriting Recent History: The Sixties

From the Potent Seed and the Fertile Ground, Sprouts forth a Thousand Flowers

From the Young Shoot, A Thousand Flowers Bloom

Part III The Vision and its Manifestation

The Economics of Abundance versus Scarcity Economics

May Ten Thousand Thousand New Parks Bloom


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What! Politics and spirituality!?! Duh? Hello. If you like freedom, democracy, have any sense of justice and fairness, and wish your children to have adequate food, shelter, energy, and medical care. Then being engaged with functional political-economic systems in that sense is excellent as one is either participating in oppression or tyranny on one hand, or on the other hand participating in alleviating injustice, oppression, and exploitation of self and others. If a person does not care about these issues, or would rather believe that autocratic forces, God, or trusted authorities will be taking care of these matters for one, then keep dreaming, wishing, and hoping. Good luck!

Politics, like it or not, pervades modern life. It is observed in the funding for war and the lack of funding for peace. In the amount of money allocated toward gulags and prisons, or on the other hand toward educational and economic opportunities for all. It can increase environmental toxins and disease, or it can limit and decrease such. It can ensure the free dissemination of information and data, or it can restrict it. It can foster policies of scarcity and competition, or on the other hand policies of abundance and cooperation.

Thus political-economic systems can be an amazing force for freedom, justice, peace, abundance, and creative fulfillment when not manipulated selfishly by greedy, selfish, and oppressive dark forces. Politics impacts people and other living beings in many ways. It can come down to the bombs falling over head and killing you or your loved ones (if you live in a war zone or soon to be one). Politics governs the quality of our air, water, food, energy, and healthcare. For human beings and their families (all of us0 its policies determine if you can use a quality library, find employment after fifty, be exposed to toxic pollutants and risk environmental disease, be sent off to fight in foreign invasions or not, be robbed by the government or be robbed by desperate "others", be jailed, tortured, beaten, or punished for your beliefs or dissent, etc.

Political policies have permeated all walks of daily life, unless one can find a perfectly isolated wilderness left alone in its pristine unexploited beauty or else attempt to view the heavens with telescopes and satellites all day long in ivory towers. It's not only difficult, but really impossible, to escape or deny, while money no longer promises to immunize one from this "reality". One may invest in expensive security guards, security systems, satellites, mercenaries, threats of torture and incarceration, escaping via spaceships, or attempt to buy tickets to heaven, but such ways of thinking only isolates one more, placing one in a very narrow self made prison of fear.

In short, many greedy self interest groups having their own agenda attempt to exploit people and resources, educational and health care institutions, regulatory institutions, government agencies, politicians, commerce, the environment, the financial institutions, and the economy incessantly for their narrow-minded agendas. Such political influences have to be recognized in order to rectify it. Ignoring it simply allows one to become unknowingly victimized and manipulated by it unconsciously harboring a delusion that one is somehow franchised as long as one goes along with the rules. That's an attitude held over from serfdom (read slavery). Worse it's an illusion. When serfs/slaves become worthless to the lords of greed, they are disposed of in an efficient manner. All human beings are subject to old age, sickness, and death and hence to the exploiter mentality, they have become useless.

In fact the manipulators and rulers would prefer that one did not participate in the political process (democracy), and hence the dark side of "politics" is thus promoted, discouraging people from becoming actively engaged for claiming responsibility for their future and future generations, righting injustice, creating a sustainable life supporting environment, and helping others to awaken to their innate creative fulfillment. In this latter sense political activity can be the road to social happiness and justice, abundance, sustainability, freedom, and spiritual fulfillment. For awakened , informed, and human beings who still have a living sense of justice (honoring the lifeforce within and without), political activity can be very empowering when regarded in this light. It can be the means to assure the happiness of our future great great grandchildren should we dare to broaden the scope of our vision and activities accordingly.

Authentic or real politics is essential to a democracy and a happy people. That does not mean power politics for power's sake like most of today's expedient (read deceptive and corrupt) politics has become today. Rather by real and authentic politics, it is meant a system where people have a say in governing themselves and changing their own future and destiny in the direction that is best for them and their children according to their own values, rather than to be governed by would be slave owners.

That sounds simple enough doesn't it, but I think that most Americans don't know the value of freedom (democracy) because they don't want to be bothered being informed. Democracy can't work without people being informed, of course. The same about the economy. It ain't complex either. Just because the "experts" say it is complicated and complex, it doesn't make it so. Real economic systems based on life affirming values are simply methods to efficiently expedite, distribute, and access water, food, energy, transportation, and medical care amongst a group of people. When that is accomplished expediently, then any time and resources left over is used for recreation, free time, creativity, and individual pursuits. If "free time" is becoming less available or vital resources/services dwindling, then that is a clear indicator that the economic system is not working and requires adjustment. In the end an authentic political-economic system is compassionate; i.e., it serves the needs of the people and future generations. That way we look forward to the morrow, free from worry, stress, or apprehension.

This kind of politics is reflected in wisdom, light, love, vision, abundance, justice, and ahimsa which is natural to an awakened heart. For those mired in darkness, fear, greed, selfishness, scarcity, and competition, they can not recognize it as such, rather they will project their own selfish motives upon "others" because that is what composes their own mindset or "world view" -- that. which is within their own minds and conveniently placate their egoic self deceit by imagining and imputing that love, compassion, justice, and altruism is its opposite; i.e., a disguise for jealousy and greed.

This article was originally written as an introduction to Rainbowbody's Healthy and Green Politics page, but it grew naturally as a seed into a flower of its own, and hence has been continued here. Here we will show that there is a direct interactive correspondence between man's institutionalized apparatus which externalizes and propagates ignorance and suffering through events, and the pre-existing institutionalization of ignorance and suffering that resides in the human psyche. We will show that there exists a direct correspondence between human behavior, activities, and hence the institutions that man creates as being direct results of human consciousness (a prior mindset) which is either lacking consciousness or is on the other hand informed and wise.

Consciousness or its lack shape and/or permit either abuse, exploitation, oppression, injury, and continued suffering to occur on one hand if it is unhealthy, sociopathic, pathological, dysfunctional, and perverted/corrupted; or on the other hand, consciousness can support healing, liberation, creativity, integrity, abundance, cooperation, peace, and happiness if it is healthy, functional, biosocial, based in the values inherent in the community of life, integrated, and wholistic; i.e., sane. The former relationship is what the psychiatrist, Erich Fromm, termed necrophilia (the love of death and destruction), while it is opposed by biophilia -- the love of life. Hence the social and political problems facing the human being are iatrogenic (self caused). The causal factors at their root are essentially psychological or spiritual, hence it is worthwhile to look into the reasons why this spiritual flowering and unfoldment has become stifled and repressed and in doing so we will uncover and identify institutions which serve to repress and inhibit critical, creative, and free thought.

For many humans who are partially awake these connections are obvious; i.e., that consciousness (and/or its lack) shapes man's behavior, institutions, and politics on one hand; while also that man's environment, culture, institutions, society, and experiences shape his/her consciousness as a simultaneously occurring or symbiotic two way street. Both are true, but neither is true exclusively.

For too many years this obvious connection between consciousness and behavior, between psychology and politics, between spirituality and political-economic systems, between psychology and socioeconomic, agricultural, ecological, and medical systems, etc., has been widely ignored and even purposively obfuscated by forces allied with ignorance and darkness -- with selfishness and greed. Such connections between sky and earth, spirit and nature, psyche and soma, consciousness and beingness have rarely been integrated (except in indigenous societies) of whom have been under attack especially in the West for 2000 years. Thus a widespread but artificially created pre-existing problem has been that consciousness expansion, spirituality, and the so called human potential movement has heretofore been poorly linked to social and political activities. Such a separation on a daily basis has artificially reinforced a needless spiritual rift (dematerialization) between so called earth/body positive"spirituality" and social activism whose schism unfortunately and dysfunctionally continues to erode human progress and happiness while creating needless suffering. The task is obvious. An authentic living spirituality must be embodied and allowed to manifest in daily life. Such must be part of a sane and healthy way of integrity which honors life and creativity which we will discuss in more detail later on.

This connection between consciousness and politics -- or rather between political action inside an overall spiritual context which honors our connection and co-creative interdependence with life support systems (Systems that support life) by honoring the greater community which upholds it and from which it has sprung, requires acknowledgement at a fundamental level of "self" as a part of (not apart from) the evolutionary power of creation. The connections between our persona and our environment should be obvious to anyone who has learned critical and creative thinking; but modern day urban institutionalized propaganda and rigid institutionalized ideology will refuse to link the two. Rather such self serving institutions serves to obviate them in an attempt to fragment human beings from the source of their innate power and goodness.

The "Good" News is that this acknowledgement of this symbiotic relationship between consciousness and beingness (our actual experience) empowers us while allowing and enabling sentient beings who have been awakened to change the future positively through skillful loving wise action. The bad news is that there exists self interested institutionalized forces afoot on the planet with greedy agendas and well funded strategies, who do not wish humans to wake up and bridge this gap, because such is judged as a threat to their perceived "advantage" (their perverse identification with the status quo in terms of their comparative advantage, security, greed, self image and thus is associated with mental fear, pain, and feeling of lack of self worth). Those who are awake and in the light and who are propagating wisdom and compassion are still in a minority. Similarly those who are consciously promoting ignorance, destruction, darkness, greed, control, and egoic power over others selfishly are also in the minority. The majority are sleepy people who see only a faint shadow or hollow phantom of what they are missing/craving or fearing, thus they become easy victims, slaves, and purveyors of a neurotic consumer oriented society and political machine which pursues ersatz consumables and vague symbolic representation as substitute compensation for the basic displacement/rend from being a vital conscious participant of the dynamic evolutionary and creative force. In that way willing consumers become accomplices in perpetuating their own state of need and anguish, which can not fulfil (except in over indulgent orgies of excess (such as over eating, drug abuse, alcohol addiction, other avenues of insatiable greed, until they become sick, recognize their folly, and desire to wake up and become free. Currently this neurotic consumer driven malaise (driven by insatiable greed) is a major factor in ruining the ecosystems of the planet.

With this compensatory neurotic apparatus reinforced, when one has become so invested and convinced, it then becomes more difficult for the average consumer to let go of their ersatz compensatory opiate/pabulum and addictions. However "kicking that habit" (renunciation of neurotic compensatory consumerism) is a powerful first step which supports further realization of their innate dormant higher potential -- the aforementioned healthy wholistic natural state of vital integrity which was lost sight of before the psychological conditioning, negative programming, perversion and corruption of one's psyche/consciousness became dominant. Worse people so addicted and dependent upon such false identifications will cling to and defend it; i.e., their egoic self image (pride) which is rooted in separation and isolation, will feel threatened by paradigms which expose or reveal its contradiction. That is because this false identification has succeeded in becoming familiar known territory and predictable, thus one chronically mistakes safety and well being with predictability. Thus they will tend to resist their own liberation from their own self imposed bondage to addiction because of a fear of unpredictability or change. Change will appear threatening instead of liberating.

Even worse they will tend to hide and deny their consumer addictions through defending and glorifying it in a self defensive/aggressive pride especially through psychopathological methods of demonizing their perceived detractors which is really the externalization of their own inner conflict and demons. These are psychological resistances and armoring of the ego which manifest when people who identify with their beliefs about themselves and "the world", but who have not yet looked at the mechanism on how those beliefs have become assumed. They have not learned how to question those assumptions and trust their own innate critical thought processes. Indeed even questioning their beliefs appears to such as a personal threat rather than as an opportunity to self liberate and expand. One way that human beings change is by suffering; i.e., when there is nothing more to lose, then they will more easily rebel. However such solutions based on scarcity and desire, wind up in the long run repeating the scenario of scarcity until this great lesson is learned; i.e., that we are all one big family -- that the quality, richness, and depth of life is not found in the individual's accumulation of more things and their protection/maintenance. The more things humans need and own are signs of discontent and spiritual displacement. They are signs of how much they crave, need, and are unhappy.

