A Book Review of Vladimir Megre's book "Anastasia" by William H. Kötke


Anastasia by Vladimir Megre
Published in the USA by Ringing Cedars Press

In 1977 I lived nearly the whole year in the Gila National Forest in New Mexico. I had a sleeping bag, a campfire and a couple large jars of beans and rice. My camp was in a small valley among the pines and firs with wild flowers covering the valley floor. I made my camp by a small stream that wended its way down through it. Occasionally I would hitch hike on logging trucks or with tourists a hundred miles to Silver City for more rice and beans and to mail in my unemployment form.

As a wandering hippie I had discovered that one can live on public land forever if one simply camps miles from any road. Nowadays there aren’t any Americans that are going to get out of their pick up truck and walk to check on you.

In late June I heard from the workers in a tree thinning camp in that area of the forest about a huge gang of hippies that were making a camp over on the East Fork of the Gila River. I and a fellow long hair from the thinning camp decided to walk the forty miles over there.

I had carried picket signs from the Civil Rights days to Haight-Ashbury but somehow I had never heard of this family of hippies. We were astounded! We had stumbled onto the annual Healing Gathering of the Rainbow Family of Living Light. Here were thousands of naked hippies far out in the wilds. It was the Summer of Love all over again. People called each other brother and sister, hugged a lot, and repeatedly called out across the camp, “We love you!.”

The tenderness and consideration for all the living things around us were palpable. Brothers and sisters had put up small stick barriers around many of the significant plants so they would not be harmed. When we did sweats by the river, we didn’t jump in afterward but poured water on ourselves on the bank so that our toxins wouldn’t get in the water. In the main kitchen the salads were always made up of wild greens from the land. In the main meadow near the tipi circle was the Council Fire were camp decisions were made by the assembled people. It was my first time being with that many people with no hierarchy in charge. In this family, the Council was in charge.

Thousands of us dreamed the Rainbow dream around those campfires. We could live this way forever in this beauty. We could do it! Somehow we must find a way to live this way, hugging and loving and living in this beauty. Natural, nature, life, love, authenticity and cooperation - we knew somehow the whole world could live this way.

Many years later and just the other day I spotted a book title in my garden seed catalogue. I ordered Anastasia along with my seeds to see what it was about. When the seeds arrived I looked at the book and started reading the introduction to see what it was. A number of hours later I turned to the last page, anquishing that there was no more to read. This was my first Rainbow Gathering in spades! I had stumbled onto a document of pure magic.

The author, a Russian business man, had encountered a young blond, blue eyed woman who was a descendant of the original tribes of the Siberian wilderness. She told him of her dream for the species, she exhibited amazing metaphysical powers, which we all possess in latency. After reading the book, I concluded that this was it. This Anastasia is the pathfinder to a whole new natural state of consciousness on the planet.

Please hear me, this is real stuff. The author, after spending sometime with Anastasia was directed by her to go back to civilization and write a book. As serious transformations are wont to do, the author found his life crumbling and he ended up homeless on the streets of Moscow. A long series of “coincidences” began to occur. A small printer offered to print two thousand copies of the new book. The author began to stand on street corners and sell them. Readers began to come and help him sell them on other street corners. Now the book has sold more than TEN MILLION copies in Russia - with no advertising! There are Anastasia groups organized now in many Russian cities. There are community schools organized which Anastasia helps guide telepathically. There are circles of scientists studying her teachings. There are many other events motivated by her energy which you will discover in the books.

This is the return of the Goddess of Nature. Get the Book! This is our future!


Review by William H. Kötke

William H. Kötke is author of Garden Planet: The Present Phase Change of the Human Species, available at www.gardenplanetbook.com Amazon, Barnes and Noble and retail bookstores. He is also the author of the newly reprinted underground classic, The Final Empire: The Collapse of Civilization and the Seed of the Future, which may be seen at www.thefinalempirebook.com


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