Here we will elaborate on how Truth (SAT) delivers us from falsehood, from the veils of confusion/delusion. Truth leads us from unreality into reality -- a profound and sacred PRESENCE. Truth is realized through practicing true awareness (surrendering preferences, desires, bias, prejudice, self deceit. conceit, pride, fear, and doubt). Surrendering to truth -- to thusness leads us into acceptance of unbiased and unconditioned/unconditional universal truth/reality. To desire only THAT is a major aspect of mature spiritual practice. It provides all the focus, direction, and energy that is required for success, but in most of us this divine passion for SAT has become diffused, dissipated, distracted, and hence impeded.

This practice (cultivating SAT) thus leads to true ultimate liberation from these and other obsessive/possessive burdens/distractions which from this perspective are "seen" as poor compensations for the "real" thing (but the "normal" person is generally confused). Having freed our "self" from these skewed and distorted afflictions we increasingly abide in our natural uncontrived state  -- (SAT a profound transpersonal Suchness/Thusness) in natural gratefulness and ease. This feeling of grateful celebration having surrendered the dross and burdensomeness of conflict and stress brings about a feeling of natural wellness and wholesomeness -- a state of abiding in natural bliss (ANANDA).

SAT thus is the first step, clearing the path of obstructions. A basic truth is that awareness can not come about without truth. Consciousness of consciousness also cannot exist in slumber, thus self realization, enlightenment, and gnosis will not dawn without SAT. In SATCHITANANDA, SAT and CHIT (consciousness) form  integral parts of a greater and profound sacred wholeness.   

SATCHITANANDA is the living spirit-filled (spiritual) result of merging unlimited and subjective absolute beingness with objective absolute consciousness. Here, in the instant of integration, there manifests a complete and spontaneous expression of  non-dual integration of subjective and objective -- of beingness and consciousness. Instantaneously in the sacred moment an ever present  holotropic morphology or Great Perfection arises as our natural and authentic state (sahaj).     

SAT is truth. As such it is the destroyer of falsehood, delusion, deceit and illusion. It leads us from the unreal to the real, out of the veil and into clarity and consciousness of our true state. SAT restores us from a limited, constricted, and separate states of stasis, to our authentic boundless and natural state of unobstructed beingness. This leads to the merger of pure beingness and absolute subjective experience with pure consciousness and absolute objectivity. 

Chit is consciousness. It is thus one of the integral ingredients toward waking up out of slumber and forgetfulness and into our true nature, our uncontrived/unconditioned true and natural self. 

Ananda is absolute bliss. Here all tension, stress, obstruction, bias, distortion perturbation, conflict, and disturbances have been let go of, surrendered, removed, and purified. Here in SATCHITANANDA the nadis are completely open and the imbalances are balanced -- harmony and synergistic synchronicity allow the shakti prana (kundalini) to maintain and uphold the body/mind and breath and this permeates one's entire being and irrigates the consciousness. Shakti and Shiva are reunited in one's own countenance. One reflects and acts as a the natural transpersonal spontaneous extension, conduit, and expression of divine presence -- of divine love and wisdom reflecting the "reality" of "ALL OUR RELATIONS". Ananda (bliss), contentment (santosha), peace (shanti), or nirvana are the goals, but rather a spontaneous result and expression -- a natural aspect of this transpersonal relationship without a separate subject/object. It thus symbolizes the Great spiritual objectless relationship/integration -- the realization of the Great Integrity where the Great Beingness and Infinite Mind are experienced as a living unity in the present as Great and Sacred Presence. 

Having aligned ourselves devoid of resistance we arrive into the sacred Integrity of Pure Beingness and Consciousness -- a synchronistic holotropic state of inner and outer ecologies -- balance, communion,  and harmonization of all the energies co-emerge, fill our all interstices, veins, and channels -- the essential energy flows unobstructed  through natural expression.

In yoga, SATCHITANANDA is said to happen for short or longer moments associated with moments of spiritual insights, glimpses into the unknown, satori, revelations, realization, sabija samadhi,  great beauty, transcendental experiences, moments of inspiration, and the raising of the kundalini. Thus SATCHITANANDA shines through as a result of an authentic practice into every corner of our life -- the "object" (existing only when one is not abiding in the eternal now) is to return to this reality when we find ourselves separate -- to make this realization more continuously, accessible, and available -- in perpetual continuity (nirbija samadhi) -- to merge its eternal aspect into the weave of ALL OUR RELATIONS.

OM TAT SAT - We Are that Truth in Reality. That Is Our Authentic Originaless State!


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