The Real People

Today the sky is filled with Love. Love is waiting to be filled. Our hearts yearn for this LOVE and only in that we shall find completeness, joy, and fulfillment. Emaho! The Hearts of the Real People are open wide.

We are filled with Love. Ho!

This is the Song of OUR Hearts. The song of our common Mother (Etonoha) and Father (the Great Spirit). They are HERE in the Hearts of the Real People (Ongwhehonwhe) who dwell HERE -- Present in the Sacred Presence.

You who mourn the absence, who yearn and crave.
We welcome you with open arms... and hearts! Welcome HOME to sacred living Earth (Etonoha)! Welcome!

The Long Body

There is a way of knowing, of seeing, hearing, and feeling -- smelling and tasting -- of BEING in alignment with Etonoha and the Great Spirit. This can only happen here -- in the body. It is the fulfillment of the great miracle -- the great gift -- the continuation and completion of the endless song. HERE we will sing songs from indigenous space.

From being centered and aware of an intimate/innate HEREness -- sacred presence,
by opening our hearts and minds

we simply but profoundly only listen
observe and learn how we became separated
from our heart/core and
how to find our way back HOME -- all together
Very Together

How the spirit within has become forgotten
memories deadened -- and almost killed...
We re-member how we have lost our way,
our energy, focus, attention, sensitivity, and awareness
grasping onto the false consciousness of alien gods, corrupt religions, and inauthentic teachings...

How WE have lost our natural curiosity,
our sense of exploration, of questioning,
our instinct, intuition, inner wisdom, inherent and endogenous order ...
our courage and our vision ... our heart knowledge --
the True, authentic, and natural "Self" in Integrity (devoid of corruptive artificial thinking)

By this fearless embrace
We awaken!

This natural way of seeing (and being) is not the altered state, but rather it is the Natural Way. It is that "the common/normal man" has become unnatural -- artificially programmed and compromised to ignore and even fear his Heart.

Ordinary modern consciousness has become conditioned, deadened and desensitized to our inherent birth right -- to sacred presence. Even though this Instant Presence is widely forgotten and ignored in man's ersatz arrogance and ignorance - Even though ...

WE will learn how to re-"member" --
join together joyously -- authenticly celebrate!
from fragmentation and self estrangement into harmony and wholeness --
from despair and dejection into resonance, balance, integration, and health!
this we can also call authentic yoga -
the affirmation of the innate union and togetherness of Spirit and Etonoha --
the all encompassing inclusive Reality which binds together all our kin (Ohana)
As a grand Integrity -- Sky and Earth --
the Reality of All Our Relations,
which is the Reality of the Authentic Self -- our true nature
inextricable, at All times, with present indigenous time --
beginingless and never-ending.
multi-dimensional, non-linear, in all directions -- simply and profoundly, Here ...
all of us having experienced this at once and forever!
Forgiveing the mysteryl
"It" never left,
but rather our attention shifted -- our energy shifted,
causing our feet to lose touch with its roots
The dance and music never ceased
Profoundly HERE -- Present
we learn how to reopen the illusory door

In the following pages we will affirm the natural presence of an intelligent spirit within natural creation and learn how man can live in alignment with the healing waterfall of its harmony and grace, draw strength in natural mutuality and joyful healing balance, participate (again) in the sacred dance in the process of co-creation/co-evolution which we have danced and sang with for millions of years.

ETONOHA IS OUR TRUE MOTHER. Without her mankind let alone the universe could never exist in the first place --- beginningless/undiffrenetiated spirit would have never manifested. This long and intelligent process of communion/co-evolution can be KNOWN INTIMATELY despite past programmed/conditioned fears of nature and wilderness, which have given forth the sad abominations of a myriad varieties of wasted sterile thinking, foolish actions, and institutionalizing dysfunctional modalities of further estrangement and contraction where mankind has shrinks imprisoned -- separate, alone, drained, grievous and distraught - living a dissolute walking and painful death (fearing life and birth).

So in these pages there will be presented the context of a drama depicting on one hand the warring of the dualistic thought -- One modality will be shown how it is that man has gone astray -- how it has became that the forces that tend to hold him contracted in such stagnation, bondage, and sterility. The healing path on the other hand leads us to see how these forces can be identified, observed, mediated, and remedied on the other hand, so the karmaic propensities of the past (past negative programs, habits, and negative bi0-feedback loops no longer enslave us. So on this other hand, there will be disclosed and celebrated the healing path-- the way of the Rainbow Bridge -- the way to join spirit and nature, -- mind and body, sun and moon, sky and earth, objectivity with subjectivity ... in synergistic symmetry bringing spirit home to the synchronistic sacred living INSTANT PRESENCE -- spirit aligned with life -- flowing and pulsing -- singing ALL TOGETHER in spontaneous love through our veins as a celebration of the "Rainbow way" -- the indigenous red road -- as the act and expression -- in response-ability -- with creation/creativity itself.

Emaho La!


Black Elk


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