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"The yogi should continually practice showering himself with nectar. He becomes free from old age and liberated and devoid of all disease."

from the Kaula-jnana-nirnaya VII, 20


This is an index page for Hatha Yoga practices on the HeartMind web site

Asana practice is one technique of Hatha yoga that is well known; however the practice is much more than asana. Ha means sun and Tha means moon, while the word, yoga, means to bind and link together, synchronize, and integrate. In the authentic yoga process then all dualities are balanced, harmonized, brought into synch and integrated. One enters into energetic alignment with the Greater Yantra.

Much more in the following pages will be said specifically about traditional hatha yoga practices which include pranayama (regulation and extension of the energy body), kriyas or cleansing (as in the shat karmas), bandhas (energy locks), concentration and visualization (dharana), mudra (combining dharana with pranayama, asana, and bandha in order to more thoroughly refine and direct the body/mind energetics), and meditation (dhyana).

More pages are planned to be added, so check back often.


Kundalini Yoga from the Ground Up: aligning the body, energy body, and mind with the evolutionary power and primordial mind as the essential goal of classical hatha yoga (New Dec 2008)

Portal to Hatha Yoga Cleansing Exercises

Hatha Yoga Asana Practice: Supplemental and General Hints and Suggestions

General Introduction to the Major Schools of Yoga

General Context on Traditional Hatha Yoga Practices

How Asana Works

A Chakra Purification Meditation

Chakra and Energy Body Healing

Bandhas in Hatha Yoga

Bhakti Bandhas: Bandhas as Opening the Floodgates of Divine Passion

Asana Practice in Relationship to the Yams and Niyams

Basic Stretching in Asana Practice

The Variety of Yoga Teachings and Teachers: How to Contact Your Inner Teacher (a large document)

An Energy Body Approach to Hatha Yoga Asana Practice

The Energy Body, the Five Koshas, and Three Kayas, and The Divine Body

Swara Yoga: Utilizing the Energy Valves at the Nares (swaras) as a Liberation technique

"Nature's Finer Forces and the Science of Breath (Pranayama Yoga)" was originally published in Sanskrit as "Science of the Breath and the Philosophy of the Tatwas"), by Rama Prasad, is available here in PDF format,

The Shat Karmas and Hatha Yoga Kriyas: a large detailed discussion

The Profound Meaning of SATCHITANANDA

The True Meaning of the Sanskrit Expression, NETI NETI (not separate, not separate -- neither this/nor that)

An Ashtanga (Eight Limbed) Yoga Meditation Practice

The Stages of Birth, Life, Old Age, and Death (Rev 03-17-06)

Tree Legends Myths, Dragons, the central Column, Chakras, and Wisdom "Tails"

The Long Body: Portal to Earth Based Spirituality (includes "TWO TREES" by W. B. Yeats): Hatha Yoga as an Life Positive Spiritual Practice Connecting Body, Spirit, and Breath

The Tree of Life/Cabala: as related to the yoga chakra system

Tapas and Addiction

Tapas as Rehabitation/Rehabilitation, Detoxification, and Purification

Definition of Body Psychotherapy (with its implicit parallel to process oriented hatha yoga

Accesssing Trauma as Samskaras: Understanding Trauma in Daily Life: The Relationship between Trauma in Body Psychotherapy and the Formation of Samskaras (triggers) in Yoga Philosophy

HeartMind Yoga Home Page

HeartMind Links Page Containing Links to Many Classical Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Texts

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