Thus the remedial mechanism for the political milieu will be shown to be a spiritual/psychological mechanism of waking up, of regaining our inherent integrity, wholeness, spiritual health, sense of justice, sensitivity to the life force, and increased consciousness which was perverted/co-opted through negative programming. This will be shown as being the same process as throwing off the impure thoughts, false beliefs, propaganda, and illusions of fragment identifications as a clearing of the contraction of the heart, because as the sky clears the clouds go away -- the sun shines through without complicated contrivation and fabricated rationalization.

People who honor love, do not kill, hate, rob, exploit, harm or oppress others. Peaceful minds, honor peace -- they make peace. Inner peace comes from a deep realization of who we truly are -- where the inner demons of the corruptive HeartMind have become conquered. Inner peace is a result of realizing who we are in completion -- as eternal unrequited love. Here there is no room for hatred or fear, only love, joy, fulfillment, compassion, comfort, and light. People who know fulfillment and joy are neither insatiable nor insecure. Successful people no longer incessantly strive, but rather they engender peace and fullness. Loving people make love, rather than hate, murder, or war. One who has found love, values and honors love, peace, and abundance attempts to enhance it. Such a person is motivated by such stirrings deeply from their core. As such peace is not passivity, but active -- it is the activity of love. Such people would not honor systems that create scarcity, competition, stealing from others, comparative advantage, war, or strife. Similarly, people whose HeartMind have become clarified and open love and honor freedom and do not enslave, oppress, nor support totalitarian police states. Rather they become engaged in wise activities which liberate, remove suffering, heal, and celebrate a life wedded in Great Spirit -- their actions acknowledge and honor the sacred in All Our Relations.

In identifying the causes of oppression and suffering we thus have to avoid obsessing "about" the negative (hate, greed, fear, and selfishness) of our fellow humanss especially so when we live in a materialistic, competitive, militaristic, capitalist, gulag society. This is not to say that one should turn away and ignore the oppression, exploitation, and lies while leaving them unacknowledged. However it will do no effective spiritual good to simply condemn it in outrage; or on the other hand glorify the perfection of love as a spiritual process on the other hand. The t the authentic challenge is in bringing the love, light, truth, happiness, kindness, justice, and joy through where it is absent -- grounding and manifesting spirit in everyday life -- embodying love and spirit in integrity here upon the earth as in "thy kingdom come -- thy will be done, here on earth as in heaven". This is the spiritual work of cleansing the HeartMind detailed elsewhere on; however here we address the activities of the Heart versus activities of men whose hearts are occluded. Framed in this way, it is not a condemnation of others but an inquiry how humans have arrived at precipices of strife and dysfunction, and as such teaches the lesson of history, how we can learn not to repeat such errors of learning the hard way -- through more pain and suffering -- until wisdom dawns!

Processes based on love, compassion, ahimsa, justice, and peace do not encourage nor reward suffering, comparative advantage, greed, jealousy, adversity, hatred, fear, competition, strife, and more confusion. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out, but it does require a healthy mind and a good heart. It requires some degree of sensitivity, awareness, and sanity as well. It is taken as a given (a priori) that people collectively moved by transpersonal universal love are capable of moving mountains -- that when we act motivated by the universal non-dual Source (Great Integrity) acting in alignment and harmony with the natural joy of spirit, healing, abundance, wealth, peace, then true happiness manifests. This basic assumption of a natural altruistic ambition forms a most powerful momentum of its own. It opposes the perverse idea that man must be motivated by the whip, by scarcity, conflict, competition, fear, intimidation, greed, threat, or negative ambition.

Hence we return to the first paragraph:

"Through Universal Altruism we develop a feeling of true responsibility toward others; the wish to help all actively over come our problems".The Dalai Lama of Tibet

We have said that freedom has a price. In a democracy it is called, responsibility. Freedom does not mean to give up that responsibility to crooks or tyrants. That responsibility is not discharged by simply voting (giving consent). First a true democrat (one who values democracy) has to value freedom which requires becoming informed and free of the propaganda. That requires a critical and creative thought process -- a mindset that values truth over lies as well as free access to information. So the responsibility is to be informed while at the same time throwing off the propaganda of belief systems which desire to manipulate your mind (and hence manipulate you as their servants/slaves). Then one can act responsibly and effectively in helping self and others. That can move us into a happier, more just, and spiritual situation.

To sum up so far, mankind's long history of war, murder, plunder, exploitation, violence, rapaciousness, and suffering thus is not a natural phenomena (although normal) at all, but rather is a perversion and corruption, a fragmentation, a falling away from innate integration, from All Our Relations. It is fundamentally unnatural and anti-nature. It is egoic, arrogant, and based on the delusion that human can be separate and independent from nature and primordial wisdom -- from the Big Family. As such it is merely a symptom of man acting out from his spiritual malaise -- his alienated or out of attunement/alignment with the wholeness of creation/creator. Simply put all abuses, injury, oppression, and suffering that man brings upon himself is due to a basic spiritual pollution and spiritual self alienation -- a primal rift or separation -- the false identification of the self limitation imposed by the small self (ego) who arrogantly imagines himself to be independent-- a lack of "Self" understanding which has become institutionalized, an institutionalized and programmed barrier, obstruction, or impurity which has stained and occluded his HeartMind.

Here again we can divide/reduce this situation into two directions -- the direction toward Self Integrity -- the Great Binding (mahavratam) of yoga or All Our Relations-- which we will call the altruistic motive power -the pure ambition of a peace warrior, Bodhisattvas, or Christos) -- of non-dual transpersonal Love -- the power of the Great binding and Final Great Gathering. On the other hand, the aversion to this integration is a fragmentation and corruption by definition called the way of dissolution, spiritual self alienation, and false identification with a separate self or ego. This latter addiction or rather enslavement of is the neurotic or compensatory desire (motif) which contains hatred, fear, compensatory cravings and all the other secondary resultant spin offs such as greed, jealousy, competitiveness, malevolence -- all the manifold vagaries of humanity's many afflictions and oppressions. It is in the latter that the Heart has become chronically contracted and where one has lapsed into chronic forgetfulness -- "dis-memberance" -- fragmentation, alienation, corruption, and perversion. It is there in this stage where mankind has formed its pact with "sin" and corruption, where he harbors his own demons which haunt him, and which is calling for a cleansing -- where the Heart is deeply calling out to him to open up.

Simply put the expression of eternal Love and Joy -- of All Our Relations -- opposes exploitation, abuse, harm, oppression, exploitation, suffering, and killing of others -- thus it supports freedom, well being, and peace. Further it supports abundance, life, and healing. Pure air, pure water, low crime, non-toxic environment, low crime rates, less needs for armaments, less prisons, more attention to an empowering educational system, healthy agricultural policies, cleaner air and water, non-oppressive governments, more abundance, etc. All these effects and manifestations follow naturally from a common health motif and cause. These are natural consequences of Love and happiness. They appear to be "wise" or at least sane.


The Dysfunctional/Disempowering Mechanism of Externalization, Authoritarian/Totalitarian States, Demagoguery, and the Politics of Blame is the Result of Abandoning Self Responsibility: Freedom can only occur when we are willing and able to take "self" responsibility.

On the other hand, when confusion, selfishness, hate, fear, jealousy, and greed dominate people's hearts -- when the Heart has become contracted, contaminated, or oppressed -- then we see the manifestations of dissatisfaction, greed, selfishness, competition, strife, hatred, envy, fear, jealousy, in over consumption, rape, war, crime, murder, theft, deception, prejudice, bigotry, abuse, waste, pollution, slavery, suffering, and the like. In this occluded, confused, and sleepy state, hate and fear -- or rather paranoia, insecurity, and greed rules and thus one's activities, behavior and politics becomes correspondingly occluded, dark, perverse, corrupt -- what is commonly called evil. Extrapolating this illusion further then, externalized "enemies" are created as if some one else or some external group was perpetuating this evil upon us and thus a scapegoat, an objectified enemy, evil, or object of hatred and blame external to "self" is manufactured. This simpleminded approach is attractive to those seeking quick and simple answers and find it difficult to think because they have been given no tools to investigate their inner demons or conflicts -- because they have been separated from their inner spiritual authenticity and authority -- from living spirit. Thus an externalized/objectified enemy serves the neurotic purpose of directing their fear and confusion into hatred and pride, because they are at once absolved from any responsibility and at the same time their frustration, grief, and anger are sublimated (discharged and relieved albeit temporarily) toward an external object. Thus in psychic terms a temporary catharsis is created and the neuroses, guilt, pain, trauma, fear, and self hatred appears temporarily relieved by objectifying a surrogate enemy or demon.

This neurotic mechanism is more easily manipulated en mass through group illusions (creating consensus support for the illusion) as in an objectified enemy external to the group, ethnic identity, religious identity, state, or national identity, as in war. This serves the same temporary release/discharge of anxiety (fear, hate, guilt) for the neurotic again relieving self responsibility, self hatred, guilt, anger, and grief. If the enemy is associated with "evil", then the enemy of evil becomes absolved as "good". Although simpleminded this childish transference has occurred for thousands of years where demagogues have manipulated people's fears, prejudices, confusion, anger, and guilt, even to the point cooperation with their own oppression and genocide. Here a figure of authority becomes the mediator (be it king, father, fuehrer, president, priest, or pundit). This same neurotic mechanism can be invoked pointing the finger toward an internal "security" threat by a demagogue creating a totalitarian police state where no one is trusted, no individual freedoms are allowed, where critical thought and creative thought are seen as threats, where the threat of "an externalized, ubiquitous, insidious, and omni-present enemy" is amplified -- where people cower in fear and terror (and not coincidentally where fear and terror are self perpetuating). Although authoritarianism will inflate and attempt to propagate and hide behind the appearance of virtue, there can be no mistaking totalitarianism no matter how cute the mask as anything other than institutionalized slavery -- it thrives on fear, paranoia, neuroses, hatred, prejudice, suffering, and ignorance.

Here we will link together the fact that world peace and true security comes from peaceful and psychologic/spiritually secure people, rather than from insecure people; i.e., a domestic or international "security" problem is the result of psychological/spiritual insecurity; i.e., insecure people. To root out this "security" problem must include why and how people feel insecure in the first place; i.e., what are the cause and effect factors involved. Only then can the insecurity be successfully approached and remediated. Those who advocate war are themselves at war inside of themselves. Those who see the demons everywhere are obsessed/possessed with inner demons -- which we need to exorcise. They live in a shadow world which begs for illumination and it is up to us (even though we may feel oppressed by "them" to rise above our own grief and suffering to increasingly learn how to share the light. Only together will WE walk into the Heart of Hearts -- no other.

Here we will see that greed, jealousy, pride, hatred, and fear all come from a spiritual lack and more basic insecurity stemming from a spiritual estrangement from "Self" -- a primary sickness -- a separation from "All Our Relations". As a matter of fact all human made problems emanating from our any of our activities or institutions of so called education (which turns our children into parrots), a profit motivated disease care system (where disease pays), environmental protection (where pollution and poisons are justified), agriculture (where scarcity, starvation, and poisoning the soil, water, air, animals and people are promoted ), energy policies (where global warming, acid rain, ozone holes, and ecological destruction are promoted), and where war, crime, homelessness, disparity, inequality, scarcity, and genocide are daily promoted -- all of such are unhealthy and reflect unhealthy souls -- are a reflection of a pre-existing inner predilection and dynamic; i.e., they are all part of mankind's spiritual malaise/trauma -- the split from Self in All Our Relations. The institutionalization of this trauma has for too long governed the price of bread, the quality of our air and water, war or peace, feast or famine -- this type of government policy of course is dysfunctional and unhealthy -- it lacks joy and heart. Instead of celebrating life, it demeans it and as such it creates more self hatred and alienation. It is not due to poor leadership, but rather the willingness of the people to be misled -- to not to think for themselves and thus to not take responsibility. Vampires and parasites do not thrive unless there is carrion for them to feed upon.

