Kundalini from the Ground Up: aligning the body, energy body, and mind with the evolutionary power and primordial mind as the essential goal of classical hatha yoga


The Goddess Chinnamasta


Kundalini happens naturally as-it-is under the guidance of the body's innate evolutionary intelligence. That intelligence is under the guidance of the innate evolutionary intelligent power of nature which in turn is a natural spontaneous reflex of primordial awareness. In short all things in this universe exist truly only when understood in their causal relationship with beginningless primordial source. Otherwise we understand "self", embodiment, and things (phenomena) in a fragmented and limited incomplete way, hence lacking integrity. That is the state which is called ignorance (avidya or ma-rigpa in yoga. Being in alignment with that innate intelligent evolutionary power with pure vision (vidya/rigpa) by intimately transconceptually acknowledging this primordial presence id bringing to light the innate primordial wisdom instead of ignoring such. By such yoga processes which remind us of our connection to this evolutionary power is how we wake up to our highest potential in this life Here and Now.


Birth, Enchantment, and Disenfranchisement: The Descent of the Veil

When we are young the human is naturally curious and spontaneous – always discovering and exploring. For example for a young child their body is always undulating, pulsating, and even their tongue is rolling free in many directions and modalities, albeit subconsciously. When they grow up the conscious mind starts to take over, but rather than to integrate the transconceptual information available from nature and the human body's place in nature, the intellect starts to dictate to the body what is right and wrong, what is possible and what is not; what is real and what is fantasy. It is in that way that the spontaneous intuitive wisdom becomes disconnected and buried and man splits apart in a primal rend.


Becoming Disillusioned

To dissolve the illusory veil of conditioned existence where "reality" is boxed in to small fragments by words, concepts, and the ideation process is difficult in cultures where human beings are brought up to believe in gross and solid materialism, the "reality" of separate self (ego) and hence in juxtaposition "phenomena", the reality of sequential time, flat plane or three dimensional "reality", and other projections of the human mind. 

The kundalini yogi's job is to release such illusory and limited concepts, identifications, and fixations and then create space to effect a reconnection with their innate intelligent transconceptual evolutionary power. When a very little infant this connection may be intact and dominant, but it is not conscious. The infant spontaneously and subjectively explores the universe naturally in pure beingness and presence  But then the veil of ignorance based on the dualistic separateness of disconnection is taught to him unknowingly, in place of acknowledging knowledge the inner, the energetic, and multidimensional correspondences which exist simultaneously within the physical body, energy body, mental body, nature and the universe. However this yoga teaching acknowledges these inner and outer correspondences rather than distracts one away from them. Being distracted is a severe impediment which dissociates the human being from the source of life and hence life is not acknowledged, honored or respected by such distracted beings whose connection points have become dulled and blunted by institutionalized ignorance. Authentic yoga is designed to bring the conscious mind in synergistic harmony with the natural evolutionary power and primordial awareness.  

Hence the rigidity and repression of the natural movements becomes only a temporary malaise. Once the kundalini is allowed to roam freely again the body and energetic patterns will subconsciously stretch, activate,  and reconnect but this time the conscious mind one will act as an observer of the activity of the innate intelligence as well as its appendage/servant. This is the true meaning of what is meant by surrender (isvara pranidhana). This is not to  say that the mind is the servant of the physical body,. but rather to the implicate source which the physical embodiment is a result. This is called meeting cause through its effect. 

Most human beings in Western societies have become repressed, shut down, and dissociated at an early age by left brain dominant negative conditioning, so that the intuitive spontaneous activity is mostly feared, abandoned, and remains repressed and dormant. In fact it opposes the ego, or rather the ego opposes it.  One could thus say that the intuitive evolutionary energy has gone to sleep, has become diminished, or deadened in such people, but a hatha yogi attempts to give their bodymind and tongue a free range of movement -- now.

Many studies and experiments show that the energy of the nervous system can consciously benefit from these activities preventing them from shutting down. The awareness of the energy state and functioning of the various neuro-physiological activities can also be consciously activated, extended and integrated. Mostly in the West we are not trained on this inner process, so it is either relegated to the unconscious or sometimes even scorned as animalistic. Rather this evolutionary power in nature lies dormant in human beings as part of nature. So as the yogi stimulates the kundalini by cleaning out and strengthening the nadis, and activating previously dormant circuitry one's conscious power also increases alongside this process. In Upanishadic, terms as the kundalini shakti increases, so too does the cit-shakti. Classically this is the mutually synergistic relationship between Sat and Cit, form and void, nature and mind, differentiated and undifferentiated reality, the true nature of phenomena and the true nature of mind, THA and A, Moon and Sun, Yin and Yang.


Definition of Kundalini 

The general term for power or energy in Sanskrit is shakti. There are many specific aspects of this power. For example there can be differentiated the power of consciousness (cit-shakti), prana-shakti (life force power),  kundalini-shakti (power of mother nature or evolutionary power), etc.  Kundalini is the mother energy which upholds, sustains, purifies, nourishes, and guides man's evolution and life energy when given a chance. It is the sustainer of the entire universe. That is who the ego should surrender to, but in most cases because of the ego dominance (fear of the kundalini), this energy remains dormant, latent, and unacknowledged. The entire universe as such is our mother if we allow for it.  

