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The indigenous people of North America have said on more than one occasion that one can only know things as they are through the heart. As such, authentic action -- action which has integrity, is that which emanates from our deepest sensibilitities.

Indigenous spiritual practice says that one should get to know what this is all about, know where we and our world has come from, and only then we may know where we may be going. This is not to say that the frontal cortex of the brain is at fault, but rather that it is designed as a limited modality of knowing, being relegated to objective analysis, computation, mechanical activities, and other such technical computational and mechanical achievements.

We naturally assume that the head is only one small part of our total response-abilities (responsability). It is best utilized when it acts in harmony (in partnership) with our higher sensibilities and ways of knowing -- in conscious acknowledgement and harmony with that innate/indigenous wisdom which has created us and all things. With that "in mind" the human brain with its incredible nervous system can be put to good works.

The idea of "thinking with the heart" is a new idea to most Europeans because they have become conditioned to spiritual estrangement for thousand years. They have to a point adapted to an institutionalized alienation from embodied spirit -- from life, nature, and the earth which is the breeding ground of widespread institutionalized violence.

Perhaps the word, "thinking" with the heart is an oxymoron in this context, rather we shall call this an acknowledgement, affirmation, and activation of the HeartMind, so what we really is meant is the process first to listening, listening deeper. to tune in, to attune, to learn, and commune. Then we can act from that creative/evolutionary part of us which is inextricably bound together with all of creation and life -- which we are an inherent part of once we learn how to re-claim our indigenous birth right.

In this wholistic context the mind and the heart act as one. All things are bound together inextricably. That is who we are in Integrity, the Ongwhehonwhe. To forget that is to fall from Grace into a fragmented, corrupt, and grievous state. Healing is the process that re-connects us -- it re-"members" us and brings us into an innate and joyful conscious wholeness in All Our Relations.

As such this healing process is yoga, which means to join together. Part of the realization of the Rainbow Bridge is through recognizing the life of the happy heart -- recognizing the unity of the head and heart -- the marriage of spirit and nature inside the living temple.

This is our natural uncontrived true nature, called swarupa in yoga. It occurs inside a sacred self actualized indigenous space where spirit is embodied as sacred presence -- where we do honor and justice to All Our Relations.

So HERE on these pages we will bring forth words and pictures which "re-mind" us of this Great Reunion -- this Great Gathering of All Tribes, of All Peoples, All BE-ins, and All Things. The themes here will be both how to reconnect and also how man has gone astray revealing the forces which are at work with the prayer that some youngsters in the future who are searching for clarity may find some of this of use. May it be bring benefit for at least seven generations. That is our prayer. This site is composed of:

  • An Indigenous Portal: Ongwhehonwhe which acknowledges, affirms, and respects this sacred Reality and extends it into all our activities, economic, agricultural, in health concerns, educational concerns, political concerns, and the like.
  • The HeartMind Yoga portal which explores the process of re-integration and healing through yoga.
  • Politics as Conscious altruistic and joyful activity in which free people build a better world in the form of many articles, essays, books, and links that discuss the two themes of moving toward or away from the heart -- of institutions and activities which move us toward or away from this innate all encompassing indigenous harmony and synchronization of Spirit and Nature ... of heaven and earth that is our inheritance should we have the courage and love to reclaim it.
This site is undergoing constant updating so come back frequently and check things out. If any of the links get broken (URL's move), please send the system administrator an email. Breathe Deeply and Love some more!


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