We will show that every aspect of mankind's sociopolitical structures are a direct result of his alignment with Source -- his embodiment of love and happiness on one hand, or on the other to the lack thereto. Either man integrates his Creative Loving potential into daily life -- in harmony with Creation or he will suffer accordingly. Here we will show thus that not only irrelevant sociopolitical structures and modalities (both domestic and foreign) are affected, but rather our daily life in terms of the air we breathe, the cost of our food, how much we work; i.e., in terms of basic agricultural policies, health care policies, education policies, environmental policies, and the like all are concomitant as a cultural reflection of man's persona -- his identification and alignment with Source (creator) and Substance (Creation) or else his separation or corruption from it -- its absence. It is in this sacred field which living spirit plays the dominant role in our daily institutions which today is severely lacking because it governs our daily quality of life. This situation requires mankind's attention acknowledgement, consciousness, and embrace. As such it is a inner spiritual process first because before man can see the love and manifest it, he first has to experience it. Merely reading about it will not suffice.

In this light then any economic system can be evaluated in the light of this field -- of how well it brings forth abundance, love, peace, well being, health, self empowerment of its citizens, freedom, and happiness. Thus healthy food, health care, agricultural policies, work safety, environmental health, eco-systems, education, social security are all very much inter-related. It does not take much thought to link the facts that clean air, clean water, and clean food are necessary and vital to any economy that those who would justify poisoned air, toxic water, and cancerous food products are themselves toxic, poisonous, corrupt and polluted -- their minds and bodies have become corrupted; just as much those who religiously advocate competition, strife, scarcity, wars, prisons, exploitation of natural resources and people as "necessary" motivation. Indeed it does not require much thought at all to see that removing violence and harm to all beings as a motif and ambition will effect a higher quality of life, less waste, and more pro-active policies all bringing more abundance. The reason that such a motif has not been adopted is not so much that the greedy and powerful status quo parasitical vampires wish to keep their advantage in terms of increased status, wealth, and power (simply read fear, insecurity, attachment, and greed) and will stop at no deceit or abuse to keep such, but rather it is because that not enough loving and wise people have awoke -- have refused to become the symbionts for their own oppression.

Thus it should be clear that the way of the open and clear heart playing in the sacred field of love, well being, joy, and fulfillment differs greatly from that of the constricted heart anguishing in the bitter depths of desire, greed, paranoia, fear, disparity, greed, and competition. We will see how the former healthy spiritual perspective clashes with the latter and show their differing veins which run through the rungs of history in a psycho-history, spiritual history, or new "science" (if you will) of poli-psy or poli-spirituality.



Earth aligned spirituality merges with earth positive politics, green politics, innate indigenous politics, and the power, love, and intelligence to liberate all beings, liberating creativity, abundance, and our highest potential leading to our completeness, wholeness, and fulfillment -- quenching neurotic desire completely. This is a natural uncontrived and spontaneous potential which for the common man still remains vastly untapped/dormant who through negative disempowering conditioning/programming the common man denies himself. When the power to change our life for the better, to remove ills, and to help those that we love is liberated -- a very strong motive power is unleashed and awakened -- great joy and evolutionary power is allowed to come forth into life -- freedom, flow, and creativity, peace, and deep gratitude (mahalo) are some of its rich and variegated results.

In Hawaiian, ohana means, we are all family -- each and every one of us including the the birds, trees, waters, winds, -- all of creation. This is who we really are -- All Our Relations bound together in an interconnected whole (in yoga). HERE is completion and fulfillment there exists the end of angst, fear, hatred, and need -- in continuity as in the great never-ending -- as it always has been, will be, and is. Aloha means that we welcome you HERE/HOME- We acknowledge you HERE -- WE ALL LIVE HERE at home with Spirit and Nature as an all inclusive Reality --lacking nothing. Aloha is spirit spontaneously acknowledging spirit -- expressing itself as sacred presence -- in love and peace. It is!

For those who do not know "THAT" from their hearts, then by definition they are in diaspora, exile from the garden, residing in discord, trauma, conflict, pain, and suffering. For those who are so lost in ersatz symbolic materialism, we dedicate this healing.



Part I - The Heart and (k)Not


The Empowering Need to Demystify Politics

Politics affects us every day and our very survival is dependent upon it.

The residues of power mongering politics affects us negatively, while the politics based upon the innate power of consciousness affects us positively. Prices of food, utilities, shelter, and medical care are directly affected by political decisions. Whether or not our air is toxic and water poisonous is also due to political action or its lack. So too is war and peace. Political action is not rooted in some logically constructed philosophy, book, nor is it the province of some elite caste. Positive social or group action came even before man walked the earth. A woman can give birth, raise a child into adulthood, and lose that child in an instant due to murder, war, rape, or excessive greed. To take positive preventative action is political action. A family can build a house and farm the land in an isolated valley, but one day a war plane comes and drops a bomb destroying everything and everyone. To take positive preventative action is political action. We can work all our life in a well meaning local project, only to see it wiped out completely through the ravages of war, revolution, gang warfare, or economic collapse. Of course natural disasters may not be easy to prevent, but man-made catastrophe is precisely that -- under OUR control. To avoid this fact is to accept slavery and exploitation. On the other hand, when the vision of the heart is acted upon, a creative era of co-creation, celebration, peace, and happiness will arise. This is the Rainbow Vision that is kept alive by the people of Integrity -- the Ongwhehonwhe.

If our vision is kinship with All Our Relations -- Ohana ho, then our communion is with removing harm from our lives and from our kin as well. What a beautiful life that would be when people act from their hearts in All Our Relations! Emaho!

To eliminate harm and the cause of harm -- that is our co-creative dance! It will take strong and fiercely dedicated people to see it through -- constant re-memberance -- a joyful and strong heart. That is the Beauty Way! Ho! Can you see it and keep it in your hearts All the Time in All Our Relations?

Mahatma Gandhi called this, ahimsa removing harm and injury. He had great strength, but he carried his rainbow vision to the end. Our joyful task however similar is different; but it requires similar strength of vision.

In order to achieve freedom and avoid exploitation and oppression, it is vital that the word, politics, nor longer be demeaned nor mystified, rather it is the province of the free human. It should not be painted as being complicated or unobtainable. Rather politics in it's original meaning is simply how we shape our own future together with others -- how we become free to make a better future and destiny together. Politics as such should not be demeaned without demeaning mankind's ability (freedom) to shape our collective manifest destiny. In our dualistic society spiritual freedom has been heretofore separated from individual and collective freedom, i.e., spiritual liberation is often defined as how far removed we can become from the earth and temporal reality, while individual freedoms have been defined as those granted by governments and society. Especially in recent times the common thread to these two types of freedom have been left unconnected. HERE we will bridge them.

Politics in this sense is acting together in community for the common good -- for OUR collective benefit where we all profit, thus it is a simple and vital everyday idea accessible even to the illiterate. Authentic politics can not be successfully reduced as a philosophy, intellectual concept, an abstraction or arcane idea, but rather as a practical, vital, grass roots, and functional way of life that increases the availability of abundance -- food, shelter, water, air, and energy and decreases our strife, conflict, impediments, wars, stress, and dis-ease. Politics (from the Greek word, politcos) means the art or science of government. In the context of "self" government, it is the way free people govern themselves and are able to change their destiny, resolving conflicts, remedying their ills, actualizing a sense of fairness and justice, and realizing their dreams and collective evolutionary vision. With the ability to change our future lives for the better, people look forward to the new dawn. Without it, a significant sense of meaning, purpose, self worth, and enthusiasm becomes denigrated -- inhibition, frustration, repression, anger, resentment, self hatred, self denigration, and guilt become common. People who do not govern themselves (but are rather governed externally) are by definition not free -- they are slaves. This predicament predictably weighs heavily upon man's psychology, while strongly influencing behavioral choices. Such people are ripe fruit for demagogues, self righteousness, intolerance, prophets of gratuitous pride, panderers of nationalistic pride, racism, sexism, chauvinism, and all similar pathological compensatory self gratification where one's need for self worth is satisfied through the comparative process of demeaning/demonizing others.

The word, politics, which we will define in the above mentioned sacred field of an intrinsic freedom is a necessary vehicle for the removal of exploitation, tyranny, and suppression, or rather, proactively for the empowerment of our collective vision in order to celebrate our highest potential in celebratory fulfillment, in peace, in healing, and in love. Although it may be seductive to "assume" that Ma and Pa, God, the King, or authority is going to take responsibility for us in this matter; realistically there is no substitute for responsibility in the matter of the Heart -- and no better reward or joy.

For our community and culture to thrive, so that fear, war, and violence be removed -- so that life, the creative spirit, and creativity flourishes; it is vital that our people no longer wander intimidated and devoid of hope, self confidence, or a feeling of their ability to change their present situation, fate, or destiny (the latter feeling is one which a slave accommodates). It is not healthy that our vision be deferred or expropriated for any longer. Thus the above functional definition of politics is the practical "antidote" for the removal of hopelessness, despair, nihilism, and confusion which leads back to self empowerment, alertness, and honoring life (one's own as well as others). It eliminates scarcity, fear, self hatred, anger, strife, dullness, and grief (and all the other remnants of the great trauma and rend).

For this to come about -- to become and manifest -- there is a requisite consciousness and healing (a great binding or mahavratam) that must be realized. HERE we can see how that is not only a harsh upbringing and programming that negatively affects our consciousness and resultant state of armor, tension, and stress, but also on the other hand how consciousness and openness will affect our behavior and actions (political and other). It is through this conscious healing impetus that the collective liberation will be realized. But the former fact of institutionalized corruptive programming (which feed negative biofeedback loops) is not lost to demagogues, charismatic leaders, despots, and rulers, but rather these negative impulses are manipulated by them. They are made possible only through the ingrained imprints and prior programming (samskaras) of ignorant psycho-physical neurotic patterns (vasana) of those victims who uphold and are addicted to their own compulsions of obsequious subjectivity and exploitation (subjugated as it were to their own reactive patterns of habituated ignorance, confusion, false beliefs, bias, narrow mindedness, prejudice, greed, and fear). Thus we will introduce the modality of poli-psy or poli-spir (versus poli-sci) as the study of the psychology and spirituality of politics and the politics of psychological/religious systems.

Those alienated, corrupted, and wayward people who want to take away what is left of our political rights, abilities, and responsibilities (notice I do not say political privileges) conveniently declare themselves unaccountable (like the kings and priests of old). Today in the modern morass of confusion, contradiction, duality, conflict, fear, and greed, they have achieved a high rate of success at demeaning politics, having convinced the average man that politics is "bad", impossibly complex and/or that the common uneducated man is inadequate or incapable at understanding it. This of course purposely creates widespread apathy (which has already occurred) or further obsequiousness. Hence the representatives of this school misrepresent politics in a derogatory, unattractive, and distasteful corrupt context of further strife, conflict, and brutality, i.e., as nasty business -- as power politics, manipulation, power mongering, power and control over others, selfish influence, selfish activity, and the like - as a hard job. Indeed those who are attracted to this type of politics are simply lusting after power and/or are drunk with personal ambition and greedy for power over others, comparative advantage, or fame. They have demeaned the true meaning of the word, "politics", to their own political advantage.

This has become accomplished by selfish, greedy, and narrow minded power mongers (and their lackeys) utilizing clever, artful, and dishonest methods of mass manipulation of consciousness (through modern techniques of mind manipulation and propaganda) which today is often euphemistically called marketing, public relations, advertising, and/or even industrial engineering. It is extremely well organized and heavily funded by those who are determined to maximize their exploitation of natural resources and human labor to their own selfish advantage. In order to accomplish their goals they use the media to cover up their actions, create high drama, while furthering a sophisticated guile by painting a self flattering and self serving (and gratifying) "image" while demonizing the that which threatens their illusion (sacred cows). So we see that this latter corrupted (although common) definition of the word, politics, is not at all what follows.