There are two broad meanings of the word, prana which broadly translated means energy or chi. The vital energy running in the body is called prana vayu or vital wind. It is associated with the other winds of the body that run through the nadis (psychic pathways/channels). When the psychic channels are cleared/purified and the latent circuits activated/connected and placed in synergistic harmony, then the evolutionary energy (which is *activated* prana) then runs through the central nadi (called sushumna) which carries with it the  non-dual transconceptual wisdom. This is the kundalini awakened in the awakened bodymind  and represents the union of Ha and Tha (sun and Moon) or Ida and Pingala nadis. This union of kundalini in the wisdom channel corresponds to the union of Shiva/shakti of the evolutionary power with primordial awareness. When Cit (cit-shakti) and Kundalini are united in harmony then there is pure bliss in Sat-Cit-Ananda. Why, because all neurotic displacements are dissolved, there are no blockages or obfuscation – pure love and consciousness are united and activated as one.


How not to do

Hatha, laya, kriya, and kundalini yoga are designed to gradually waken to these daily possibilities. Without yoga practice, some people have spontaneous kundalini awakening which is frightening to them as they have no skills in consciously dealing with such. They should practice genuine hatha yoga which as an awareness practice deals directly with the intuitive wisdom and inner energy systems aligned with primordial wisdom and evolutionary energy. So allied one gains a tremendous amount of momentum. The trick is to upgrade your vehicle (body, mind, and energy system) so it can ride with the full force of the wave un-abandoned. It is very tempting and seductive so many attempt to modulate, filter, and control the ride, but such control and limitation is a self defeating losing battle. The real battle of the rainbow warrior is to rest in transconceptual non-dual integrity and do full battle with delusion slaying it wherever it arises with the sharpened spontaneous sword of unfathomable truth. It requires wisdom to find the courage to stay continuously open in the heart and not close down to fear, greed, and other insecurities

After one has learned the hatha yoga practices on a gross level, one can practice it on increasingly more subtle and energetic levels. Then one can call upon these non-mechanically when needed – they simply arise seemingly by themselves but in reality because of the connection the yogi has forged with them through one pointed devotion. After having done the hatha yoga practices for many years and become aware of their energetic qualities, then simply contemplating/visualizing about their kriya actions have a corresponding effect.

Yoga activities are best when not forced or mechanical, but natural and spontaneous. The best is when one is simply moved effortlessly through them without even thinking about resistance. The context in yoga is not just health, but creating a fit vehicle for the embodiment of our true nature (swarupa) – so that is immersed in the shakti drenched to the very core.

Through unbiased watching of the reflexive process of nature – through observation of the true nature of phenomena as-it-is devoid of conceptualization processes. then the true nature of our own mind is simultaneously revealed – one revealing the other instantaneously as primordial awareness and clarity free from the limitations of the three times of past, future, or existential time and existential space.


The Mystery of Kundalini's  Activation

Nothing more needs to be said about kundalini, but to will go on. Being the mother of the universe, really human beings can not fully grasp kundalini with the intellect. It is worthwhile to stop while one is still young. Kundalini reveals herself to the wise, to the devoted, to those who passionately loves her one-pointedly. This is not as simple as giving up all one's possessions, self abnegation, renunciation, or mechanical acts of devotion. Rather one has to give up dependence upon the conceptualization process.

Classically Kundalini is known to arise

Grace can be said to occur when causes and conditions come together and ripen and/or when the accumulation of merit and wisdom coincide. Special beings human or otherwise who have attained transpersonal realization carry with them a buddha field which according to causes and conditions may allow for direct transmission of their own state. Needless to say such a direct transmission can be disconcerting to some one who is not used to it (who is accustomed to dualistic identifiers and reference points). hence an acclimation period will be necessary. An aspirant must ask for such an initiation.

In classical hatha yoga there exist two extreme approaches to the activation of the dormant evolutionary/creative energy (kundalini). One extreme is the forceful and mechanical approach where one performs precise mechanical procedures under the guidance of a realized master.

The other extreme is the Sahaj way – free, natural, and spontaneous like the non-practice of the Indian Medieval Mahasiddhas  and Vidyadharas who had surrendered all fear, attachment, greed, self deceit, delusion, and habits of conceptualization.  This "other" approach is completely free and spontaneous. One simply awaits instructions from the innate teacher/guru, the teacher of all teachers, the primordial awareness who truly exists out of time sequential time or place free from causality. In this sense, surrender (isvara pranidhana) is the supreme method where one needs the sublime courage to surrender conceptual and mechanical thought processes.

Kundalini is mysterious to the intellect, but to the true devotee Kundalini is the mother.



Trouble arises only in an unprepared bodymind, where the psychic pathways (nadis) have not yet been cleared away either physically, energetically, and/or mentally. Any clinging onto past egoic identifications will conflict with the free flowing of the kundalini. One having tasted the bliss of kundalini can face a difficult of whether or not to attempt control of the kundalini or let the kundalini control him or her.

Unfortunately, for the ego, one can never control the kundalini successfully. Rather the wise yogi clears away the obstructions to its free flowing thus eliminating conflicts and tensions. The other extreme choice (which is not recommended) is to go back to sleep, attempt to repress/suppress the kundalini, overeat and don't get enough sleep, dissipate its energy, run away from it, take drugs, drink alcohol, and poison oneself.

One can analyze physical, energetic, and mental tension, conflict, disturbances, and disease as emanating from this primal disconnect from the evolutionary intelligent power (kundalini). Broadly speaking, to the extent that we are in disharmony with the life force and creative/evolutionary power --  to the extent that we disown it, deny it, and separate from it, then the more we disconnect from being part and parcel of creation and evolution. It is there than human beings step out of the evolutionary chain and condemn themselves to the confusion and tensions of fragmented disparity and spiritual self-alienation, conflict, tension, and disease.                

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