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the publication of the exciting new book

GARDEN PLANET: The Present Phase Change of the Human Species by William H. Kötke

One Reviewer exclaims:

“Kötke’s new book brilliantly integrates the best contemporary research into a compelling argument on the inevitable collapse of the consumer empire. The argument presented is not a fuzzy doomsday prophecy but rather a strong fact based prediction that will leave the reader awestruck.

Equally brilliant, however, is the “solution” that is offered. The solution offered is not wedded to 'high tech' fantasies that will invite further mindless consumption of scarce resources.

The author carefully outlines a new culture based on self-sufficient eco-villages, a concept that is gathering momentum and will allow a sustainable transition to the collapse of the consumer empire.

This book delivers an important message for anyone ready to come to grips with the impending post-industrial collapse “

David G. Edick


Small groups of us, living in self-sufficient communities can survive the end of the world. If there are many of these communities, some will make it through and they will then become the ancestors of the next era.

Civilization, with its exponentially exploding population and increasing material consumption, based on dwindling resources and a dying planet will not work, states the author. Most of us understand that the style of the present planetary occupancy will end - soon.

This new book, Planet Garden, does not target the end of civilization but focuses on post-civilization concepts. Using examples of techniques and skills already developed in present time, the author draws us along toward survival.

If the human species is so dysfunctional that it cannot keep the planet alive, then the species cannot live on earth. If the species does survive the future, it will do this by keeping the planet alive and this book shows step-by-step how it will be done.

This book, in practical ways, describes how small groups of people in self-sufficient communities can establish themselves on the earth in biological stability, while creating a new and entirely different human culture. The simple, basic principles of this new human culture are grounded in a framework of the maximum actualization of each person.

Planet Garden goes beyond the end of the world to discuss basic practical steps to a human culture with values, practices and frameworks that will allow us a human culture that emphasizes the development of each person, rather than the development of profit, power or prestige for the few.

Another reviewer states, "The author pulls it all together, without comforting rose colored glasses, and with the necessary ruthlessness of a surgeon."

GARDEN PLANET, by William H. Kötke

AuthorHouse, Publisher, February, 2005, 160 pages.

Electronic Book — $3.95 ISBN 1420823892

Paperback (6X9) — $10.95 ISBN 1420823884

Hardcover (6X9) — $16.75 ISBN 1420823876


Order from AuthorHouse: at on the net or telephone 1-888-519-5121

Electronic Book: $3.95 Paperback (6x9) $10.25 Dust Jacket Hardcover (6x9) $16.75 and other retailers and bookstores carry this at $12.95 (paper) $22.95 (hardback)


If you would like to further the creation of this work, please send donations to William Kötke, P.O. Box 351, Geyerserville, CA 95441.

The Final Empire is freely made available below, but is not to be reproduced for profit.

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