"WE" are all in this together -- those who have realized OHANA -- the Reality of All Our Relations -- who have tasted authenticity and integrity -- WE must continue to smile and have patience -- touch our brothers and sisters -- we must remain strong with the joy and peace of Spirit and All Our Relations. We will also propagate the usage of the first and original uncorrupted and altruistic noble definition of politics, rather than the insidious modern and perverted definitions framed in the dualistic neurotic assumptions and forked mind set (belief system) of man's alien relationship with nature, the earth, the body, and other forms of life and creation -- his milieu of estrangement, separateness, and selfishness -- as evidenced in methods of neurotic ersatz compensatory mechanisms of manipulation, comparative advantage, insecurity and paranoia, competition, and excessive need to dominate, influence, and establish control over assumed "competitors" (much of which are accompanied with a requisite amount of dishonesty). We can see how these two forces in human affairs can be seen operating in human affairs all the time. On one hand we will clearly reveal the force of the politics of love, abundance, peace, consciousness, OHANA, and emancipation; while on the other hand, the politics of estrangement, Diaspora, adversity, aversion, domination, and scarcity -- the actions and schemes of a closed and frightened HeartMind will be disclosed. The former embraces life and honors freedom; while the latter is afraid of life and rewards sacrifice and slave masters.

Thus we can now affirm that the spiritual politics of freedom may be further defined as a method or system of self government which sustains and maintains freedom of expression, creative spirit -- as the manifestation and embodiment that reflects eternal love -- which allows the expression of peace and creative abundance to thrive (the fulfillment of our deepest co-creative potential and expressions in indigenous space -- while living ). HERE life is good and satisfying, while strife and frustration are minimized. In this light, politics is not at all a demeaning activity, but a natural joyful expression. In this context, power is sought not as an end in itself, but as an ability to make change, to effect more freedom for all citizens, to enhance life and to liberate us from suffering, oppression, abuse, grief, anger, and sadness -- this is self empowering. In fact a government that aims at serving the best interests of its people, empowers them, rather than fears, represses, limits, or enslaves them.

So to establish a clear context in which to proceed, we have defined two types of politics,

<1) Selfish corrupt politics (politics based on comparative advantage that just benefits one individual, a small group, the few over the many, or at the expense of the majority) is based on parasitic exploitation, fear, confusion, manipulation, and scarcity. This is the power over some one or some thing, the selfish expression of comparative advantage, exploitation, domination, scarcity, aversion, and oppression. This is the type of politics that tries to solve human problems with threat, fear, war, prisons, punishment, control, force, greed, and the compensatory rewards of status and/or comparative advantage. It reflects a specific and definite mindset and belief system -- a state of consciousness or rather its lack.

Since our very life is dependent upon an ecological interactive integrity, the demeaning of earth's life support system or of the planet's ecosystem and bio-system is also defined as a detriment to the majority. So widespread symptoms of selfish politics is a sure indicator of a corrupt government that is not promoting the liberation of its citizens, but rather a government which is catering to endless ersatz, compensatory, and symbolic gratification (for example as unalloyed consumerism). This is the politics of a contracted Heart, the unhealthy HeartMind -- of one who has become estranged and corrupted from the living spirit, from their inner wisdom, the great richness of the transpersonal Self, from inner peace, security, wellness, and joy, from the enjoyment of a natural esthetics, from the inspired wellsprings of creator/creation which create sympathetic resonance and joy with All Our Relations. /P>

2) So in this regard we have expanded our definition of functional and authentic politics as being in the opposite arena (of #1 above) pointing out a politics of consciousness, abundance, and spontaneous expression of love -- a way of life that bridges the chasm of trauma itself -- of estrangement from spirit -- of dualistic "thinking" and alienation altogether. Such activities bring us to a strong peace. It comes from the core/heart context where all things are bound together inherently -- Earth and Sky and as such it gives birth to a spontaneous and natural indigenous, benign, and authentic expression which manifests in the political arena in behavior which supports socioeconomic abundance, which makes health care more accessible to all, which promotes a healthy environment, which promotes a future of greater abundance, whose educational systems empower the natural awe and curiosity of the young inquiring mind in ways where inspiration and enthusiasm for learning is catalyzed, where manmade institutions are benign and support life, creativity, and evolution i.e., they are body positive, nature positive, life positive, peace positive -- truly satisfying and fulfilling.

Instead of existing in the narrow paranoiac plane of separateness, limitation, scarcity, strife, need, and fear where selfish, greedy, power mongers compete and strive for self advantage and control; rather we have pointed out a healthy empowering transpersonal political system as one which is based on love and altruism, i.e., in a non-dual transpersonal sense embracing the "truth" of All Our Relations -- an unselfish regard for "self as other" or rather as a dedication and devotion to the welfare of others in recognition that we all benefit mutually through natural cooperation. Such a system is non-conceptual -- it is based on nature's instantaneous intelligent spirit and love.

Indeed nature has variegated species whose survival are based on "intra" as well as inter-species social cooperation and community (deer, bees, ants, chimps, etc.) so this should not be considered to be at all a foreign or unusual situation. That this idea may seem "strange" speaks to the bias of the present day educational system which is skewed toward the persuading the young to conform to the nihilistic and cynical values of scarcity, competition, war, habitual insecurity, adversity, conflict, stress, anxiety, violence, and strife. They can have it! At the heart of this latter dysfunctional way of strife is a spiritual insecurity. It is our hope that natural, indigenous, peace making, cooperate and functional spiritual politics will one day become the norm ion teh United States. That political, social, economic, agricultural, educational, and health structures will foundationally serve to enhance the quality of life and serve to reveal the flowering of the beauty way -- a fulfilling life of harmony and balance. Those who have no experiemce or memory of love, beauty, peace, and happiness will no doubt have no idea what this is about. They are condemned to chronic and habitual unhappijness and strife seeking fulfillment is neurotic ways.

In the following pages we will expand upon what is meant by functional, peace making, healthy, life affirming, and liberating politics and also at the same time expand on what is meant by "self" i.e., how do we define our "self" in relation to all -- All Our Relations -- to our extended family -- OHANA.

The War of Consciousness or its Lack: Heart or No Heart

>Although it commonly presented as being disparate, consciousness is indeed political -- waking up is political. Keeping people asleep, disempowered, and making happy slaves is the business of the manipulator and oppressor. Successful oppressors/exploiters attempt to make the victim a willing and even enthusiastic accomplice. Popular politics most often is designed to shape people's consciousness -- too often to dissuade, manipulate, convince -- to fool, dumb us down, put us to sleep, assuage us, divert, disempower, marginalize, and confuse us. That is not a functional or spiritual role of political action based on the integration of Creator/Creation. Thus on the other hand, raising consciousness and exposing lies, hypocrisy, deceit, and illusion is certainly the province of consciousness expansion. Consciousness, clarity, and empowerment in turn has a strong influence on political, social, and economic structures and institutions. Consciousness and its resultant conscious institutions then reveal and honor the underlying sacred indigenous reality of the heart on one hand; while it's perversion/modification serves to obfuscate, hide, demean, and ignore it.

Thus we reiterate the war of the two opposing paradigms (forces/motifs/motives) afoot within our modern world that are fighting to define politics and consciousness. One which is based on fragmentation, corruption, dualism, confusion, insecurity, separateness, conflict, aversion, scarcity, adversity, competition, war, force, intimidation, and paranoia which is dominated by fear, lust, greed, power, insecurity, and institutions of comparative and selfish advantage; while the other force is based on integrity, a sense of deep inter-connected belonging to a greater whole (call it God or Love)-- of a sacred and intimate presence -- earth "present" spirituality-- the spirit of "place" and space while even acknowledging its scarcity or absence affirms its presence -- which honors and affirms an intimate communion of a living divine presence -- a feeling of having arrived HOME, of indigenous space, of "All Our Relations". In short, the latter is based on a beautiful spontaneous expression of life in the openness of the heart, honesty, justice, truth, trust, celebration of life, honoring life -- it is the way of unconditional love -- of wisdom. It's motivation is to engender life, consciousness, abundance, health, and well being, not to exploit or demean it. This latter way is worth all the effort -- in fact when found within it is a Source of great positive enthusiasm superceding ordinary conceptions of "hope" or optimism. As such it is the Collective Vision or dream of the Sacred Garden, Field, or Park.

So the two paradigms are clearly oppositional by definition (the latter includes the former being all inclusive, integrated, and whole). This opposition forms the basis of the modern culture wars. The former is the way of a contracted Heart -- the way of injury and disease -- strife and conflict -- corrupted and alien; while the latter is the way of the Heart -- the Way of Love -- Full and Open -- harmonious and uncontrived -- Full of peace and Joy -- of All Our Relations!

In the former we are told that scarcity, competition, strife, comparative advantage, selfishness, fear, greed, and aversion is the motivating value; but in the latter the motive power that is embraced is love, healing, well being, and peace. In the former one brings in and magnifies the fear and darkness for that is the over riding concern, focus, and motive, while in the latter one increasingly focuses on love, on the absolute motive power behind all of creation, on well being, peace, unoccluded consciousness, and true happiness. This is the dominant spiritual intent, motive, passion, and desire of those who have embraced love and wisdom -- of the ONGWHEHONWHE.

America is engaged in a cultural war, make no mistake about it. It is on one hand the culture of greed, power, lies, and fear against the culture of peace, loving kindness, honesty, and naked authenticity.

On November 19, 2003 the President of the "greatest" prison gulag society and military power on earth said:

Bush asserted; "that there are times, as with Saddam Hussein in Iraq, when the violent restraint of violent men is justified. In some cases, the measured use of force is all that protects us from a chaotic world ruled by force," he said.

( Bush: Europe Should Help Rebuild Iraq by TOM RAUM, Associated Press Writer)


Political Psychology is not New: Madison Avenue Markets Politicians and Social Policies

The paradigm (or culture) wars have been going on for many years. Each view represents values or lack thereof. Any paradigm that threatens the status quo's security, perception, propaganda, dogma, delusions, arrogance, compensatory pride, or neurotic mechanisms of compensatory self gratification, greed, or jealousy in any form that may appear to threaten their sense of self, self deceit, delusion, conceit, arrogance, pride, false identification, comparative advantage, privilege, power, authority, or in general "security" will be seen as a personal threat (because of their perverted self identification and dependency with that fabrication) so that any messages which may contradict their lie becomes automatically attacked or demeaned. These attacks on the truth and its messengers occur in many ways. Broadly they are categorized into two modalities:

1) As subconscious compulsive denial fed by guilt and lack of self worth i.e., the need for false identifications of pride dependent upon external artificial mind/societal positioning and constructs. This corresponds to the rigid psychological mechanisms mentioned above where people are first stripped of their ability for critical and creative thought -- of their inner wisdom and self empowerment and then made ripe to follow external authority -- to find their meaning, purpose, and security in the constructs of their masters. This provides adherence, loyalty, and support that nourishes fundamentalism, totalitarianism, authoritarianism, demagoguery, and police state structures.

2) Secondly they can be conscious lies propagated consciously by a cynical and/or nihilistic greedy elite such as through control and perversion of the media, the educational system, puppet foundations, artificially contrived "think tanks", universities, the publishing industry, book distribution industries, politicians, the electoral process, and the like attempting to shape the illusion that the oppressor is the benefactor, that the evil is elsewhere, to shoot the messenger, that Jesus is the devil, and the like. It is an old tactic, but entirely dependent upon the cooperation of those who it oppresses; i.e., the oppressed must be made to adore, worship, or at the least deeply fear disobeying their own oppressor.

