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Here you will find an avenue to topics about Yoga, Healing, and Love as a central part of life. Yoga means to connect, to make whole, join, link, and bind together thus affirming a continuity and integrity which reveals a never ending beginningless everpresent and universal REALITY. As a verb, yoga is the process of Opening to the Great Transpersonal All Inclusive Self-identification which knows no limitations. As such, it reveals the Great Integrity itself which is innate, indigenous, Self existent, and ever present.

In NATURAL (Sahaj) yoga, this uncontrived Great Binding and interwoveness of REALITY is taken as our natural unconditioned self abiding pure foundational "position" (true asana); while the process of the yoga sadhana is to remove the illusory matrix (veil of negative conditioning and institutionalized ignorance) that is superimposed upon and hides/obscures or obviates the natural and spontaneous emanation and manifestation of our authentic true nature (spirit). Then we rest in our true self nature (swarupa). Here we take as apriori that spirit permeates all of of creation, i.e., that spirit as universal love is all inclusive, omnipresent, innate, and self abiding, but only that the consciousness of the common man has become occluded, disturbed, fragmented, and corrupted. Effective yoga practice thus, disrupts the past negative programming, obscurations, habits, and karma, bringing us back into our natural rhythm, balance,and harmony of our natural true self, celebrating a sacred life of awesome Great Integrity.This Great Integrity is called "ALL OUR RELATONS" and it manifests as healing in natural love, friendliness, clarity, and compassion when we reside in the heart of hearts ( the hridayam).

Only within this universal Heart context (with All and Everything as-it-is) can we see clearly without distortion or prejudice. From this universal Mind we can truly know the truth of who we are without bias or skew i.e., in Reality. This gives us a feeling of meaning beyond words -- a deep and profound sacred place beyond issues of self confidence and self worth is intimately known and affirmed.

Thus when we move in this kind of alignment (with Reality -- in synch and harmony with the Cosmos and Source as-it-is as a sacred dance) we spontaneously become and manifest as the embodiment of that transpersonal intelligent energy that deeply supports and lies behind the expansive evolutionary and creative pulsation of Nature -- the synergistic bridge between Creation/Creator which manifests in all life as immanent living spirit. HERE the process of becoming and lineal time dissolve their arbitrary limitations -- sadhana (practice) itself ceases as well as we arrive without any need to do any thing. HERE striving and stress cease and we abide in the unity of eternal and sacred presence in full contentment, joy, happiness, and an engaged peace -- knowing Santosha in Satchitananada.

In this sense the process of yoga is being in accord with that healing process of love and creation that even the new born infant intimately knows (but the conditioned mind has learned to smother, inhibit, or repress) -- wherein the culmination of this natural (sahaj) human evolutionary creative process (kundalini) whose fruit ends in samadhi or nirvana (ultimate harmonization, integration, and synchronicity devoid of dualism and separateness).

Both the process and its result are innate (found in the common realization of the holographic reality that instantaneously resides both within ourselves and in all things), self existent (nothing true or complete exists in the vacuousness of fragmented and confused thought), ever present (beyond the flat plane limitations of sequential time), perfect, and eternal, the ultimate asana where all "things" are experienced as flow; while it is only the residue of ignorance which veils it while fueling conflict, tension, resistance, tightness, stress, disease, and suffering. Authentic yoga processes thus are designed to eliminate these acquired residues, conditioned compulsive complexes (vasanas), inhibitions, limitations, and restraints (imprints of spiritual and physical stasis called samskaras) while then freeing our energy to move us back into natural (and joyful) synergistic alignment. Authentic yoga destroys the bounds and limitations of past karma

In HEARTMIND we can explore the expedient rich boulevards that hatha yoga, kundalini yoga, sahaj yoga, meditation, and chakra healing processes offer to anyone with an open mind and heart aimed at deepening the self empowering subjective experience of this harmonization, communion, and dynamic intimate re-integration with creation/creator -- shiva/shakti -- spirit and nature -- which is approached simply as a natural unfoldment and completion (swarupa) -- as the reunification with our highest potential-- as the unity of the path and its fulfillment -- the unity of the process and the result -- method and wisdom.


Articles: Index page for articles on Yoga, Consciousness, Society, Courage, and Spirit

THE YOGA SUTRAS OF PATANJALI: Index Page with a complete translation, commentaries, and adjunctive material.

Kundalini Yoga from the Ground Up: aligning the body, energy body, and mind with the evolutionary power and primordial mind as the essential goal of classical hatha yoga

Blocked, obstructed, or repressed Kundalini leads to aberrations and misunderstandings such as UFO, OBE, spiritual self alienation, alien abduction, and dis-ease. (New 2009)

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Yoga is not a Religion

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The Profound Meaning of SATCHITANANDA

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Swara Yoga: Utilizing the Energy Valves at the Nares (swaras) as a Liberation technique

"Nature's Finer Forces and the Science of Breath (Pranayama Yoga)" was originally published in Sanskrit as "Science of the Breath and the Philosophy of the Tatwas"), by Rama Prasad, is available here in PDF format,

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The Timeless Body of Infinite Life: Koshas, Kayas, and the Divine Body

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Spiritual Support versus Ego Support

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On Jnaneshwari and Patanjali, by Sri G. K. Pungaliya, President, Institute of Yoga and Allied Research, Pune, India

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