For example, specific groups and life styles which oppose the status quo ideology become demonized. Everything associated with these "bad" people are demonized, condemned, rejected, and punished, so that the normal unthinking "patriot" would both reject and fear any such association -- such an association would bring up a conflict, guilt, fear, or pain which becomes discharged as hatred or anger. Thus if the enemy or evil advocated "A" and you were made to be against "A" and rather stand for "B", then if "A" were evil, then one is given the opportunity to be "good" by opposing "A".

For example in the sixties, an altruistic movement almost succeeded in a cultural and political revolution of sorts which deeply threatened and traumatized the greedy and powe- mongers worldwide. Ever since they have waged a cultural war attempting to glorify their greed, justify their guilt, and demonize and marginalize their detractors. Such activities are puerile, being dependent upon dumbed down willing slaves, but for those who are confused such confusion is their "reality". In that illusion, industrial hemp is bad while cutting down the forests is good; guns are good, but so is a strong CIA, FBI, repressive laws, and police state; one is pro life because one is anti-abortion, but for the death penalty; one is always supporting a new war to end all wars just as Adolph Hitler proposed; one claims to support individual and state's rights, but opposes the state's right to legalize medical marijuana, a dignified assisted suicide of the terminally ill, etc; one says they oppose big government by opposing health care, environmental protection, education, care for the elderly, education for the poor, etc., but then sanction huge government expenditures for killing and incarceration which are expended for spying, home security, prisons, the military, corporate military subsidies, and the space program. This is just a small example of many contradictions based on a fundamental confusion. No wonder such people crave daily dosages of TV in order to tell them that they are doing the "right thing" and tons of drugs, such as mood elevators, tranquilizers, narcotics, stimulants, sleeping pills, and so forth. One might imagine what America would become like if these supplies of drugs or the media fed pabulum were suddenly cut off?

Speaking of the corporate propaganda industry replete with its court jesters and authoritative news sources (read establishment owned) the goal is to shape consciousness and opinion; i.e., propagate information that justifies and sanctions a specific belief system and world view; while of course demeaning the competition. This holds true in selling the public its so called leaders via poetical campaigns which are in reality very sophisticated and calculated marketing campaigns. In today's modern day materialistic greedy, paranoiac, and self serving professionally styled and slick electoral campaigns cost much money -- (funded as the payoff of the 5% who control 80% of the wealth and their cronies/lackeys) indebted to the corrupt modern day lustful politicians (puppets) who attempt to persuade the masses to support them -- to carry their own oppressors on their shoulders. Such dysfunction can only be accomplished through highly polished acceptable and palatable lies created by the highly paid mind manipulators who work in Madison Avenue and corporate supported "think tanks".

That the voters are able and willing to be so manipulated and exploited is proportional to the degree of their confusion and disempowerment -- to their unresolved conflicts and inability to think for themselves -- their lack of self confidence and sense of self worth or their guilt which is assuaged by media manufactured hubris. Thus much of the wealth of the 5% goes toward paying off the expense of the wizards of mind manipulation who reside on Madison avenue, the media, and think tanks -- so called public relations firms and nonprofit foundations, who uphold the dysfunction of the masses, who support the contrived validity of dysfunctional illusory paradigms, who are paid to distract the populace and manufacture scapegoats while attacking, marginalizing, and even demonizing those who would attack the lies and contradictions. Here truth and reality are the enemy. This is "money well spent, and necessary", says the ruling class. This is not to say that these "institutions are to blame, but rather as always it is the lack of consciousness of those who wish to believe the lie more than the desire to know the truth (pleasant or otherwise) who must take responsibility. It is they who must put aside their guilt and denial and awake and rise up!

Besides supporting puppet foundations and institutions that support the institutionalized lie, high paid Madison Avenue marketing strategists not only market puppet candidates, but sell political "policies" and paradigms to the public, deftly attempting to persuade public opinion-- selling the "candidate" and "beliefs" as "reality", (while demonizing, ridiculing, or marginalizing the opposition) just as if these policies and candidates were as consumer products (which they are in a sense), while the voter serves as the consumer and the product is packed with attractive coverings (pretty and palatable masks) so that the consumer "buys-in" to the "lie". Part of the lie is to extol the glory and victory of the purchase -- of ownership where the consumer is expected to be satisfied and loyal customers become "convinced" that they "have the best government that money can buy". If this happy role is not accommodated, then the consumer as voter is labeled a malcontent, psychologically ill, out of step, un-American, or in need of adaptive psychological therapy to accommodate the acceptable and expected pattern of "normal" consumer behavior. Here to consume is to be loyal and American -- all put together as being patriotic. If peer pressure doesn't work, drugs or worse are then prescribed. In this manufactured illusion the consumer is persuaded that their happiness and well being is dependent on their ability to consume, while their ability to consume is associated with the exploitive consumer oriented economic system. Thus the opposing paradigm of an authentic and organic loving reality and wholism must be marginalized as fiction, fancy, naive dream, fantasy, or even as a danger. In terms of the culture war, being friendly, open, honest, loving, and god forbid communal is equated with being stupid, naive, or perverse.

This packaging is done by the best public relations firms, foundations, institutions, and Madison Avenue marketing/advertising houses and that money can buy. A market strategy is developed and the candidates and policies conform to various scripts (called strategies). Non-profit foundations and universities are set up in league with a multitude of corporate self interest groups as tax deductible "think tanks", to do both research and sway public opinion (read distort reality) through clever insidious means creating the appearance of an independent socially responsible institution, but in reality (beneath the carefully manicured demeanor) is simply a glue factory for an alien misguided, dysfunctional, and pathological, indoctrination of the status quo paradigm (an alien and exploitive mind set and belief system). This exploitive paradigm is perpetuated and magnified by the self serving corporate owned media and publishing houses who share this same motive.

In this milieu, "believable" hype and illusion making (called image making) is of utmost value, while "truth" or anything else that centers people in Reality, in their own integrity or reinforces or enhances their own innate knowledge (gnosis) systems, ability to think for themselves critically and creatively, or sense of self confidence is discredited, ridiculed, or at least demeaned. Thus anything which self empowers us becomes a threat and enemy of those who wish to manipulate, exploit, and oppress us. Thus the paranoiac politics of the status quo that are based on a boxed in life of separation, selfishness, fear, greed, power, control, comparative advantage, envy, competition, scarcity, and lust use methods of deceit, illusion, and lies as tactics to dumb people down and poison their hearts by perpetuating their self serving illusion/paradigm.

In this dualistic and corrupt milieu of the small "self", provincialism, institutionalized adversity, manufactured paranoia, and illusion reign while the first idols to be marginalized, discredited, trashed, ridiculed, demonized, outcast, and made forbidden are the people or processes that embrace truth, disclose the lie, and reveal the underlying natural state of integrity -- anything that exposes the illusion and veil and creates self empowerment, self confidence, and critical/creative thought. There the reality bringers -- the messengers of the Reality that says that we are all interconnected and united -- without the need to rally around an enemy, war, or flag -- the reality of natural and universal altruism are perceived as threats and are thus aggressively attacked and at the best marginalized. Because altruism and integrity is the natural and most honest expression of true indigenous peoples (the Ongwhehonwhe), thus that reality poses a threat to the aliens -- those who have adopted and perpetuate perverted, corrupt, and artificial paradigms.

The international corporate elite who share the same false assumptions and doctrine also have the most money -- and the most to lose. Their fear, attachment, lust, and paranoia is huge. Unless their lust becomes satiated (or they die from overindulgence) they will continue to afford to buy the "best" and slickest illusion makers who spin their thread of magic through the corporate owned media in order to make more profit (as is their wont). Although illusion is based on false and limited assumptions and context, nonetheless for thousands of years illusions and institutionalized ignorance have served a self serving hegemony who would confuse, mislead, manipulate, exploit, abuse, intimidate, control, and disempower their servants. Socioeconomic systems that are based on the illusion of separateness -- on limited false assumptions, will fight against the natural organic indigenous reality. As such, any cultural pattern or trend that does not support to status quo consumer culture is warred against -- it is demeaned, trashed, ridiculed, scandalized, or demonized. Here again it is not the liars and deceivers who are causal to this milieu, but rather those who would accept the lie -- those who can awake and realize that it does not serve them; i.e., that they do not need their oppressors nor their illusion.

The above are only surface symptoms of an underlying cultural or paradigm war which is being waged. On the other side is truth waiting to be heard, love crying out from the ocean's forest -- the sun shining light upon the closed and crippled hearts -- the Open Hearted Song of the Rainbow Warrior for the generations of life to come -- for the celebration of Living Spirit Here and Now.

Consciousness and Waking Up is the Process that Opposes Persuasion, Mind Manipulation, Illusion Makers, Exploitation, and other Manifestations of Slavery: Consciousness and Waking Up Produce Liberation and Abundance -- Joy and Spontaneous Expression

Militarism, police states, war, and oppression our the result not only of greed and lust to power, but rather at its root lies a deep insecurity and split within the mal-aligned psyche of many traumatized and negatively conditioned human beings -- it is due to the perniciousness of paranoia -- of a dualistic paradigm that upholds the illusion of separateness. Greed, guilt, paranoia, prejudice, and mechanisms of reactionary pride are symptoms that fuel the arsenals of harm and suffering -- those who serve such a master carry a clear mark on their forehead showing their lack of universal love, compassion, happiness, and peace. Servants of that lie have decided to feed their insecurity and lack of self worth through seeking solaced in elaborate artificial security systems, symbols of self worth, comparative advantage, privilege, status, and symbols of safety that such an artificial and abominable system affords to its loyal hirelings. Such a pernicious system by design is based on need, scarcity, greed, disparity, and despair, but those who are in allegiance do not have the conscious skills of the heart to face their own masks which act as blinders -- to view their own self hatred, self abuse, and self perpetuating defensive mechanisms of false beliefs, guilt, pride, denial, and dysfunction. They must exorcise this matrix in order to acknowledge the beauty and the love which has become heretofore obscured, ignored, and denied.

So we will point out in further pages how human institutions, artifacts, culture, educational system, agriculture, vocational systems, ecology, economic and social structure and overall politics/policies are shaped by a particular consciousness (or lack thereof), and at the same time, how this very consciousness of humankind is shaped by his political structures, institutions, culture, artifacts, vocation, agriculture, ecology, economic and social structures. It is indeed a two way street, i.e., that consciousness is conditioned by experience and institutions while at the same time consciousness governs human behavior. Demagogues, despots, authority figures, and unjust societies come and go, but their support depends upon ignorant, misled, and confused masses. Genuine indigenous consciousness uphold this two way street as a both/and situation (versus either/or) --- it is all inclusive --- there exists no place where spirit does not dwell -- no separation -- no absence of the sacred except in mankind's contracted heart. Liberated consciousness upholds liberating activity -- liberating activity upholds liberating consciousness.

Consciousness is integral to the equation and so as we explore this process more thoroughly we will see that political systems based on false assumptions are in reality no political system at all, rather such bastardly systems are illusory (although capable of augmenting great suffering as is the wont of illusion, i.e., illusion/ignorance creates suffering). It does not matter how "many" people believe in the illusion or may be duped by it, it is still an illusion. Conversely the process of revealing the underlying REALITY which this illusion veils (while staying true to acknowledging the indigenous reality) -- the TRUTH of our inter-dependence upon each other and nature -- as being a part of an organic process of nature and creation -- of reclaiming our creative spirit and integrating that in our daily life is the very essence of authentic spiritual integrity. We will see that institutions, culture, socioeconomic structures, agriculture, politics, etc. that are based on mankind's innate integrity, intactness, and wholeness is expressed authentically, naturally, and spontaneously in terms of a joyful and natural altruism and love in its purest form. While on the other hand institutions, culture, socioeconomic structures, agriculture, politics, etc. that are based on mankind's spiritual self alienation and split from "Self" -- from the dynamic and organic unity of creator/creation -- are expressed and manifested in terms of fear, scarcity, hatred, lack, greed, strife, competition, comparative advantage, pride, envy, anger, violence, war, exploitation, suffering, and grief. Paranoia is a spiritual disease which produces suffering and strife for mankind -- further bondage -- militarism and police states.

The Basis of the Creative and Healthy Politics of Altruism and Unselfish Action

Thus "authentic" political "leaders" have to be evaluated and tested upon the altar of altruism if that is the direction in which we want to move. Selfish cynics living in a competitive and paranoid paradigm will defend and justify their small minded selfish behavior, holding on to their self justification and dogmatic beliefs, security needs, and ersatz greed while denying the validity of authentic altruism, but time will not be wasted here addressing the myriad forms which such ignorant negativity operates. Not only does history and biology record altruistic examples, but more so any authentic spiritual practice will disclose its reality. A valid question however does become how do we acknowledge, honor, and place into positions of responsibility truly dedicated and altruistic public servants who have integrity and purpose and get rid of the dishonest selfish and clever manipulators? The answer is simple. An enlightened society no longer conspires and cooperates with their own oppression. An enlightened society is populated by enlightened people. In other words, dysfunctional or counterproductive leaders can not exist if there is no one stupid enough to support them. We can not be misled, unless we mislead ourselves. So first we will broaden the context a bit, and ask where does altruism and consciousness come from in the first place?

Altruism need not be seen as something complex nor mystical, but rather as a natural response to a transpersonal spiritual milieu in which all beings are experienced and understood as family, as loved ones, in the context of the great whole of All Our Relations! This is the common (and sacred) healing ground in which to mend the rends of the alien religiosity and also to heal the rift of man's spiritual self estrangement, strife, alienation, and suffering, where a true "thy will be done, thy kingdom come, as in heaven so upon earth" can be realized. In the sacred embodiment of spirit all is possible and the mystic hermetic saying: As above, so below -- the way of the true son" and daughter is revealed. Here politics is natural and follows the natural uncontrived law of creation/creator. This is the way of Integrity -- of the Real People- The Ongwhehonwhe. This is our natural condition, but most of us we become acculturated.

It will be a basic assumption that altruism is based on an underlying indigenous and inherent spirituality i.e., an earth positive spirituality where one lives in direct experience with one's creation story with integrity and continuity as an everyday reality. In that context everyone's altruism is naturally brought out as well as one's abilities for creative and critical thought. The altruistic politics of authenticity and integrity is not developed in the contrived contexts of universities; from studying complex man-made economic equations, theories or doctrine; through the study of mathematics, law, or technology, but rather through the vital understanding of one's self, one's existence -- the HEART.

Thus the politics of the Heart or what we can also call compassionate politics in action naturally manifests in an educational system that inspires the student, that does not shut down their heart, their spirit of free inquiry, their natural curiosity, talents, artistic genius, creativity, spontaneity, etc. It does not force them to parrot nor conform to status quo answers -- it does not stifle their create spontaneity or spirit, it does not constrict or squash their hearts, but rather turns them on to their potential. Compassionate politics changes "bad" educational systems.

Similarly compassionate politics ensures an agricultural policy that does not poison the fish, the water table, and other people. It does not promote the interests of the petrochemical or agribusiness with allowable amounts of carcinogens and liver toxins in our food, air, fish, and water. It does not support an agriculture policy which poisons its children and decreases top soil -- which creates artificial food scarcities, ruins the land, and the like, but rather the politics of the Heart not only supports a healthy sustainable agriculture policy, but supports a healthy one that creates health -- that empowers man, not kills him.

Similarly sane political policies such as defense, health care, elderly care, child care, the criminal justice system (not as a penal system), environmental protection, energy policies, and the rest can be based on maintaining well being, health, peace, opening the heart further, the celebration of life, and love; rather than on death, repression, suppression, fear, war, threat, and pollution. All such functional policies may be derived from this simple paradigm of the open uncontaminated Heart.

In other words it is wise to reject that political problems of how the bread and nourishment gets to our tables, how the air gets toxic, how the water becomes poisoned, or why the bombs are falling resides as the exclusive purview of some elite group of experts -- the new autocracy or aristocracy. That is the common ploy of the totalitarian technocrats, while the answer is really always very simple, no matter how much confusion, falsehood, lies, and apparent "complexity" those lost in greed and separation may put forth. Thus a wise man rejects the hypocritical, the dualistic, and the ironic dysfunctional mysticism of the new hegemonious technocracy/autocracy -- the artificial complex delusory strategies and illusions of dualistic, paranoid, and schizoid personalities. Only when we do not feel capable of our own freedom, will freedom become impossible. Modern man can not be free, without being firmly grounded with this ability intact. Thus we must affirm this within and without as love and joy in All Our Relations and thus bring it forth. There is no other alternative. How sincere, one pointed, and effective we are in doing so, will so the future of our children's future so depend.

Only in the absence of this Sacred Integrity in our daily lives will false neurotic and compensatory systems breed (for example systems based on greed and comparative advantage) or even be given credence. Then will strife and suffering, oppression, and exploitation become "the norm" -- only then will life's brilliance dim and men will erringly accept self hatred and loathing -- will accept the lie, mask, illusion, and phantom fantasy -- a neurotic ersatz reality in lieu for the truth -- a tradeoff that reminds us of the rift, the schism, the fundamental violence of the rend and rip-off that we suffer in "separation" from our the heart -- our core -- from our natural true self.

Thus the "medium becomes the message" when the media becomes the massage -- when people have become conditioned not to think for themselves, but rather become validated and beholden to accepting an external and separate authority. This programming feeds a vacuous passivity which in turn only stimulates more neuroses and consumption. In such an artificial, dissuaded, and distanced milieu lost men seek validation and sanction externally, deriving their value as "valuable" as obsequious robots with fancy resumes, degrees, skills, and chains which they dangle in front of the salivating greedy ruling corporate elite, and such they dysfunctionally struggle for security, status, and acceptance in symbols of success and happiness -- evaluating their self-worth in hand-me-down doctrinal terms, chauvinism, manufactured pride, hubris, and dogma that are created for them by the official propaganda makers of the ruling aliens. Such people carry the symbols of success on their backs, bearing the cross of sacrificing their authenticity and true nature -- the sign of the trusted alienated, objectified, obsequious, heartless, and dispossessed in their eyes. Worse they delegate and impose upon others to carry this heavy burden for them in the name of righteousness, loyalty, fealty, and "good".

An essential pabulum (as medicine and pacifier) of the people is doled out by the daily media -- the manufactured mental glue that holds these false assumptions together, patches the daily holes in the lie, massages the anger and self hatred, justifies the greed, ridicules the enemy, assuages the guilt, misdirects the self hatred toward others, and attempts to mitigate the self violence and abuse through myriad avenues of profit such as sports, consumerism, recreation, jest, vicarious diversion, and the like -- to abhor the enemy and the "other" and to extol the separate estrangement of "ego" based box living as "good", rallying the troops against the objectified and doctrinal trans-personal evil of community and commonality, offering up plausible masks, eye shadow, and self disguises of self justification, deceit, conceit, and self/mass delusion/illusion -- all designed to create further estrangement, dependence (upon an external authority), and separation (from co-creative evolutionary and natural innate life positive modalities) -- taking the "mind" out of the body, further serving to numb us from the innate well springs of our deeper sensitivities -- taking us away from nature and our true nature and innate power and feelings. We will give many examples of this on the Current Events page, Environmental Links page, Political Links page, Indigenous Peoples Links page, Green Politics page, and elsewhere how this is occurring daily; so we will not belabor the contracted heart any further here. What is more valuable is that this man-made downward cycle of institutionalized confusion and ignorance can be reversed through embracing functional and authentic processes (which is the further purpose of this portal) -- by helping create situations which open and cleanse our Hearts, which disclose the lies, which alleviate the trauma, and which affirm All Our Relations.


Part II - The Heart of the Matter

The True Meeting of the Rainbow Path

So the quest is simple. "If" mankind were to wake up to the sacred "Reality" of his/her true uncontrived nature, then habitual modalities of false identification, deceit, delusion, cunning, trickery, thievery, conceit, masks, paranoia, selfishness, arrogance, competitiveness, jealousy, greed, bigotry, chauvinism, nationalism, racism, xenophobia, violence, war, demonization, and the plethora of all other afflictive neurotic false identifications that stem from the dualistic shadow world of unconfronted demons simply would no longer have any cause to exist. Their bonds would be let go of instantaneously and have no power over man. In such a light, critical and creative thought would not be feared nor repressed and thus liars, manipulators, charlatans, crooks, imposters, and all such "masked-riders" would be disclosed instantly, while those attempting the charade would be simply laughed at, exposed, and seen as the misguided fools that they really are. Problems based on confusion then become solved while creativity and healing are focused upon and catalyzed.

Honest and dedicated altruistic men and women of Integrity would gladly accept the active responsibility of a loving leadership -- as they would be acting from their deeper meaning and purpose -- fulfilling their their evolutionary destiny and true identification as the human steward. Here decisions are made to promote further abundance, freedom, well being, health, and creativity which simultaneously removes abuse, oppression, disease, oppression, restriction, fear, scarcity, greed, and dysfunction. Obviously the present day "normal" but unnatural state of human consciousness does not support such a creative and self empowering sociopolitical state yet, but it is proven that consciousness can be altered-- it can shrink or expand -- it can be corrupted or made Whole. In this context then there exists the small alienated man on one hand and on the other, the whole man residing in the Long Body. Thus in this context the true rainbow path as it was laid out upon the eagle feathered carpet of the sky will be self explanatory. This again must be held in the sacred context as the authentic path of Integrity -- of the Real People - The Ongwhehonwhe.

Rewriting Recent History: The Sixties- Learning from Past Mistakes

Although our indigenous ancestors thought with their hearts and lived in the "Big Body", the history of modern societies dominated by European dualistic thought based on separation and alienation have not only omitted, but have rather demonized and marginalized in their history books the spiritual reality of the Ongwhehonwhe. In the recent past there have been many well meaning "experiments" of socioeconomic and sociopolitical systems that have questioned the false assumption of the dominant corruptive thought and scarcity. Most people mistakenly "thought" in a small way that created artificial and needless conflict.

In the sixties a resurgence movement emerged that was pro-peace, pro-justice -- earth and people friendly -- but division was caused to arise among them into two distinct camps. One was characterized by emphasizing the inner or spiritual (as if spirit was not to be seen in all). This group said work on your self, expand your consciousness, reach enlightenment and wisdom -- wake up and then you may help others to wake up as well. There was certainly "much" truth in this, but it was not an exclusive path. This group was sometimes and mostly wrongly "labeled" as belonging to the human potential movement, the new age movement, the wholistic movement, inner growth movement, or simply as the consciousness expansion movement. Many advocates of this path were overly simple minded and made the erroneous conclusion that "outer", social, and/or political activity was futile or even counterproductive and thus their brand of "spirituality" (although endogenous and personal) failed to become truly indigenous -- connected, whole, embodied, expressed, and fully realized because it was still disconnected from nature, society, and its institutions which affected daily life and consciousness (especially the consciousness of young and vulnerable children).

The other group of well meaning people coexisting at the same time in the sixties, preached a radical change in the human environment, in the institutions of learning, in the human social, political, educational, and economic matrix, thus hoping to create human happiness from the outside in. But they failed to take into consideration the nature and origin of the human psyche, consciousness, the spirit of the people, nature and organicness as a whole, and the nature of true happiness. Most of their assumptions were also false and incomplete. Thus they too often positioned themselves outside of the source of human psychology and spirit, the inherent abundance of mother nature, the collective wisdom of all beings, let alone the vital necessity of spiritual presence to effect authentic decision making and true well being so their ranks suffered and diminished in a contrived (although rational) prison of sterile dualistic rationalism. They advocated sociopolitical action and some even took sides against not only the status quo political and religious groups, but also against the above mentioned consciousness expansion movement whom many perceived as being hedonistic and "do nothing" dissuading and dissipating the political action movement. Surprisingly, very few people of the times (late sixties) could see that these two movements were not in "Reality" in conflict, but rather two sides of a greater coin.

Here then within a broader context we can thus define these two groups within the sixties movement as actually mutually synergistic roads once and for all, i.e., they were not antagonistic, rather they merge in compassionate politics -- the activities, organizations, and behavior of those who are centered in their Hearts -- who manifest in thought, word, and deed the politics of the Heart which stands in proactive and positive opposition the politics of the lie, of fear, hatred, greed, and war.

Thus the path of consciousness and wisdom on one hand and the path of action merge together as one in skillful means. One is awareness itself, while the latter is awareness in action as the resultant path -- manifest resultant behavior -- the embodiment of peace, freedom, and love. This is the similar powerful type of politics which Dr. Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi addressed. They merge as One in the promotion of the consciousness of sacredness, honoring earth positive spirituality, honoring people and all living things, honoring life rather than death. Here the practice is self transformative working on ourselves and on others as spiritual friends, teachers and healers, as harbingers of the the evolutionary dawn (as opposed to doom), as a celebration of life and an extended family in All Our Relations -- as an affirmation of the living/evolutionary life engendering process, of authenticity (satyagraha), as servants of the light, as removers of oppression and exploitation (ahimsa) -- in short as the rainbow warriors in All Our Relations.

In fact behavior is the result of consciousness (or else its dysfunction signals its lack); while consciousness is most often the net result of our experiences in relation to external conditions, parents, teachers, institutions, dominant belief systems, agricultural or economic conditions and daily life. But consciousness is much more than our past conditioning, it is also powerfully affected by our common hope and vision -- our intention and our ability to love. In other words consciousness allows us to change our conditions/environment while the environment and conditions in turn shape our consciousness and sense of "self". When these two processes are seen as part of a greater causal mutuality -- as interdependent great dance -- as a process which can liberate us from false and limiting beliefs of scarcity and adversity, then when we are so centered our life becomes more closely "connected" and empowered being aligned with truly fulfilling our highest potential with integrity -- with establishing true, genuine, and lasting happiness. here we do not need consumer goods, status, prideful assignations, drugs or symbols of self worth in order to feel good. Consequently we naturally become less neurotic, dysfunctional, and pathological. This is more than compassionate politics at work -- it leads us to a profound natural and uncontrived identification which is esthetically pleasing and empowering as it conforms to the intrinsic matrix that underlies all life -- in All Our Relations.

For those who remember (or can be called into remembrance), it is clear that the final work of the Elders call them the Enlightened Ones, the Buddha, Jesus the True Son, Black Elk, Gandhi, the Great Souls, the Rishis, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Leonard Peltier, Rainbow Warriors, the Ongwhehonwhe, or whatever names, has is never ending but rather we are its completion -- it is continued in the meeting of our hearts today as we stand and walk honoring the Mother earth and Father sky -- the one Living Heart-Mind of creation/creator.

The work NOW and IS in Love -- ALWAYS-ALLWAYS. It is very joyful work -- completing and fulfilling -- remembering, gathering together for the sacred dance. The feet move and warm the heart. The heart is moved by the dance and the feet move from the heart. What is above and below are united -- are One-- As they always have been! For those of us so fortunate --with love in our hearts -- Our elders wait for us with a smile! Ho!

Love is dawning -- we can not effectively avoid it without suffering.

Love is all there is
All there is,
Is love.
All is Love
Love is ALL
Love IS
All Love

From the Potent Seed and the Fertile Ground, Sprouts forth a Thousand Flowers

May these words help ESTABLISH by pointing toward the preexisting and uncontrived basis or common ground in which the joyful work of functional politics can be effectively framed and referenced -- from which it must emanate and resonate in harmony. From the Ever Accessible Eternal Now - Here- in Sacred Presence -- in the Heart of Hearts where all beings meet, endless details may be worked out, but the details must always magnify the whole not depreciate or marginalize it. Thus all our actions, words, thoughts, creations, laws, and behavior must be in harmony with this synchronicity of spirit/nature -- such actions and their products must be creative, inspired, alive, and reverberate with it -- it must in this sense heal the rend which separate mankind from All Our Relations -- it must liberate us all from the alien heavy burden which is blinding and destroying our brothers and sisters. Otherwise actions not so grounded may serve the opposite purpose -- to deaden and disempower - to take us away from the Great Integrity -- the Great Meeting Place of all the Rivers - the Waterfall which flows neither downward nor upward. Thus it is essential that an indigenous Living Spirit be invoked and established in our daily life and politics, otherwise the anomalies of contrived abominations and self deceit will again oppress our beautiful sacred planet (Etonoha)- our true mother.

What is one called who does not know or honor his/her true mother? He/she who acts from truth, who has opened his/her eyes, who has the courage to be awake, whose blood is inspired -- he/she who no longer drink the deadening waters and poisoned food of forgetfulness, they become the Real People -- The Ongwhehonwhe. I welcome them into my heart with the full and authentic love.

From the Young Shoot, A Thousand Flowers Bloom

So from HERE -- being present -- in sacred presence- Connected in harmony with the Great Law, man's politics must be evolve in harmony. Only this way will truly productive actions bear worthwhile fruit. In this way freedom, truth, peace, abundance, love, beauty, grace, and wise guidance be magnified and increased. From the contrived, deceived, burdened, and bitter heart comes many houses overflowing with man's written external laws in which he imprisons himself out of fear. The Ongwhehonwhe know that the Eternal Law is written inside of all beings and things -- it comes from inner and true vision, not the eye and understanding that makes sense out of books, but accordingly -- with the most humble perspective, it is hoped that the following pages (Links and Articles) we will explore more creative possibilities in helping us:

1) In order for a collective vision to blossom, the individual citizens/inhabitants of the planet must be willing to throw off their negative programming/alien burden of the false beliefs of oppression, intimidation, self deceit, violence, war, brutality, exploitation, abuse, toxic self hatred, institutionalized confusion, and transgenerational ignorance. The individual must make this step from their enteric nervous system -- from a gut level to reject the poison of negative conditioning, separation, fear, and scarcity. They must first desire to clear such out of their lives, then work on doing so. This is accomplished by questioning authority and thinking for oneself. This what is called "healthy" cynicism where one questions the lies and propaganda -- the dysfunctional confusions of the past which may include one's parent's dysfunctions, society's dysfunctions, one's church's dysfunctions, consensus reality mass illusions, and other chauvinistic and dualistic beliefs that one may have adopted uncritically. Healthy cynicism is really critical thought -- the ability to think for oneself. As such is both liberating and empowering. It differs from cynicism in general in that it is assumed that one can not truly believe in anything until one has fully come to it from this deep enteric/gut level. Once one has exorcized the poisons of false beliefs and past programming based on separation, duality, fear, hatred, scarcity, prejudice, and chauvinism then it is no longer upheld and supported in ourselves, in others, nor in the social institutions or systems. After one has established one's ability for critical thought -- call it the rebellion stage that a healthy person goes through and COMPLETES in adolescence, then one is capable of the next step; i.e., creative thought and action. In order to realize one's creative potential, this stage of purification can be a major task depending how young the negative conditioning occurred and to what extent it is obscured.

2) After we are trust our ability to see without prejudice, then we activate our the powers of our intuition, inner wisdom, insight, and latent creativity. Such ability lies deep within all of us, but either we have not cleared out enough nor completed the process of exorcising the limitations of past programming (ignorance) so that this inner light is allowed to shine forth and manifest -- so that we do not come into our own creative power and fulfillment. Many come to various stages of clarity and creativity but do this within an overall context of consensus reality which will deaden and demean one's own vision unless our world view or sense of "self" is redefined within the context of our own heartfelt experience and deepest meaning. Without that paradigm shift occurring in daily life, a habituation and addiction to inadequate, compensatory, and neurotic activities will still dominate.

When our inner transpersonal and non-dual vision is awakened we will be able to wisely and effectively create and establish ways of abundance, non-violence, peace, allowing creative and loving free expression -- creating systems of abundance that engender life, replacing systems that suppress, repress, demean, or harm it, while co-creating, honoring, acknowledging, disclosing, revealing, communicating, and celebrating this sensitivity -- this love -- as gifts for future generations to come -- in infinite gratitude. The creative manifestation based on this authentic transpersonal non-dual collective vision is will be adequate to destroy the corrupting seed of human arrogance and ignorance forever. Since creative and loving free expression is resisted in the present environment of violence, threat, intimidation, scarcity, hatred, anger, and fear, then we must work toward making this a reality for ourselves and future generations through individual and collective action -- through heartfelt prayer, dedication, renewed passion, transformational exercises, purification exercises, and exorcism. Not only is it powerful to look within for any remnant obstructions of the creative vision, but also to utilize the exorcism of our own inner demons as well as shadow consciousness -- our own fears and prejudices, or dysfunctional beliefs. This is how the healing love and joy increases. A self defeating habit is to define oneself in the terms and limitations of the immediate society that today is populated by neurotic, confused, and fear driven people. This tendency is avoided by a strong spiritual practice, increasingly abiding in the heart/core "self:, and reestablishing our age old alliances with nature, the earth, the stars, healers, like minded people, and altruistic people of the way who have realized the Heart -- the Ongwhehonwhe.

3) Stay Connected with the Holy Song for Ever and Ever -- Our Collective Song Never Can End! Our Prayer is Our Dance! Ho! It feels Good!

Part III The Vision and its Manifestation

The Economics of Abundance versus Scarcity Economics

The dominant economic formulations in the 20th century were based on false assumptions, mathematical modeling scarcity, exploitation, competition, strife, and comparative advantage. It was actually a system that served the greedy and powerful, but sold to the soldiers, farmers, workers, and teachers as progress. For the masses to buy that lie, only one thing was necessary; i.e., the masses had to be incapacitated in the ability for critical and independent thought. Thus it was not the kings, the dictators, demagogues, exploiters, or manipulators (masquerading as "leaders" and saviors) who were at fault, but more basic were the people who were allowed themselves to be mislead in the first place. The former only capitalized and took advantage of the sheepish human situation -- of course they did their best to maintain power and advantage by keeping the sheep at the disadvantage (that is part and parcel of capitalism). In Europe this acclimatization to disempowerment, lie, and sheepishness was inherited by the thousand year dark ages of the institutionalization and acceptance of spiritual self alienation which left a deep scar and trauma on the Western psyche. There are other modalities of how spiritual self alienation becomes transgenerational and institutionalized which may be useful to delineate elsewhere, but never-the-less mankind must free oneself from propaganda, lies, deceit, and past programming if they would be capable of living in a life supporting and economic democracy.

First we must make a healthy definition of economics as a system that supports life. This is a value judgment that our lives are worth living and being supported. It is a value system that says, we as human beings are indigenous and have co-created with the earth -- with oxygen, gravity, trees, herbs, animals, flowers, ocean, rivers, water, weather systems for millions of years and are interdependent. Our very survival and health is dependent upon the earth and the sun. This relationship is our source of abundance. This is indigenous economics.

This indigenous economics which serves as the very basis of a healthy culture is an assumption that is entirely missing in modern economics. This should be a no-brainer, but because most people have been supporting their own scarcity, this mirrors the depth of modern Western man's spiritual milieu, more than it speaks to the common modern aberrant, artificial and dysfunctional economic models which serves only the greedy and powerful. In other words, it is not the artificially contrived dysfunctional economic models that are at fault which help to justify disparity, war, rape, plunder, disease, exploitation, and the like, but rather it is mankind's easy acceptance and rubber stamping of such a wasteful and abusive system which needs to be revealed and changed. This aberration comes from not being indigenous. Because the masses of people have not yet purged themselves of the many poisons and pollutions of propaganda, and come into harmony with their enteric nervous system/gut root experiences, they have accepted the lie that their health care access, price of bread, cost of education -- the illusion that their very survival is dependent upon "complex" economic modeling by a new aristocratic/autocratic doctors and authority figures utilizing complex mathematical methodology beyond their grasp. Once they cave into this joke, then they are fools who no longer are able to make vital decisions -- they have become alienated from their grass roots and power of self confidence. But since they define their "self" in the terms of the dominant paradigm and mistakenly think (is is rather a non-ability to think critically) that their security and survival are dependant upon this artificially contrived lie, they act as agents of their own repression when they resist and defend against conflicting paradigms, facts, or messengers who seemingly contradict their misplaced sense of security; i.e., they have become inured to crucify those who wish to liberate them. The insecure person fears change in general unless it is endorsed by an externalized authority figure, while those who trust their ability to discern most often are those who lead the way into evolution and create further innovation and refinement. Those who are insecure within, seek to hold onto authoritative lies (unquestioning) and are thus prone to totalitarian systems of promising the illusion of an "absolute external order and safety. Having accepted lies for truth, one fears change in general, while upholding the status-quo. Thus a decadent and dysfunctional way of life filled with contradiction and hypocrisy is allowed for and embraced.

An obvious example of this dysfunction can be illustrated by the false notion that a healthy economy is dependent upon people spending money. The opposite is true; i.e., in a functional economy people need less because everyday life provides most or all of their needs. Their dependence on money and government is thus less not more. But powerful and greedy people are fear driven -- they want more money and are afraid to lose it -- they want to maintain their power. So one would normally "think" for example that it would be desirable for the US Postal Service to be more efficient and to cost less, unless one mistakenly thinks that they create more jobs and that these jobs are good for the economy. Since products and services are always paid for by the taxpayer or the consumer, such costs that may be good for "such" an economy is a sign of a dysfunctional economy. This is a key point which remains mostly unanalyzed by the intimidated and incapacitated masses. Then the capitalists take this absurdity one step further and advocate that the USPS should be privatized and it will become more efficient. Of course when it fails, the taxpayer bails it out anyway. Either way it is a cost, but basically a cost that can be greatly reduced for example through promotion of other methods of communication and especially advertising which is the major source of mail that the USPS carries.

Similarly the privatization of the prison system is accelerating. How is that good for the economy; i.e., the more crime the more profits -- CRIME PAYS? What about the disease care system and the private HMOs where social security pays then direct should the retired person decide to transfer to a HMO from medicare? A profit motivated disease care system says, "the more disease, the better". In that dysfunctional system -- DISEASE PAYS. Is that functional or what a healthy society wants to promote? This is big money "disease" while health just doesn't pay profits. Since everybody needs some degree of health care eventually, what is going on? Hello!

Similarly big military spending is another terrible cost at the present. Lots of industry and employment is involved, but can't we put these people into more productive/less destructive work? The fact is that war (call it defense if you like) pays big bucks -- WAR PAYS. Again it is the taxpayer and consumer who pays and the sons, fathers, brothers and sisters who die). That's not healthy and its neither responsible to future generations, to the environment, nor is it indigenous. If certain governments spent more money toward sincere diplomacy and making peace, that money could be saved for health care, care for the elderly, education, counseling, restoration of the land, etc. How many lives would be saved and how much brutality and violence avoided?

The Basic Elements of Any Healthy Economy Must Promote Life and Enhance It

Likewise all the government and private agencies, services, and goods are all costly to taxpayers and consumers. Here less costs are better, rather than more costs. The sign of a healthy economy is not GDP or GNP (bigger is not better nor is it a measure of quality of life), but whether or not people are getting what they need in terms of services and goods. First on the list is healthy air, second is healthy water, and third is healthy food and soil, then energy, shelter, and health care. Without these we are dead or at best poisoning ourselves into a slow death. Providing for the abundance of these essentials for its citizens is the sign of a healthy economy. Alongside these basics ingredients to sustaining life is the prevention of war (war kills), the prevention of being imprisoned, the prevention of violence, the prevention of crimes with victims (versus moral crimes), the prevention of ignorance (education), and the promotion of creativity and individual freedoms of expression.

Not to go too far off track, but we have become conditioned not to think critically and how to form our own opinion, because of our spiritual self alienation, because the average American is traumatized in regards where his survival lie, then America is rife with a multitude of unchallenged hypocrisies such as why is it that the Pro Life politicians are anti-abortion because they say it is murder, while they support state executions of adults (institutionalized murder), war, destruction of the ecosystem, the promotion of carcinogen causing pesticides, preservatives, and air pollution legislation that are destructive and deadly? Yes, they are insincere, but that's not the problem, rather they are allowed to get away with their insincerity by people who have not learned how to think for themselves. Uncritical and non-creative thought processes are responsible.

So how does the present economy rate in the sense of providing the above basics of survival? Not good at all. The air is polluted and in many areas while "allowable" amounts of carcinogens are permitted by industry. What is happening to the ozone and what is the related real cost in health? What is the related real cost in acid rain and in the greenhouse effect? Who is paying and who is making money? Again it is the huge petrochemical industry with its cousin the pharmaceutical industry who is showing a profit. But if "the people" chose this pollution is not necessary. In fact much more abundance can occur by no longer subsidizing and supporting such.

Likewise the oceans not only are reaching saturation levels but government regulations having severe ecological costs actually encourage more water pollution. Much of this has to do with the profit driven petrochemical industries and their allies the pharmaceutical industry. This of course does create more jobs in the water bottling industry (LOL), but really who is paying? Wouldn't it be better that we pay the truckers to grow food, become nurses, work in schools, or something else if we are sincere and intent upon cleaning up our local water supplies? What about the negative impact of the dying off of marine life, the algae, fish, etc? What is the effect of the living ocean upon the land and weather? There are many other costs that are not being calculated in the current economic forecasts and evaluations of the economy, the formulations often being manipulated to justify the agenda of special interest groups and status quo forces.

The same is true of agricultural policies which destroy small farms and make organic farming more expensive in comparison to large agribusiness GMO farming and/or pesticide farming. Air pollution and dependence upon petrochemicals can also be reduced by promoting small and sustainable local organic farming which would also eliminate much ground water pollution, air pollution due to trucking, and dependence upon non-renewable petrochemicals. It should be obvious that long term sustainable economies must be based on long term sustainable food supplies, healthy earth and soil systems, suitable renewable technology, unpolluted water, and a life sustaining focus. Alongside with sustainable agricultural products is the better management of our publicly owned forests (most have been grossly mismanaged for short term profit and have been turned into waste lands). In this regard our policy against hemp should be reformed based on practicality instead of hysteria; hemp agriculture being capable of replacing much of our current dependence upon logging and cotton for food and forest products.

So we have covered air, water, and earth in regards to the fundamentals of economic systems. The next element is energy. It is impossible to go into detail here, other than to say there already exists a vast amount of data that shows how the costs of shifting to a renewable energy system today would far outweigh the current and future environmental, health, military, and agricultural costs that are are being and will will be incurred if the USA pursues our current short term boondoggle of fossil a petrochemical fossil fuel based economy. It is do-able now, it's time is past due. It's far past time that Americans wake up that today was yesterday's tomorrow. Although status quo interests will have you believe differently, it is to the long term benefit of all that America be lead into a sustainable future without any more delay.

While on the topic of the land and shelter, voters do not generally ask anymore how does government regulation influence land use policy pro or con? Here we are not solely addressing land use policy in regards only to recreation and agriculture on public lands (Department of the Interior and State parks and forests), but more so how current government land use policy negatively impact in the cost of providing shelter and how can it reverse that? Further how can we improve land use policy, access to the land, easier access to clean water, clean air, and clean food that will positively affect healthcare costs and reduce crime and with that the costs not only of prison but the so called criminal justice system.

How often does government "leadership" or rather puppets, ask how can we prevent crime, pollution, environmental disease, need, or scarcity? Not too often unless it serves certain greedy industries and/or powerful self interest groups provide self serving justifications to create cheap service jobs. Similarly is it possible to rethink the education system to foremostly teach children skills of critical thought while feeding their natural curiosity and enthusiasm to learn, on how not to be duped and see through the propaganda, on how to form their own opinion, or is that too dangerous to the status quo whose main concern is that people obey them, and not question, serve them and conform to their own neurotic wants. This is the danger of standardized nationalized testing for example, where conforming to a national standard is being heralded as getting the "right" answers, where free thought or independent inquiry is discouraged or even punished in favor of being an automatron. Standardized testing as well as privatization of the education system is similar to the boondoggle of the privatization of the USPS, the prison systems, health care, utility systems, financial systems, the military, and the rest. It will not only cause more institutionalized disparity between the poor and rich, create a profit out of education (who pays), but will subjugate education under the aegis of corporate industry and the greedy, and thus will serve as a tool for the status quo to further suppress and manipulate the ignorant masses -- the farmer, worker, soldier, and servants (now called the burgeoning service or white collar industry).

In all fields of the economy and government, services and products costs money. Many of the industries that the government subsidizes (read that the taxpayer supports) actually creates more costs (and services) in another agency. For example for many years the US subsidized tobacco farming Then it subsidized the department of health so that they could educate people about the health dangers of smoking. Then it subsidized (in terms of medicare) health care payments for those with lung cancer. The same is going on today with the subsidies to the petrochemical industry on one hand and the costs to the EPA, the Department of Health and the disaese care consumer in regards to disease care, air pollution, food pollution, work condition hazards, and water pollution problems.

Again the ordinary man doesn't think deeply enough on how these events are not random, but are planned stupidity. That is, it is artificially created by man's works consciously (or rather for the lack of consciousness). It is a two way crime. It is a tragic crime to the young victims, but also it is perpetuated by men who themselves have been brutalized and hence have become brutes. Mankind has been alienated from his creative power and must reclaim it. If we think in terms of cause and effect, we start to think in terms of prevention, rather than in treating symptoms or crisis management. If start by taking into account a life sustaining economic system that is designed to create a high level of wellness and the fulfillment of our creative potential, then our co-creation with mother earth has to be seriously considered. A sense of vitality and an affirmation of it is necessary in order to have a truly vital economic system, When sincere thought and intention is so applied altruistically, it is not then difficult for true leaders to see that for example we wouldn't need the EPA if there was no pollution, nor would we need a department of health if there was no disease, Nor would we need a department of defense if there was no institutionalization of war or threat -- if peace diplomacy was seen to pay. No prisons if there were no crime, if we took steps to remove its causes. No department of transportation if there were no transportation problems. Ultimately no police, no government except by general consensus in order to make our life better -- help create a more leisure time, create abundance, and unleash our dormant collective vision and love -- a belief again in life and spirit-- a living God. The less dependence upon external authority, external law and order, ideology and government, the better is the quality of life given that all the necessities are abundant. In such an indigent and health society, the greedy and competitive are not honored with positions of leadership, but rather treated by the witchdoctor or if that fails, those are the one's that must be locked in order to prevent malicious intent.

If economics will migrate from a dysfunctional policy of creating scarcity and of plundering the earth, to an economics of co-creating in harmony with the earth -- to co-create in abundance -- we look at indigenous people to create an indigenous economics because without putting the earth into the equation now, any other type of policy will prove to be unhealthy, ungrounded, unfair, and unrealistic.

May Ten Thousand Thousand New Parks, Living Gardens, and Sacred Fields Bloom!

From the one potent seed, from Source and potency itself, from the continuity of the stars, the sun, the fertile earth, water, and the wind-- a flower blooms and a fruit is made. It is good! As such may your life be full. May each flower bloom in our sacred park (Etonoha) as it blooms within our hearts and may ten thousand flowers bloom inside of ten thousand parks all throughout the earth and sky! As such I call forth Universal Love and Dance!

Emaho -- It is Good and Wondrous!